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Trending Products

Athome Big Sale : Find Amazing Home Decor Items Within Your Budget

Athome Big Sale : Find Amazing Home Decor Items Within Your Budget

A beautifully decorated home will make you feel cosy and comfortable after a tiring day at work. Pay attention to the home décor items you pick to beautify your rooms, as they should have the perfect mixture of textures and colours. From stylish  photo frames,  lush green  potted plant,  vibrant  paintings,  and flowy  curtains  to trendy  wall clocks,  these home decor items can transform your home into a comfort haven. 

Whether it is modern home decor or traditional home decor items, you can buy them at the website of  Athome.  Shop for home decor products till you drop at the Athome Big Sale held between 24th June and 31st August this year. The Big Sale festival offers you 60% off on all products listed on the site to help homeowners as you save and shop more while spending less. You can find various home decor items like  paintings,  wall clocks,  photo frames lighting,  curtains,  potted plant,  and  wall lights  within your budget. 


Top Home Decors to Shop During Athome Big Sale

Set Up a Magnificent Gallery of Paintings

Though you might already have a couple of  wall arts  and special  lighting  to beautify your spaces,  paintings  can convey your taste and preferences by communicating with the onlookers. Choose from Abstract  paintings,  acrylic glass art  paintings;  nature  paintings,  birds or horses  paintings,  or distinct hexagonal  paintings  to captivating your guests.  

Show off your love for  paintings  with a vivid imagination and vibrant look by buying  Embossed Abstract Geometric Painting.  Choose the classy  Black and Gold Acrylic Painting  that exudes sophistication and style to beautify your empty walls. Show off your spiritual belief by choosing devotional  paintings  like  Meditating Ganesha Painting,  Five Panel Om Ganesha painting,  or  Buddha Mukh Round Painting  with 5 panels to place under perfect  lighting.

The elegant  Peacock on Branch Painting  featured on a stunning sea green background can elevate the aesthetics of your home. Adorn the walls of your modern apartment with the latest  Ornate Hexagonal paintings  featuring an alluring play of gold and brown shades that shines brilliantly when paired with the proper  lighting  or  wall lights  like  Metalica Ceiling Lamp  to elevate its splendour. 

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Incorporate A Bit of Green with Potted Plant

How about adding a splash of natural greenery to your overall home decor? Invest in a  potted plant  which is of low-maintenance type, to set up a small garden in your compact apartment. Whether it is the entrance of your home, living room, or bedroom, a  potted plant  can work wonders by giving you a positive vibe and fresh air. You can also choose artificial plants that look realistic to enhance your compact spaces with  paintings

Place an  Orchid Cart Potted Plant  or  Orchid Teapot Plant  near your bed to pair it with your  photo frames  to wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated daily. If you are looking for greenery to welcome your guests but don’t have time to water, maintain, or prune it, choose  Boxwood Small Ball Partner,  which shines brightly with night  lighting  options. Place a  Forsythia Tree  on a  center table  and beautiful  photo frames  in your living room to impress your guests, as the yellow flowers offer a welcoming sight like your  paintings

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Wall Clocks to Beautify Your Blank Walls

If you think only  paintings  are needed to decorate your spacious walls, the latest designs of the  wall clocks  will change your opinion. They make your dull-looking walls look lively while serving the utilitarian purpose perfectly. You can find various  wall clocks  like vintage grandfather clocks like  the Veteran Grandfather Clock  or  Grandfather Moment Clock.  

These clocks can be passed from one generation to the other, as they are built using wood and have a metal pendulum to assure long-lasting service. Elevate your chic interiors by choosing  Mosaic Bicycle Wall Clock  or the  Ginkgo Leaf Wall Clock  featuring a distinct theme and stylish features to lend an artistic feel to the interiors. 

Create a rustic look to your revamped living room by adding the latest  wall clocks,  like  Tree Trunk Wall Clock,  designed like a wood trunk slab with age rings. Choose the perfect  curtains  for your doors and windows to maintain a uniform theme that goes well with your chosen  wall clocks

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Have A Personalised Space with Sweet Memories

Photographs capture the essence of a beautiful moment realistically, making it a perfect reminiscence of a memory. Allot a small space for keeping your personalised collection of photographs by protecting it with sleek and classy  photo frames  like  cutwork photo frame  to elevate every memory beautifully. Make sure you invest in beautiful  wall lights  like  Trio Jali Ceiling Lamp  or  Nova Bulb Ceiling Lamp  with a stylish design to throw light on the photograph collection to make it look beautiful even at night. 

Whether it is a painted portrait of your family trip or a fun-filled moment, freeze those incredible memories in  Collage Home Photo Frame  To enhance your decor, these  photo frames  feature beautiful nature-inspired designs like leaves, birds, and butterflies. 

If you have a large collection of memorable photos, choose  Mirage Combo Photo Frame,  a collection of 26  photo frames  of varied sizes in brown colour. You can enhance the overall look of this personalised photo gallery by adding a couple of beautiful  curtains,  like  Grace Jacquard Damask Curtains,  in a matching brown shade. 

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Summing Up

To create a solid first impression in the minds of your guests, it is essential to incorporate the home décor ideas mentioned above. Create a friendly and warm abode by choosing home decor products from the trusted site of Athome. The website specialises in offering well-curated and handpicked home decor items, furniture, and more to transform even a simple home into a welcoming abode to feel relaxed. Grab exciting offers and get up to 60% discount during the ongoing Big Sale period from 24th June to 31st August.

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