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A Handy Guide to Choose The Perfect Recliner This Summer

A Handy Guide to Choose The Perfect Recliner This Summer


Summers are vacation times. It is a time when most working parents take their annual holidays with their kids' school vacations. Vacation means relaxation and lazing around, both for adults and kids. And when it comes to relaxing or unwinding in utmost comfort, nothing surpasses a  recliner.  Since its debut in the late 1920s, the  recliner  hasn't seen a dip in popularity. And rightly so. Over time, its popularity and adoration are seeing a constant rise. All because newer and better recliners are now available. From the  1 seater recliner,  now that there is a 2-seater recliner, a  3 seater recliner  and even a  recliner sofa,  there are various options. Choosing the perfect recliner from a wide variety can be challenging, especially if you are going to buy it for the first time. We have helpful tips on  how to choose a recliner  online. With the help of these tips, you can  buy recliner online  best suited to your home and needs. Read along!


Things to Consider When Buying a Recliner Online


We all love the super comfortable and cosy upholstered armchairs called  recliners.  Whether it is to relax after a tiresome or hectic day or lounging and reading, recliners are the best for comfortable sitting and lying. They are particularly comforting and supportive for people with back or spine conditions. The neck and lumbar support provided by recliners is unparalleled. Therefore, it's no wonder you want a recliner for your home this summer. But with such a wide variety, you don't know  how to choose a recliner  that fits your requirements. Recliners, other than being comfortable, are also long-lasting. You wouldn't be changing your recliner in the next couple of years. So, whatever recliner you choose has to be adequate for your usage for the next 15–20 years. Selecting one from many may seem difficult. But it's not. Here are a few practical tips to help you choose a recliner that fulfils your requirements and suits your home:


Consider Your Space

Recliners are the ultimate in sitting comfort. They offer you the flexibility to tilt the back, extend the footrest, and many other things to sit in the most relaxed and comfortable position you want. To do so, they have a lot of cushioning and mechanisms. And all of it makes its structure larger than an  armchair.  So, when you plan to buy a recliner, the first thing to know is that it requires a lot for its placement. So wherever you place it, measure it, and remember the back tilt and extended footrest space. Also, keep in mind the other furniture in the room. Measure the distance between them and leave room for movement. All these measurements will help you decide the best place to keep your recliner without stuffing your space or leaving little room for movement.


Size and Seating Capacity of the Recliner

Recliners come in all sizes, from small to large. And along with size, they come in different seating capacities. Get various options of a  1 seater recliner  or  3 seater recliner,  depending on your preference. Depending on the room space, your requirements, and the size of the person using it, you should decide the size and seating capacity of the recliner you want. Suppose you want a recliner for your family to sit together and have enough space, then you can go for the  recliner sofa.  But when you already have a couch and want a comfy chair, a single-seater recliner is suited to your build. Check the product dimensions and cross-check with your available space to ensure the recliner you purchase fits perfectly.


Operating Mechanism

Recliners come in many styles of mechanisms, such as manual recliners and power recliners. You can press a button in the power mechanism to tilt the backrest, shift the seat, or extend the footrest. In manual operation, you need to push levers to access its feature. Power recliners are more convenient but require a power outlet nearby for operation. A manual mechanism may seem tedious, but it is not. Instead of a button, you need to push levers for its operation.


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Recliners, like your other furniture pieces, should complement your home décor. The reason behind their purchase may be comfort, but still, they can enhance your décor and uplift the aesthetics of your room. So, once you have decided on the type of recliner you want, choose the design, material, and colour suited to your interiors and other furniture pieces. Different materials and colours will require various upkeep and cleaning regimes. Light colours and delicate fabrics require maintenance, especially if you have kids and pets. While, dark colours and sturdy materials such as leather or leatherettes are easy to maintain. So, choose a design, colour, and material per your lifestyle and family.



Recliners are costly compared to other armchairs or  sofas.  They are a value for money in the long run with their long lifespan and comfort. Depending on their quality, material, and design, their prices vary. And their prices also increase with the seating capacity, the mechanism, and the features you want.


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Purchasing recliners online may seem daunting, but you can simplify your selection process by considering the features like size, style, and design. Make an informed selection best suited to your needs using the above points. Online purchases from  Athome  offer free delivery and assembly facilities. Plus, you get other benefits, such as EMI, and you can avail of timely discount offers to save extra money. To  buy recliner online,  Athome is the perfect place. It has all kinds of recliners in a variety of designs to fulfil every requirement.

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