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10 Tips for Organising Different Types of Wardrobes for Better Maintenance and Hygiene

10 Tips for Organising Different Types of Wardrobes for Better Maintenance and Hygiene

Organised  wardrobes  can help one in many different ways. Getting ready and dressing before heading out of the home can be done in a jiffy if you have an organised  wardrobe with drawers . Some factors to consider are the size of the wardrobe, the number of clothes you possess, the number of shoes, the types of clothes according to the season, etc.

Ten Tips to an Organised Wardrobe

Follow these ten simple tips to have an organised  wardrobe with drawers  free from clutter and easily accessible. 

1) Empty the wardrobe

The first task in organising a  wardrobe  is to empty it completely. Once all the clothes and dressing accessories are out, the  wooden wardrobe  can be cleaned thoroughly with a dry cloth or vacuum pump. Whatever dust and dirt collected over the years ought to be first cleaned up so that the clothes can be neatly arranged again. Ensure the  wooden wardrobe  is cleaned inside out and any stickers or posters are removed too.

2) Ditch the junk

A cleaned-up wardrobe will reflect on the outcome when finished. When the items are removed from the  wooden cupboard,  the next step is to declutter and segregate them. Taking out the clothes that do not fit anymore or are just too big is essential to make a place for new ones. This will also help in decreasing the space within the wardrobe. Unnecessary clothes create clutter that interferes with a busy schedule. Now your mornings can be less frantic as there are fewer clothes to choose between. 

3) Assess the types of storage

The kinds of  storage  spaces within the wardrobe present are the next thing to assess. Insufficient storage space calls for modern storage ideas like  drawers, hangers, dividers, shelves, etc. There are several options to consider when choosing the right storage organiser. And they can be affordable as there are budget-friendly storage accessories to choose from. These can be effectively installed within the wardrobe, depending on its type. Hanging shelves are the latest organisers that can be installed and help arrange items according to the size and season. Hangers are apt for coats, blazers and suits and only need a hanging rod to be installed. This can keep larger clothing items effectively hanging in one corner of the wardrobe.  Hanging shelves  can be installed for shoes of different types. 

4) Arranging items within the wardrobe

The ultimate manner of storing things within the wardrobe depends on personal choice. Everybody has a different way of organising things, and accessing the stored items is equally important. The essential items needed daily, whether clothes or accessories, ought to be stored in easily accessible places. At the same time, there should be no over-stuffing and a sense of categorisation observed. Like daily wear, clothes and clothes meant for work or parties ought to be categorised separately for the simple purpose of accessing them. The rarely used items can be stored in not-so-accessible spaces. 

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5) Group like with like

Clothes can be stored based on the season and occasion. Similar materials like cotton clothing together or woollen clothing can be all stored in one shelf or drawer, whichever you prefer to access them from. Clothes storing bags are also available online that you can use to store clothes based on the type. Pants and suits often needed to wear to work can be hung on hangers. Shirts of different types, shorts, sweaters, skirts, etc., are some of the categories that can be made to store them easily. This kind of categorisation helps one to access the clothes when one is in a hurry. 

6) Position of storage

The storage position is essential when organising clothes, whether an adult’s or a kid’s clothes. Those clothes used most often should be stored on lower shelves or easily accessible drawers. Out-of-season clothes or clothes used only occasionally should be stored on higher shelves. This brings order to the organisation. The same rule is applied to the accessories, and daily wear belts and jewellery can be stored on lower hooks and racks. 

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7) Storing shoes

Shoes are integral to one’s wardrobe and should be stored with care, just like clothes. Nobody likes to wear dirty and dusty shoes, and how we store our shoes will reflect on our appearance. The durability of the shoes is also extended when stored in the right manner. Shelves within  wardrobes  are the best places to store shoes, or a separate shoe compartment can also be made. 

8) Organising accessories

Jewellery like bangles, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc., can all be neatly stored in special jewellery compartments within the wardrobe. There are exceptional jewellery stands available for different types of jewellery, too, if there are too many items to store. This type of storage simplifies the accessibility process when one wants to use individual items. Cosmetics can be stored in airtight containers to preserve moisture content and prevent spoilage. A drawer is an ideal place for cosmetics too. 

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9) Colour coding

If you love to wear clothes according to their colour, then arranging them according to colour is the ideal manner of storage. Topwear and bottom wear, when arranged neatly based on colour, can help one access them easily. 

10) Labelling and storing

One of the best ways to store, whether clothes or accessories, is to label the locations. Suitable labelling helps in finding things quickly, and this is especially helpful for kids and older people. 


Even though storing clothes and other items neatly within wardrobes will not create more storage space, it will help maximise whatever space is available. A double-hanging rod will allow more hangers to be hung, for example. A  shoe rack  over the  wooden cupboard  door can create more space to store shoes neatly. Last but not least, one should never store dirty items in the wardrobe.  Buy wardrobe  like a sliding wardrobe or wooden  wardrobe online  from at-home in the desired size and colour. 

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