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Bedroom Redecoration Ideas on a Budget

Bedroom Redecoration Ideas on a Budget

Put up your feet, let down your hair, relax, and live out your version of unwinding after a hard day's work - bedrooms are spaces that are special for several reasons. If you are heading into this personal space on auto-pilot and barely notice the details that make this room your retreat, perhaps it is time to make a few changes. The best part is that such bedroom decoration need not go all out and spend lavishly! Here are a few budget-friendly bedroom decoration tips and ideas to get you started:


Bedroom Redecoration Ideas 


Attend to the walls

The bedroom walls present the perfect opportunity to give it a whole new look. There are umpteen ways to do this: a fresh coat of paint, a contrast wall, beautiful wall decals, or attractive wallpaper. If you are unsure of the colour palette for repainting, just opt for white hues – they can instantly make the interiors feel cleaner and brighter. This attractive option allows you to play with other essentials in the master bedroom design. You can further play with bedroom interior design and more to make it look cosy and charming or keep it simple yet inviting.


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Bring in interesting elements

This is another inexpensive way to turn dreary interiors into beautiful spaces. Framed or frameless- hanging prints of paintings or wall art on your bedroom walls can add a touch of style and creativity. With changeable frames, you can even update these now and then. Adding a mirror is another great option because they reflect more light and create the illusion of space.


Up-cycle existing pieces

An effortless way to update a bedroom is to repurpose or renew pieces of furniture you already own. You can change the knobs of your dresser drawers to something more interesting. You can also find self-adhesive reams of vinyl sheets with finishes ranging from wood to marble. Use these affordable sheets to transform your old almirah, bed's headboard, or dresser and give it a modern twist. If you are up for exploring your creative side, grab a paintbrush and suitable paint and revive your bedroom furniture with fresh colours.


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Update, add, or replace furnishings

This is one of the most accessible and versatile options of the lot. 

  • A change of bed linen, starting with bedspreads and pillowcases, can draw your attention back to the room's focal point - the bed. With a range of affordable choices available online, you can pick colours and prints that are different from the old ones to create a whole new vibe for your existing bed design
  • Switch essentials like curtains. Depending upon the final picture you have in mind, you could pick different curtain fabrics and curtain lengths. Soft, linen fabrics are easy to maintain. You can choose lighter hues to allow more natural light into the room. To add a touch of elegance, choose longer options. Add tie-backs to keep curtains open stylishly.  
  • Consider placing a carpet, a rug, or a dhurrie at the foot of your bed to add more warmth and comfort to your bedroom. Add one on either side of the bed, or use a single one to divide the room space visually. With various affordable options available, you can choose one to match your liking!


Go green

Bringing greenery indoors is a quick way to add colour and texture while bringing the room to life. For a minimalistic look, consider Pothos– all you need is a repurposed bottle with some water to hold it. Alternatively, opt for a single fern leaf in a pretty bottle held by a macramé hanger. Place potted plants in a corner planter, on the dresser or hang it somewhere - a choice of any small indoor plant will work. Those who think they aren't blessed with a green thumb consider artificial and dry flowers- imitations can do the trick just as well.


Address the corners and bedsides

You could find a small rack to work as a nightstand to control your makeover spending. This functional piece can be used to hold anything you might need after crawling into bed – books on your reading list, spectacles, electronics like your phone, and the like. You may even consider adding a small lamp to go.


Consider a change of bedroom lighting

If all you are used to are white lights, opt for warmer-toned light bulbs and tube lights. You can also bring in a lamp that is underused elsewhere. If you are willing to invest in the best bedroom furniture, consider these floor lamps to brighten the room's dark, dingy corners.


Install floating wall shelves

Wall shelves do a remarkable job of freeing up floor space, providing handy storage space as well as adding decor. For creating a modern bed design, make the space above the bed a focal point, and this can be done by wall mounting a single long shelf and adding texture by placing knick-knacks, photo frames, and plants.


Re-arrange furniture

Sometimes a simple rearrangement of bedroom furniture can give you the change you are looking for! Move your bed to a different place - perhaps next to the window or place the dressing table next to the bed and let it double up as a nightstand. Let your instincts rule for a bedroom interior design that reflects your style. You can experiment till you find a furniture placement that will work for you.



Room refreshes need not burn a hole in your pocket. Depending on the budget, you can choose one or more of the ideas shared here or come up with your own to perk up the looks of your bedroom. So, experiment and fiddle with these bedroom decoration tips to treat yourself to a room makeover. Browse Athome for a whole range of the best bedroom furniture, furnishings, mattresses, décor, and more to help you update your bedroom instantly. Browse the entire catalogue online to transform your house into a home and a simple room into your daily retreat. 

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