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Best Living Room Wall Art Ideas for 2022

Best Living Room Wall Art Ideas for 2022

Did you know that people across the world spend nearly 20% of their day in their living homes? Unlike in some western countries, in the Indian context, a living room is used for both formal meetings and hosting of friends and neighbours, as well as a space where families comfortably unwind, have informal chats with their loved ones, or relax over tea/coffee or sometimes together watching a TV show/Sports event. Edward Bok, a Pulitzer-winning American author of the 19th century, famously wrote that a Living room is a space that should be “lived-in” rather than be a lavishly furnished room in the household that is rarely or sparingly used. 

Just like a home, the living room reflects the personality and lifestyle of the people living in the house. Pleasing colour combination, free-flowing space, Sofa, Chairs, living room clock, lighting, and wall decors like Artwork and Paintings, all together create the perfect ambience for the living room. With the success of e-commerce applications and global home furnishing companies commencing their India operations, people now have the choice to choose from a range of affordable living room furnishing and wall art. Explore now the wide range of Wall Artwork from @home by Nilkamal. Besides, families now have the convenience of availing the services of an Interior Designer to help co-create living room spaces that are cool and functional.

Key elements of a contemporary living room:

The key elements that constitute a contemporary living room are:

  • Free-flowing and balanced spaces
  • Colour combinations for the wall
  • Furniture and seating
  • Type of floor- tiled, wooden, or carpeted
  • Lighting
  • Decoration and wall artwork

Wall art is probably the most defining accessory for the living room, as it reflects the taste and persona of the residents and sets the mood of the living room. 


Wall art ideas:

There are several wall art options available today. One can choose a wall art to align to a certain theme, focus, personal style, or budget available.  


  1. Gallery Wall: A gallery wall adds unique colour and personality to a living room. A collection of art or pictures or wall hangings can perfectly adorn a wall/living room, quietly lifting the mood. The gallery wall can be extended to the ceiling to bring a large space illusion to the wall/room.


  1. Hang those ceramic plates: Bring out the best bone china/ceramic plates by hanging a selection on a wall. This will add variety and colour to the  wall décor of a living room, or mix it with a living room clock, to spice up the collection.


  1. Sconces display: Scones or sculptural sconces will bring added light source to the wall or room while not taking up the floor space or that of a side table. An attractive design can add a dash of light and style to the living room, doubling up as a sculpture.


  1. A touch of green or nature: Plants or indoor plants needn’t just adorn the floor or a corner but can bring a touch of natural beauty or the calmness of green to the  wall décor. A brass potholder or a creeper plant wall-hanging will be perfect.


  1. Let a basket wall liven up the living room: Baskets of different size, weave, or hue can be added to the living room wall, especially in the vicinity of large windows, to bring a contrasting sense of variety and ethnicity to the living room overlooking a balcony or front yard.


  1. Canvas Art: Want to add a touch of something special? Add frames of wall painting to spruce up the living room mood. Canvas with a fun colour palette will add a cool contemporary touch to the wall, livening up the living room. Check out the entire spectrum of wall hangings - canvas art and others from @home by the Nilkamal.


  1. Add a touch of the Micro-Mini frames: A gallery wall needn’t crowd the living room. Bring out the micro-mini picture frames of nature or modern art or paintings, and hang them randomly or in a pattern, to add a nice style to the living room.


  1. Make it textural with a rug or carpet: A sparingly used rug or carpet with an interesting design can adorn one entire wall of the living room. It can add a bit of texture or ethnicity, lifting the mood. 


  1. Let the artwork lean: Be different; let the collection of two or three large framed artwork lean to the wall on the floor. It brings variety to the usual wall hangings, almost a museum-like feeling, negating the problem of installing to the wall.


  1. Play with shape: Let your imagination run, and one can play with the shapes while choosing Picture frames, Wall Hangings. One can choose an odd or peculiar shape to bring a sense of uniqueness to the wall and living room. 



The sky is the limit in decorating the interiors of a living room to add variety or a sense of contemporary or ethnic look –as per one’s personality or style. No one can deny that living rooms have to be lived out, bringing to life the particular theme or season or mood. Our times present a myriad of possibilities to adorn the living room, livening up the ambience or mood. After all, a smartly chosen wall décor or wall artwork can lift the entire look and feel of the home for both residents and guests alike. Let your homes and living rooms bring out your signature style and unique designs. Buy from a very broad collection of artwork and wall hangings from @home by the Nilkamal.

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