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Beautify Your Home with Recliner Sofas to Celebrate Onam with Family and Friends in Style

Beautify Your Home with Recliner Sofas to Celebrate Onam with Family and Friends in Style

Onam, the traditional harvest festival of Kerala that lasts for 10 days, is celebrated by Malayalis living across the globe. This festival is celebrated by inviting family and friends to welcome Mahabali, the legendary king. Onam festival is the time to rejoice with your loved ones, have a scrumptious feast with a vegetarian platter, and have hearty conversations. 

Adding a  recliner sofa  can be a wise decision, as they are a great choice to have a relaxed conversation, read a book, or watch your favourite TV show.  Recliners  are versatile pieces of furniture that can keep you comfortable with their heavy cushion padded design. Say goodbye to fatigue when you own a  recliner,  even after a festive day, as the padded back and upholstered armrests will relieve your fatigue and pain. These recliner sofas can be paired with  ottomans  or  center tables.  Whether it is offering optimum comfort, utmost lumbar support and adaptability to adjust to different angles,  recliners  can meet them all. 

You can find  recliner sofa  in electric, manual or swivel models to meet your comfort level. These  recliners  blend well with all types of decors, are simple to use, and can be an excellent fit for all rooms. These  sofas  are available in varying colours to become the focal point of any room and can be a welcoming sight for the guests visiting your home on Onam. 

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Top Recliner Sofa Designs for Comfortable Seating

Manual Recliners

Manual  recliner sofa set  are a timeless choice, as they flaunt a simple and minimalist design to blend well with any home setup.  One-seater recliners  are affordable, come with lightweight construction, flaunt an unpretentious design, and have a straightforward style, making them a practical choice.  Manual recliners  have simple operations supported by an easy-to-use lever mechanism that is mainly placed at the side of the  recliner sofa.  Enjoying a comfortable and relaxed time in sitting and reclining positions is helpful. Manual  recliners  have no electrical parts, so it is easy to maintain. You must pull the lever and apply pressure on the backrest to recline comfortably. 

Advantages of Manual Recliners

  • The manual  recliner sofa  has a classy design that helps it to blend well with all types of room decor.
  • They have a nostalgic aura bringing in elements like cosiness and warmth in your living room. 
  • You can  buy recliner sofa online  that are designed to last, thanks to their lesser moving parts and simple design. 
  • Manual  2 seater recliner sofa  flaunt a seamless design, which makes them easy to maintain.

Cons of Manual Recliner Sofa

  • You must put in a little effort to push it back for reclining. 
  • Only two positions – reclining and sitting are available

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Electric Recliners

The modern electric  recliner sofa  is backed by electric power to assure optimum comfort after a long day at work. You need to push the button of the  electric recliner  to make the desired adjustments to rest in comfort. These electric  recliners  are the epitome of distinct elegance and high-tech operation, making them a compelling choice. These electric  recliner sofa set  are designed with neck pillows and adjustable lumbar support, making it an apt choice to relieve pressure and pain off your joints. 

Adjusting the electric  2 seater recliner sofa  is a breezy affair, as you must touch the button to relax at the right reclining angle. The power-backed  3 seater recliner sofa  has a flexible footrest, which can be adjusted based on your lying position. 

Advantages of Electric Recliners

  • An electric  recliner sofa  is ideal for the elderly and people dealing with mobility issues, as they can offer different positions. 
  • Electric Recliners  have padded armrests and leather upholstered seats to elevate your resting time. 
  • The modern design of electric  recliner online  adds an element of sophistication and class to all living rooms. 
  • The one-touch button design of these  recliners  saves you the trouble of applying manual pressure to set it to the preferred position.  

Cons of Electric Recliners

  • The electric  recliner sofa  is designed using upscale upholstery materials like premium and soft leather, so it requires constant maintenance. 


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Swivel Recliners

Swivel  recliners  are a perfect choice to elevate your room’s grace, as it has a unique look to accommodate your guests visiting you on special occasions like Onam.  Swivel recliner  is a versatile furniture that can be turned in any preferred direction, thanks to its sturdy base design. The  recliner sofa  is designed with ample cushion on the armrest and high backrest to maintain an ergonomic posture while keeping you fully relaxed. The  2 seater recliner sofa  is designed to deliver an optimum lounging experience while offering excellent back support. 

Advantages of Swivel Recliners

  • The swivel design of the  recliner sofa  lets you have great conversations with your loved ones on festive occasions like Onam, as you will swivel around to look at every guest in the room. 
  • Swivel recliners are a stylish addition to spacious homes and compact apartments with a minimalist design.

Cons of Swivel Recliners

  • The swivel recliners are designed with heavy mechanisms, so moving them from one room to another can be challenging. 
  • So, ensure you have a clear idea of where to place a  3 seater recliner sofa

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Summing Up

Onam is a fun-filled festival that requires you to meet and greet your friends and family and have great conversations, hearty laughs and delicious food. Let them stay comfortable even in a reclined position by choosing  recliners  that best fit your seating preferences. Buying a  recliner online  can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal, whether for your living room, bedroom, or guest room. 

You can  buy recliner sofa online  from the website of  Athome  to furnish your home with a single seater, two seater or three seater recliner to help you enjoy optimum comfort. If you have the elderly at home, gift them an electric recliner or swivel recliner to engage in conversation while staying in a comfortable position without straining their back. If you are a student or working professional, you can use a manual or swivel recliner to enjoy a relaxed time after a hectic schedule.


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