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A Guide to the Ideal Wardrobe Dimensions for Your Home

A Guide to the Ideal Wardrobe Dimensions for Your Home

Indeed, you can never have enough storage in your home. The  wardrobes  are essentially used in our homes as storage cabinets. You can have all your paraphernalia stored in them and make your space look clean and decluttered. But a wardrobe can be much more than just storage pieces of equipment. When designed perfectly, they can add so much flavour to your room. It is important to have the right wardrobe in your room, but often people make silly mistakes while buying them. One rooky mistake is not knowing the perfect dimensions of the room and storage space. Generally, wardrobes consist of three sections - a hanging closet, drawers and shelves. A hanging closet is for all your blazers, crisp shirts and clothing that you do not want to have crease lines. Drawers can be used to keep your accessories. Shelves can be used to store shoes and routine clothing. 

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Here are the details about wardrobe dimensions that will fit perfectly in your room and will give it a very sorted, tidy and organized look.

1.   Walk-In Closets

The term that has gone viral in recent years is the walk-in closet. It is basically a room that has closets to store all your fashion accessories. These are a fancy and luxurious way of keeping your clothes. You should have enough space in your home to have a walk-in closet; it cannot easily fit into a small apartment. A standard walk-in closet has a minimum measure of 7-10 feet and an area of 100 square feet. There are majorly four types of walk-in closets - single-sided, double-sided, island, and wrap-around walk-in closets. You can choose any of these depending on the space you have. Do not go overboard with walk-in closets if you do not have enough space; that can make your space look smaller and distort your room's look.

2.   Swing Wardrobes

The most common type of wardrobe found mostly in every home is the swing wardrobe. The easy-to-use wardrobes have two doors attached to hinges, giving you easy visibility inside your closet. These wardrobes are easy to maintain because of the hinges. You can go for double or single shutters, depending on the space you have at your disposal and your choice. The size can start from two feet for single shutter wardrobes; they can have a height up to the ceiling with a loft wardrobe on top; otherwise, seven feet is the ideal height. The ideal depth is two feet to accommodate your belongings with ease. You can check out a  2 door wardrobe  with swings at the online  @home by Nilkamal  store. 


3.   Sliding Wardrobes

The wardrobes that are giving a tough competition to swing wardrobes are sliding wardrobes. The hassle-free and noise-free wardrobes are very much preferred nowadays because of their ease of use. These can easily fit into a small room because their doors do not open outward and take up space in your room. Ideally, the sliding wardrobes do not have a single shutter which is why their dimensions start from six feet and can go up to 12 feet. The depth and height remain almost the same as of swing wardrobes, i.e., two feet and seven feet, respectively. You can have more than one slider, depending on the width of your wardrobe. 

4.   Loft Wardrobe

Where do you keep your winter clothing and quilts in summer? Loft wardrobes are the best wardrobes if you are looking for some extra storage in your room to keep unused belongings. They can be made on the extra space above your routine wardrobes. These overhead wardrobes are a perfect solution to keep all your extra things that are not used in your daily life. Generally, the loft wardrobe has dimensions of six feet in width and two feet in depth. The loft can have sliding or hinged shutters, depending on your preference. 

5.   Wardrobe Drawers

Wardrobe drawers are an integral part of wardrobes that help in keeping things organized. You can always use drawers to keep your accessories like shades, ties, socks, wristwatches and many more. The drawers should have a depth of four to eight inches. You can have different sections in your drawers to keep different stuff. 

6.   Shoe Wardrobes

In Indian households, shoes are kept near the entrance of the home. But you need some space in your home to keep high-end shoe products. You can add a different shoe rack to your wardrobe to keep your delicate footwear. The rack should have a height of six to seven inches to accommodate all kinds of shoes like boots, heels, sneakers, and many more. 


Installing a wardrobe in your room can be a tedious task. It should make a powerful impact on your home storage-wise and decor-wise. But here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while getting a wardrobe.

  1. Make sure to get light fittings done in the wardrobe. This will allow you to see things properly.
  2. Always get an opaque material for the outer covering of the shutter if you are someone whose wardrobe is a mess. Do not go for glass in such cases.
  3. You can also get a dressing table installed inside of the wardrobe. Make sure the shelves inside the table are well spaced to keep your skincare products. You can also add a mirror inside it. An electric socket is a good idea for powering your dryer or straightener. You can check out the  3 door wardrobe  with a mirror.
  4. If you are someone who believes in astrology, make sure you check for directions according to Vastu.
  5. Keep naphthalene balls inside your closets to keep the freshness alive, especially in loft wardrobes.


The detailed information about wardrobes will help you choose the perfect one for your room. The design of a wardrobe can make a huge impact on the look of your room. Make sure to choose an optimized and clever design. Buy wardrobes of the latest design from  @home by Nilkamal  today. 

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