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A Quick Guide To Help You Find The Best Wardrobe For Your Home

A Quick Guide To Help You Find The Best Wardrobe For Your Home

Looking for a wardrobe for your house but confused? A quick search for wardrobes online will throw up a thousand options, enough to leave you swimming in a sea of wardrobes that all look beautiful and right for you. But the question is, which one is the best? That’s what we’ll help you out with. Read on!

Types of wardrobes

Single door wardrobe

Single door wardrobes, as the name suggests, have just one door. This type of wardrobe is narrow and smaller than other wardrobes such as double door or three door wardrobes. But because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the functionalities that other wardrobes have. Single door wardrobes have a space to hang clothes, and multiple racks to keep clothes and accessories. 

Some wardrobes may have a rack on top of the hanger space as well as a drawer at the bottom. Lean enough to fit into any corner and spacious enough to store clothes and other household items, the single door wardrobe is perfect for small rooms and for one person.

Two door wardrobe

Two door wardrobes have two doors. These wardrobes have storage space on either side. The interior of two door wardrobes may differ depending on the design of the wardrobe. Some may have three or four racks on either side with hanger space on both sides.  Two door wardrobes  have more space than single door wardrobes. They are large and spacious enough to hold the clothes and accessories of two people. You could even use the wardrobe to keep home linen such as blankets, bedcovers, etc. 

Three door wardrobe

Three door wardrobes  are larger than two-door and have three doors. As they’re bigger they have more storage space. Their large size also means you’ll have to have enough space in the room to place a 3 door wardrobe. Hence, before you buy a three door wardrobe online, it’s best to measure the space you have available for the wardrobe. Then check the dimensions of the wardrobe carefully. Also remember, you might need to keep some breathing space around the wardrobe, especially to make it easy to open the doors easily.

Three door wardrobes are perfect for large rooms and for those who have too many things to store. It is also useful for large families as a single three door wardrobe can hold the things of two family members. What is more, a three door wardrobe with a mirror can work as a dresser as well. And you won’t need to buy a separate  dressing table

Four door wardrobe

The largest size of wardrobe is a  four door wardrobe.  This type of wardrobe has four doors. Because it is much bigger in size, it has ample space for storage. For example, a four door wardrobe is a perfect option for the master bedroom as it can easily store things of two people. 

Just like other sizes, four door wardrobes are available in different colors too – think different browns,  white,  or beige. When you choose a 4 door wardrobe you must keep a few factors in mind.

As this wardrobe would be one of the largest pieces of furniture in your room, it’s important to choose the right color. A dark brown four door wardrobe might look too bulky due to its dark color. Hence, you might want to consider white or light brown color. 

Another factor is the space available. You would need a considerable amount of space to keep a four door wardrobe. Hence, consider a 4 door wardrobe only if you have that kind of space in your room. 

Sliding door wardrobe

While most wardrobes have normal doors that open outwards, you can even find wardrobes that have sliding doors. These doors open sideways. The advantage of this type of wardrobes is that it can be easy when you don’t have too much space in the room for doors to open outwards.

Moreover,  sliding door wardrobes  also look neater. One drawback of the sliding door is that it’s risky to have a mirror on top of it. The mirror might even get scratches while sliding the doors, and hence, it’s advisable to have the mirror on one of the sides of the wardrobe and not on the doors.

Engineered wood wardrobe

Engineered wood is one of the most common types of wood used to make wardrobes. Engineered wood is man made wood. Engineered wood is less expensive than natural wood and hence you can find a good  engineered wood wardrobe  at a considerably lesser price. It is a versatile wood and available in different sizes, thickness, and grades. It has a smoother and flatter surface than natural wood and hence provides a smooth finish to the wardrobe. An eco-friendly material, it makes for a sustainable and eco-friendly option for those who are environmentally conscious, no matter the size – three door wardrobe or four door wardrobe. 

MDF wardrobe

MDF – Medium Density Fibreboard – is an engineered wood created by breaking down hardwood or softwood into fine particles and then combined with wax. When choosing  wardrobes made of MDF,  it’s important to check the strength. Apart from that, it is important to note how and where you will be keeping the wardrobe. Eg., it’s best to avoid keeping this wardrobe close to a window where it could be exposed to direct sunlight, moisture from rain, etc.

Whether you’re looking to buy a two door wardrobe or a three door, MDF is more compact and strong than plywood and hence can make strong wardrobes. It is hard to flex and crack and hence is suitable when you want to store heavy things inside the wardrobes. It is easier to paint on MDF and so, if there’s any wear or tear to your wardrobes, you could get it painted.


So, by now you must’ve made up your mind about the type of wardrobe most suitable to your needs and your home. All you need to do now is head to  At-Home online furniture store  to pick your choice of wardrobes

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