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A How-To Guide To Buying The Best Foam Mattresses Online

A How-To Guide To Buying The Best Foam Mattresses Online

People want comfort in their lives, especially when lying or sleeping on the bed after an entire hectic day. We all need the best foam mattresses for sleep to relax our minds and body from our tiring routines and schedule. It is said that people spend one-third of their lives lying in bed. Sleep is one of the most common factors of healthy living. If our sleep gets affected due to the wrong choice of mattresses, then it can create a lot of health issues and will make us feel uneasy throughout the day. It can distract us from our work.

Now, you must explore the right mattress that must suit your body type and requirements. The mattresses in the market are available in two options that are  coir mattresses and foam mattresses. The foam mattresses are better than the coir mattresses. High-density foam mattresses provide more comfort. There are so many kinds of foams available in the market that it creates a lot of fuss and confusion in the minds of the buyers. These articles will help you to find different types of foam mattresses so you can pick the best choice for yourself. The different types of foams are -

On the basis of sizes, the mattresses are mainly of two kinds -  queen size mattress and  king size mattress. Check out comfortable  mattresses only from  @home by Nilkamal.

The dimensions of the queen-sized mattresses are 60 in X 78 in, whereas the sizes of the king-sized mattresses are 72 in X 85 in. It means that the king-sized mattress is larger than the queen-sized mattress. If you wish to choose a king-sized mattress, you must ensure that the size of your bedroom is 10X14 feet or more. On the other hand, for the queen-sized mattress, the size of the room must be 10X12 feet. The king-sized mattress is suitable for large rooms, and the queen-sized mattress is suitable for comparatively smaller rooms and beds.

Different types of foams which are available in the market are -

  1. Memory Foam

Among all the types of foams available in the market, memory foam is the most popular. It is a kind of viscoelastic polyfoam. It takes the same posture when you lay on it and retains its original shape back after getting up. It helps to relieve the pressure by distributing your weight equally. It allows you to get a sound sleep.

This memory foam is further into various categories. These categories are -

  1. Traditional Memory Foam

This type of  memory foam helps to retain the heat and is densely packed. It helps you to relieve joint pressure because of its closed-cell design. Buyers are suggested that it is not the right choice in the warm climate.

  1. Gel Memory Foam

The Gel-based memory form is made up of gel-infused beads that give you a cooling effect. It gives excellent posture retention, thereby reducing the pressure on your joints.

  1. Open-Cell Memory Foam

This kind of memory foam is designed with several pinholes. These holes make the mattress feel fresh and cool and give comfortable support. Most of the mattresses of good brands are made up of open-cell memory foam, which gives a colling comfort to the sleepers and brilliant support.

  1. Latex Foam

Latex is another type of foam mattress. Latex is a sap produced from rubber trees. It is a natural and eco-friendly material that supports your back, joints, and pressure joints from head to toe. It also stays fresh and cool. But, it gives a slight bounce when you lay on it, resulting in motion transfer.

Forget your discomfort with foam mattresses - Advantages of the Foam Mattresses

Many people are unaware of the benefits which are provided by foam mattresses. Some of the advantages of foam mattresses are -

  1. Advantages of Memory Foam - 
  • It is the best choice of foam mattress if you want to get relief from your joints pain and get targeted support. It also ensures complete circulation in the body and the right spinal alignment.
  • Memory foams also offer a combination of support and softness and are excellent in conforming to the curves of your body.
  • It has a deep cushioning quality that prevents motion transfer. It basically means that even if your partner turns around heavily in the night, you won't be able to feel it. This advantage of memory foam is also known as motion isolation.
  1. Advantages of Latex Foam  -
  • It is the best kind of foam for people who are environmentally conscious. It is made up of latex which is a completely natural and eco-friendly ingredient. It gives a cooling effect too.
  • They are highly versatile foam mattresses since they provide support from head to toe. You can accommodate yourself easily on the latex foam mattress, irrespective of your body type and sleeping position.
  • The incredible benefit of the latex foam mattress is its durability. If you take  proper good care of your mattress, it can last you for a very long period of time.


The surface you sleep on is very important. Choosing the right kind of foam mattresses is very important as they can help you to get rid of certain health issues such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity, and so on. The wrong selection of mattresses may give us sleepless nights due to poor sleep, which can also lead to mental issues. You can  buy mattresses online from  @home by Nilkamal to get discounts and offers. We hope that this article has helped you to make the right decision about buying mattresses.

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