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8 Ways to Style Your Dining Table With A Bench Seat

8 Ways to Style Your Dining Table With A Bench Seat

Dining room chairs take up a huge space around your dining table, and often, you need to sacrifice the aesthetic looks of the whole dining room. However, there is no need for you to sacrifice the style you love! One great way to add additional seating space to your dining table is by choosing the right bench seats. 

Dining benches embody comfort and convenience without breaking the design of your dining room. So, not only would this bring natural light into the room, but you could also use different styles and colours to enhance the aesthetics and give a pleasant look to the dining room. Browse our huge dining room decors and furniture collection by visiting our website at @home.

Whether you are keeping modern, sleek benches made from marble or going with a classic tufted vinyl, there are many ways to style your dining table and make the most of it with the dining benches. To show you just how versatile these seats can be, here are eight inspirational ideas to style your dining table with bench seating and create the perfect place to dine with friends and family. Let's dive in!

8 Amazing Ideas For Styling Dining Table

1) Decide where you want the seat

When styling your dining table, where do you want your bench seat? With a few options, you can decide if you want an open air near the dining table. If you don't mind moving chairs around and sitting on cushions, you could keep your seats in front of or next to a window. However, if you want more privacy, place benches opposite or at both ends of your table. 

2) Add linens

Consider buying linens if you're looking for an inexpensive way to dress up your dining table. You can add dimension and colour with just a few linen napkins or placemats in different patterns and colours, and this is especially helpful if you have a wooden or metal table. Consider getting some white placemats for outdoor use or adding brightly coloured napkins for indoor tables that need a pop of colour without committing to full floral arrangements.

3) Deciding the size of the dining table

When it comes to dining tables, one size does not fit all. Dining spaces come in an array of shapes and sizes, from tiny alcoves for intimate meals for two to open rooms that can seat 12. The number of seats you'll need will largely depend on how you plan on using your table. For example, if you have young children who often spill their milk at dinner or the teenagers who prefer pizza over salad, go for extra seating. If space is limited and you want your table put to work as a desk or homework station, consider adding a bench seat because they're often more functional than additional chairs and free up floor space when not in use.

4) Consider flowers, plants, or candles

If you place vases or other decorative elements on your dining table, ensure they have some meaning in your home. For example, if you recently got married and have pictures of your new spouse throughout your home, surround them with fresh flowers. Candles can be arranged neatly in columns down either side of an open centre, and they don't need to fill every inch of space on top of a table. If plants are part of your design plan for your dining room, pick something low-maintenance that can handle lots of sunlight and little watering.

5) Try different styles of chairs

One of your first dining room decisions is whether you want individual chairs or if you'd prefer a bench seat. The first option is likely more traditional and elegant, while the benches are more casual and cosy. But both work well, and it just depends on your aesthetic preferences. Another thing to consider is how many people will be sitting at your table: While four chairs around a long table can look balanced, it's far cosier to have fewer chairs surrounding a smaller table. Either way, coordinate all your dining room furniture pieces in style and scale, so they don't overpower each other.

6) Keep tabletop decor minimalistic

Adding more seating and making your table look clean and inviting is easy. Use smaller ceramic plates that can easily be moved aside or pushed off one side when you need room for your meal. Put colourful utensils in small cutlery holders on each side of every plate. Decorate candles and simple placemats. Check out @home and shop for the dining table cover to add to your minimalistic decor!

7) Add texture through colours and patterns

This eye-catching bench is as functional as it is stylish, making it perfect for pairing with any dining table. If you're looking for some inspiration on how to style your new dining room feature, consider adding bold hues like tangerine and mustard yellow. Colourful patterned pillows and warm wood tones accentuate your colour palette and create an inviting atmosphere for those enjoying a night in!

8) Don't forget about the windows!

When styling dining tables with bench seats, one of your best tricks is bringing light into your space. Bright colours will feel more airy and refreshing, making it easier to make a smaller table look bigger when you pair it with lighter furniture and decor. Additionally, high-backed chairs will help make sure everyone feels welcome at your dining table.


A dining table and bench seat combination is a smart move if you're interested in maximising space, increasing functionality, and avoiding clutter. But, no matter how you decide to use your bench, we hope these design tips will give you some inspiration. If you want to know more about the products we offer online, buy from @home for your favorite furniture and home decors with just a few clicks away!

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