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A Guide for the Types of Tableware

A Guide for the Types of Tableware

If you love being a host and like hosting those lavish dinners or tea parties, then you will need the ideal tableware.  Dinnerware  is the main attraction of a dining table, and it is much more than crockery sets and crockery plates serving food. Beautiful dinnerware not just enhances meals but also sets the mood for dining experiences and reflects your personality. It is vital to understand the difference between the different types of dinnerware. From formal settings to casual, it is important to know the different kinds of dinnerware you need to possess. Learn more about tableware and  check out  the  @home by Nilkamal  website so you can pick tableware that can adorn your  crockery cabinet.

Different Types of Dinnerware Materials

Call it by any name-  dishes,  crockery plates,  crockery sets - the focal point of your dining table is your  dinnerware.  Before you even start thinking about the patterns and colours, divert your attention to the material you really need. Earthenware, porcelain, melamine, stoneware, and bone china are the most commonly used tableware materials. Each material is unique and can assist in making a perfect selection.

Bone China

Durable, lightweight, and elegant, it is an excellent alternative for special occasions and everyday use. It is chip resistant, microwave, and dishwasher safe too.


Earthenware gives an air of value, robustness and casual appeal. It is one of the oldest materials used in  tableware  and lends a rustic and vintage appeal. It cannot, however, withstand strong temperatures in the oven and microwave.


A versatile material, Porcelain has a non-porous surface with incredible durability. These are microwave, dishwasher and oven friendly. 


Shatterproof, durable, and elegant-looking, melamine  dinnerware  is perfect for barbecues and garden parties. They are dishwasher safe but not microwave friendly.


Stoneware has a special finishing glaze that renders a smooth look to the material with a glossy finish. It is ideal for everyday use and family-friendly. Stoneware is more durable than earthenware but needs to be maintained. Some pieces with handmade designs need care while handling.

Styles of Tableware

It is easy to incorporate a personal touch into your  dinnerware.  Tableware comes in a wide range of designs, from casual to stylish and a lot in between. Formal tablewares are generally made from bone china, stoneware or porcelain. Melamine and earthenware make for great outdoor dining sets. If making a selection for everyday dinnerware, then a break-resistant set is ideal. Ideally, it is best to have one set for everyday use and a fancy one for the guests. If you can afford one more then you can invest in one for outdoor parties too.

Tableware  can be divided further into hand-painted, patterned, solid or banded. Colours and patterns are a great way to express one’s personality and complement home decor. Shades like white, ivory, and beige are universal and versatile. A tableware set with a nice border or rim adds colour and spark to the persona while showcasing the meal too. You can  shop  for tableware that is ideal for your need and enhance the look of your table and also your meal from the  @home  website.

Selecting Your Tableware

Once you have decided on the kind of  tableware,  it is time to decide on the different options. Do you want to purchase a dinnerware set, buy from open stock or place setting? Before you decide, consider the following:

  • Formal  tableware  is sold as a set, and it is ideal for individuals or couples who like to build their collections. Most sets include dinner  plates,  salad or soup plates, bread plates,  teacups  and saucers.
  • Tableware  sets come as multiple sets too, and these come in larger numbers that would suffice a family of two or three. These include salad plates, soup bowls,  dinner plates,  teacups,  and saucers.
  • Open stock  tableware  is sold as individual pieces, which is ideal for those who live alone and only need a few pieces. It can be mixed and matched and used accordingly.
  • Experts recommend having 8-12 five-piece  tableware  settings so that there is enough for general use and occasions. If you want to split your set, then a 4-6 piece set will help, depending on the size of the family.
  • White  dinnerware  is suitable for formal and casual. It can be dressed up and down with accessories like napkins,  placemats,  linens and more. These accessories can even tone down bold coloured and bright coloured patterns.

Assess Space

Before you go shopping for  tableware,  consider storage space. It is important to consider what you can look after before deciding on the number of pieces you buy. If you have ample space, you can buy a large piece set to use part of it for everyday use and the rest when you have guests over.

Caring for Your Tableware

Just as considering space is vital for  tableware,  considering the care that your tableware needs is also equally crucial for your final decision. For example, break-resistant, dishwasher safe and microwave safe would be more useful. Break resistance would mean that you can be at peace while handling it, while dishwasher safe would save you the time to wash it with your hands. Microwave-safe tableware would help to reheat leftovers. For outdoor settings, break-resistant dinnerware is great for outdoor parties and if you have kids in the house. Make sure to check the care instructions to verify if your  tableware  is microwaveable, dishwasher safe and oven safe.


Tableware  is your personal choice, and it reflects your style of dining and entertaining. So once you get the basics right, you can spice up your  crockery cabinet  with the style, textures and colours you want. There are a variety of options of tableware available in the market.  Check  out the variety of options offered in  @home by Nilkamal.  You can now choose the tableware that you want at the click of a button and pick the dinnerware that will serve your purpose.


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