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A Guide To Buy The Best Dinnerware For Your Home

A Guide To Buy The Best Dinnerware For Your Home

What do you think about when you think about setting your dinner table? Most probably, the first thing that would occur to your mind is a dinner set. Your choice plates, bowls, cutlery and other dinner accessories can add personality to your dining experience. And so, selecting the right kind of dinnerware is important. But it’s easier said than done.

It’s not just about selecting the color and design, there’s much more – from the dinner set price to the number of pieces in a set to the shape and weight – we’ll tell you all the factors you should consider.

How to choose dinnerware


The design and style of your dinner set should reflect your personal taste. It should be something that makes you happy and your dining experience enjoyable. You can choose from different styles of dinnerware – minimal and simple, decorative and formal, fun and casual, etc.

You can either buy a plain dinner set or one with designs and prints on it. Among the most common prints are floral, animal, abstract, and geometric. The pattern and style depends on your personal choice.

Size of dinner set

Another important factor to consider is the size of the dinner set, meaning the number of pieces you want in the dinner set. You can find dinner sets of 12 piece, 16 piece, 18 piece and more. You can choose the size depending on your requirements, the dinner set price, and the number of people in your house.

If you’re looking for a casual dinner set for everyday use, you should go for a smaller size based on the number of your family members. If you’re looking for a dinner set to entertain guests, you’ll need a bigger set.


When you think of dinner plates or bowls, the first shape that comes to mind is round. But there are other shapes as well. Think square, oval, triangle, and even uneven shape. You can get plates and bowls in all these different shapes. If you like crockery that is unique and stylish, you could go for an uneven shape. While round shapes are the most common, oval, square, and triangle give a unique look. It’s not a bad idea to have different shapes in your crockery collection so that you have options. You can even get a complete dinner set of one shape.

With rim or without rim

Crockery is of two types - with rim or without rim. Plates, bowls, mugs, and glasses either have a rim or they’re without rim. Those with rim look a bit more formal and decorative. Moreover, they are designed for different food items. Crockery with rim is more suitable for food that has gravy and liquid, while the one without rim is easy for food without soup or gravy.

Dinnerware accessories

Once you’re done selecting the basic dinnerware such as plates, bowls, serving bowls, spoons, you should look for other accessories such as serving platters, jugs, trays, etc. It’s better to buy these after you have your main crockery in place. It will make it easy for you to select the right color, design, and size.

Crockey of different materials

Crockery is made of different materials – porcelain, glass, bone china, etc. Every material has its own characteristics, pros and cons. One of the most common materials is glass. The best part about glass crockery is that glass can be of various colors. Ceramic ware can be of stoneware, terracotta, bone China, etc. Each one has its own characteristics such as weight, thickness, texture, etc. You can choose the entire dinner set made of the same material or you could mix and match.

Theme based dinner set

Many people like to buy crockery and dinner sets based on a particular theme. From the color to the pattern to the design, the theme you choose can be anything. For example, if you like nature and animals, you could choose crockery that has animal and nature-inspired patterns on it. If you like abstract and geometric, go for patterns such as checks, stripes, etc.

How to care for your dinnerware

Wash it immediately after use: The easiest way to maintain dinnerware is to wash it soon after using it. This will ensure food stains don’t remain on the crockery.

Wash it with mild soap and water: Always use mild soap, something that is not too heavy on chemicals as a strong soap can damage crockery.

Wipe with dry cloth: Always wipe your crockery with a dry cloth. This will keep water marks from settling on the crockery.

Store dinner set away from dust: Ensure you store all your crockery away from dust. That way it won’t get dirty.


You can get easily lost in the options available for dinner sets. And so, you’ll have to narrow down your options based on the different factors such as dinner set price, shape, color, design, material, etc. You will find a wide range of dinner sets on At-Home online store.

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