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All About Buying Sofa Set on EMI this Dussehra

All About Buying Sofa Set on EMI this Dussehra

A  sofa  purchase with Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) is a substantial choice. Therefore, careful consideration is essential. The basics of EMI, including its description and the benefits and drawbacks of this financing, have been thoroughly discussed in this blog. Here is some insightful advice for finding the greatest EMI contract, ensuring that your financial strategy and  sofa furniture  purchase are well coordinated. Examine the fascinating bargains and offers available at Athome to make your couch shopping experience even more alluring. This will help you  buy sofa on EMI  and improve your capacity to select the ideal  sofa  while managing your finances sensibly.


Dussehra, the festival of the win of truth over evil, is almost here, and every household is busy preparing to celebrate the new beginnings and happiness the festival brings with it. Houses are cleaned, sweets and snacks are ready, and many purchases are made during the season to signify joy and new beginnings. One such purchase is a  sofa design,  a piece of furniture that brings families together, sparks happy conversations, and is a memory hub of the house. But, purchasing a big  sofa design  that can accommodate every family member can be stressful for the finances. 

Let us explore more about this convenient option to  buy sofa on EMI  that can make the décor dreams come true. Explore the wide selection and  buy sofa online  that meets your requirements.

Understanding EMI

Let's first define and examine the basics of EMI before getting into the intricacies of purchasing a  sofa  on a monthly installment plan. Equated Monthly Installment, or EMI for short, is a set monthly payment a borrower pays to a lender on a particular day. EMIs are frequently used for expensive products like sofas that can't be paid for at once.

When you  buy sofa on EMI,  you effectively break up the cost of the  sofa  into equal monthly payments that cover the principal and interest the lender would charge. Depending on the terms and conditions offered by the seller or financing institution, the tenure or duration of the EMI plan may change.

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Pros of EMIs


Making pricey  sofa furniture  more affordable is one of the most important benefits of buying  sofa furniture  on EMI. Spreading the payment over several months will be simpler on your budget than making a sizable upfront payment.

There Is No Need for a Lump Sum

Charges for house decorations, presents, and other festival-related expenses sometimes accompany Dussehra. You may better manage your budget using an EMI instead of making a sizable upfront payment for the  2 seater sofa  or  3-seater sofa  design.

Flexible Tenure

When you  buy sofa on EMI,  EMI plans often let you choose the length of the payback period. Whether it's a few months or perhaps a few years, you may choose a tenure that fits your financial comfort.

Interest-Free Offers

During the Dussehra sales, several merchants and lending organisations provide EMI plans with no or little interest. This makes it even more affordable because you can stretch out the expense over time without paying much interest.

Save Your Money

By choosing an EMI, you may save your savings or emergency cash for unanticipated costs or investments while still relaxing on a beautiful and comfy  sofa.

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Cons of EMI

Interest Charges

You will pay interest on your purchase when you  buy sofa on EMI  unless you are eligible for a zero- or low-interest EMI deal. These interest payments could raise the overall cost of the  2 seater sofa  or 3-seater  sofa design  over time.

Impact on Credit Score

Skipping or defaulting on EMI payments might lower your credit score. Ensuring you can fulfil your monthly responsibilities is essential, even if you need more finances for a particular month.

Limited Room for Negotiation

If you  buy sofa on EMI,  your negotiating power may be constrained regarding the sofa's cost. Specific merchants won't be ready to give discounts for EMI purchases.

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Tips to Buy Sofa on EMI

  • Spending Limit 
  • Determine your spending limit before you start shopping for a  sofa.  Be sure to account for any festival-related costs to avoid going overboard with your spending. Whether you prefer a  2 seater sofa  or a  1-seater,  you should assess your spending limit before finalising any  sofa design.

  • EMI Comparison Offers
  • Compare interest rates, repayment terms, and processing costs while researching financing solutions. To save money, look for zero- or low-interest EMI deals.

  • Check the Details
  • Ensure you know all of the EMI plan's terms and conditions, including any penalties or hidden costs, before you  buy sofa on EMI

  • Verify your credit rating
  • Your credit score significantly impacts your interest rate and EMI eligibility. You can get a better bargain if you have a strong credit score.

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  • Assess Your Financial Stability
  • Ensure you can easily afford to make the monthly EMI payments without putting too much strain on your budget.

  • Negotiate the Sofa Price
  • Just because you've chosen an EMI plan doesn't mean the sofa's price is set. If you're paying a sizable down payment, try to get a better deal with the seller.

  • Make an EMI Repayment Schedule
  • Create a monthly spending plan that includes the EMI payments. To prevent forgetting deadlines, set up automated payments or reminders.

  • Prepay whenever you can
  • If you get a windfall or have extra money, consider paying more for the EMI to lower the total interest and shorten the term.

  • Emergency Fund
  • To ensure that your ability to make EMI payments without interruption is disrupted, set up an emergency fund to meet unforeseen costs.

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    EMI Options at Athome

    By taking debit and credit cards, Athome streamlines the EMI process and allows you to select instalment plans that fit your budget when you  buy sofa online.  Additionally, the brand provides no-cost EMI choices to ensure you can afford the  sofa design  you want. Compare a lot of EMI plans from various institutions and choose the plan that best meets your financial strength and needs when you are considering to  buy sofa on EMI.  The application procedure is simple and convenient, making it simple to  buy sofa online.

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    Wrapping Up

    If you carefully consider your options and weigh the benefits and drawbacks, buying a sofa on EMI during Dussehra might be wise. To ensure a smooth and stress-free experience, it is crucial to select the appropriate EMI plan, evaluate your financial stability, and remain dedicated to making regular payments when you decide to  buy sofa on EMI

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