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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your King Size Bed Cool this Summer

5 Easy Tips to Keep Your King Size Bed Cool this Summer

Hot summers indicate it is time to enjoy scoops of your favourite chocolate ice cream, sip cocktails, and enjoy a relaxing sunbath on the sandy beaches. But summer nights don’t offer such enjoyment, as the hot and humid combination can hinder your sleep time. You will nod in agreement if someone says falling asleep is tough on a warm summer night. Any amount of tossing, turning, or twisting in bed is not going to give you the refreshing feeling of waking up after a deep sleep. This is why it is important to incorporate a few tips to achieve the long hours of peaceful sleep that you have been craving since the start of the summer.

From regulating your bedroom’s temperature and changing the way you sleep to switching your small  bed  to a spacious one, it is essential to follow a few tips that can elevate your sleep quality during warm summer nights. If you have a compact bed with a traditional foam mattress, then switching it to a  king size bed  will help you enjoy a peaceful sleep without fighting with your loved one for space. If you already own a king-size bed, then make sure to follow a few tips to make it comfortable and cool to sleep in during the summer when the mercury is soaring high. You can also  buy king bed online  in various styles and designs. Read this blog to learn some simple ways through which you can enjoy a cool sleeping time on your  king size bed  during nights with warm temperatures.

Ways to Cool Your King Size Bed This Summer

Change Your Mattress

Summer nights will have rising temperatures coupled with humidity, which can be a challenging situation to get a good night’s sleep. If you are using a foam mattress on the  bed for bedroom,  then it will have heat retention properties due to the chemicals used for treating the foam. So, the heat released from your body would get trapped by the mattress's synthetic foam, which can make you wake up with excess body heat and sweat. Switch this old mattress with a new one made from natural materials like latex foam for the  Torrie King Bed With Storage,  as it is natural and breathable.

The latex foam for a  king size bed with storage  has a perforated design backed by pinhole technology to assure breathability and air circulation to prevent heat retention. This  bed  mattress is an apt choice to enjoy several hours of undisturbed sleep even when the outside temperature is high, as it keeps your body cool throughout the night. You can also choose mattresses for  bed for bedroom  manufactured with advanced cooling gel technology to feel the coolness even during the summer and have a rejuvenating sleeping experience when sleeping on the  Marbito King Bed with Storage.

Change Your Bed Sheets

Your thick  comforters  or duvets on  bedroom furniture  might have kept you cosy and comfortable, but it is time to replace them with breathable and natural bedsheets made from soft cotton. These airy and plush bedsheets are loaded with sensory benefits and are safe for even the sensitive skin of your baby while sleeping, making them a perfect choice for summer. Choosing  bedsheets   crafted using natural fabric helps regulate your body temperature and can prevent the stuffy feeling you get when using duvets made of synthetic materials.

Cotton bedsheets have a higher thread count, making you feel comfortable when sleeping. Plus, these bedsheets do not trap body heat by clinging to your skin or wrapping up, when compared with their satin counterparts. They are designed with a loose weave pattern, making them perfect for cooling your king size bed. Choose a lightweight duvet with a 4.5 top rating for  Theia High Gloss King Bed With Hydraulic Storage (White)  to have a peaceful sleeping time without feeling the heat.

Buy A Cool Bed Cover

Instead of your regular bed cover, try investing in a Tencel cool cover designed using pure cotton with high GSM to stay cool when sleeping on the  Rubix King Bed With Headboard & Hydraulic Storage (White & Walnut)  even when the temperature is rising. Choosing a bed cover equipped with a cooling feature can make your skin feel the chill when you lie down on the bed after a tiring day. This unique feature of this bed cover featuring Tencel fabric makes it an ideal choice to stay cool without suffering from sweat or sleeping hot. These cooling bed covers are available for different types of beds, like the  king size bed with storage to cater to varied sleeping needs.

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Change Pillows

If you thought changing your mattress or  bedroom furniture  would help prevent overheating issues during the summer, you will be surprised to know your old pillow is also an equal culprit in making you sleep hot. When you wake up feeling hot while sleeping, you might absorb that your head is also much warmer than your body. As your body releases 10% of the heat through your head, investing in a cool gel pillow when you  buy bed  will be beneficial during the summer. These  pillows  are loaded with cooling properties and are designed with pinholes to promote breathability.

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Choose Your Bed Frames Wisely

If you are feeling hot even after changing your mattress and pillow, then it is time to check the frame of your bed. When you  buy king bed online,  choose the one with a slotted frame featuring gaps in between to allow better airflow. You can also  buy bed  with a solid block near the headstand to have a supportive option when resting on your back.


Summers can give you a tough time while trying to sleep peacefully and can affect your regular sleep routine. This is why you need to make subtle changes to keep your king size bed cool to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Visit the site of  Athome  to find king-size beds in various styles and price ranges.

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