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Best Kept Secrets of Home Decor- Use Wall Hangings

Best Kept Secrets of Home Decor- Use Wall Hangings

A blank wall doesn’t display your personality or your creativity. The limitless home decor options help us showcase the vibrancy and facets of our personality. One of the multitudes of ways to showcase our personality is by using wall art. Wall hangings form an essential part of wall decor. Wall hangings add a marvellous vibe. Not many people know how to use wall hangings and therefore, they don’t.


It is important to use wall hangings  in home decor because

  • It creates a focal point in your home decor- the golden rule of interior decoration is to create a focal point for every room. The focal point means something that grabs attention or stands out when you first enter a room. Wall art has a very easy way of doing just that.

  • They offer flexibility to your decor needs- a wall decor enhances the room decor, they are affordable and can help you change the entire personality of the room. Wall arts are not very expensive and can be reused and relocated. A rug can double up as a wall hanging tapestry, a shelve in the room can be moved to the living room etc.

  • Colour pops- Most of the time we paint our furniture according to our walls. Most of us are scared to invest in contrasting or bold furniture. This is where wall art pulls up your game. A wall hanging can be colourful, bold, bright or monochrome, sober and add the much-needed contrast to a room.

  • Beautiful wall decor adds to the intrigue and mysticism of a room- An art just doesn’t act as an adornment on the wall. Rather, it adds to the texture and depth of a room. A thought-provoking art piece, maps, and photo walls all hint at the person owning the room. It keeps the guest and viewer guessing about the personality.

  • If you entertain a lot at home, wall art is a perfect ice breaker and conversation started. A unique or quirky piece of wall hanging starts a conversation and breaks the ice.


What are the different types of wall hangings used in wall decor?

Wall hangings have a place in history. In a lot of cultures, they can be traced as back as the 13th or 14th century. Wall hangings have evolved over time and have become an intrinsic part of modern wall art and home decor. Some types are:-


  • Quilts- From time immemorial, quilts have been used to decorate the wall. A quilt is something that is used as a warmer when you are sleeping, but intricately carved quilts, smaller in shape and size are hung from the walls with the help of hangars and rods.
  • Wooden wall hangings- The term wooden implies the use of wood to construct various wall hangings like shelves, sculptures, photo frames, and carved designs. The wooden wall hangings have the advantage that they can match any modern wall decor by being painted, and varnished.

  • Metal wall hangings- This includes clocks, frames, sculptures made from brass, steel, aluminium, iron amongst others.

  • Fabric- This is endless with macrame, rugs, tapestries and other forms.

  • Then there are things like mirrors, scones, framed photos, vinyl, paper, canvas amongst others. They are the more common part of the wall decor.

  • Some of the latest form is using LED lights and art made with LED lights in to art. Putting a quote, a name or a sign made from LED lights is also gaining popularity as wall art.

Here are some of the most creative ways to make use of wall hangings in home decor.


  • Dream catchers- using dream catchers in wall decor is an increasing trend, They look bright, bring in positive vibes and create an ambience. Something like this, when placed over a table imparts good vibes.

  • Using colourful fabrics or rugs as tapestry look fabulous. They are comfortable, cosy and make a room look so vibrant and bright. Look at some of the best collections for those
  • Mirrors- use mirrors made with different materials like macrame, wood, metal and alternate their shape and sizes and give your room a large feel and create a very posh and regal environment. Our personal favorite wall art is this

  • Wall hangings can include DIY hangings made from paper and fabrics. They look really festive and give the room a very warm and welcoming feel. You can also choose from buntings and other hangings available online and give your home decor a personalised touch..
  • Metal sculptures and paintings add texture to a wall decor. They break the monotony and add depth to a wall. Some of the best are these or these from at-home.


Wall hangings form an integral and beautiful part of the wall decor. They can be affordable, creative, reusable and so much fun to play with. Go give your existing home decor a twist with some of the most unique pieces of wall art available on the At-Home Website.

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