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A Handy Buying Guide for Dining Table that You Will Love

A Handy Buying Guide for Dining Table that You Will Love

As a famous saying goes, families that eat together stay together. A  dining table  is not just a mere piece of furniture. It is the place where a family comes together for a quick breakfast or sumptuous meals. Whether reading the morning newspapers or having an exciting meeting for that next vacation, it is one of the most important structures in a home. Studies show that you eat more nutritionally balanced food when you eat at a table. It is a place where the whole family bonds over meals. A piece of furniture over which a lot of quality family time takes place. 

A quick check of our requirements

First things first, checking the size of your dining area is the primary thing that needs to be checked first. The table size that you will choose will be according to the dining area’s space. The next important point is to see how many members are there in your family will be seated at the table regularly. The number of members who usually dine together can determine the size of the table that you require. Another important thing is to check if you need any extra storage space there. If there is a need for extra storage, you can choose specific tables with storage drawers or shelves underneath the table. Let us help you in the journey to pick the best suitable  dining table  and  dining chair. You can  explore  a wide range of dining furniture offered by one of the most trusted online platforms in India,   @home by Nilkamal.   

Choosing your tables wisely

Table size 

Once you have measured your dining area, you can go ahead with choosing the size of the table. It is always good to have enough space to move around after setting the  dining table  and  dining chair(s).  Once you have figured out how many people will dine on a regular basis, you can choose a  4 seater,  a  6 seater,  or an  8-seater. You may consider one or two extra seats for entertaining guests. 


When you get a  dining table,  you would most likely want to last long. A wooden table is a great option. You can  check out  wooden tables  crafted with solid rubberwood and supportive engineered wood. This wooden framework is very strong and lasts for a lifetime. You can also go for  lavish tables  made with solid mango wood and enriched with an elegant marble top. 


You can choose from a  wide range of styles and designs of dining table  at @home by Nilkamal. If your interiors have a modern look, then you can go for sleek contemporary patterns. You can also choose a traditional dining table that is timeless. The idea is to simply go along with the style that compliments your interior.  


You can decide upon the shape of your  dining table  depending on the available space in the room.  


Square  dining table(s)  are a very stylish and space-optimizing choice. It is a perfect pick when you have small and narrow dining spaces. It will create a balanced combination and will make everyone feel equal.  


Round  dining table(s)  is a perfect choice for smaller spaces. It utilizes space in a great way. They can also mean more people can squeeze into the space around the table for additional seating. Even if you have enough space but want to keep it uncrowded and airy, it’s better to go for a circular table that will keep lots of free space in your room that gives out positive vibes. 


Thanks to the corners, rectangular tables can fit more people than round ones. So, if you have a big family or expect to have guests over for dinner quite often, choosing a  rectangular table  makes it easy for you to entertain many people. These tables also have an added advantage. It can be placed against a wall to save space on regular days and can be pulled out when there is an extra guest. 


You can go for an oval table for a visually larger appearance. The rounded corners occupy less space compared to sharp edges. This gives your room a visually large appearance. An  oval table  is perfect for narrow and smaller spaces. 


A table can never be complete without chairs. Seater crafted with wood is an evergreen choice. They never go out of style and last a lifetime. You can opt for simple  traditional chairs  with a raw look. These are classic pieces. There’s both the plain and the upholstered range. There are  chairs  made up of steel and the supported with art leather. You can opt for versatile  lattice patterned seaters.  Some have normal-height backrests, while some have  elongated backrests.  You can go for the luxurious  bento chairs.  You can even add a dining bench on one side of the table. Some are plain dining benches, while you can enjoy the look and feel of upholstered ones.   

You can choose to get a  dining set  where both the table and the chairs are included. You can also choose to buy the  dining table  and the  dining chair(s)  separately.  

Accessorizing your Dining Table

You can elevate your  dining table  with a stylish transparent  table cover  bordered with simple yet gorgeous lace. Add positivity with some fresh blossoms in a chic  tumbler vase.  You can also choose  artificial lookalikes.  Feel good pulling out a tissue from a classy  bamboo tissue holder.  Keep your forks, spoons, and knives all organized in this  cutlery holder  with three sections. You can also opt for a set with all the cutleries, including a stand. You can set up your table with your salt and pepper pots neatly on this chic  wooden holder.  Create a beautiful ambiance and soften up the space by lighting up  candles



Create the most beautiful dining space where you will love to spend quality time with your family. You will get a whole range of  dining table(s)  and  dining chair(s),  and classy furnishings under one roof at @home. Setting it up is easy. You can  buy  exclusive furniture by just visiting the Nilkamal website. Place your order, and get it delivered to your doorstep without any hassles. 

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