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Best Modern Dining Table Design Ideas To Dine In Style

Best Modern Dining Table Design Ideas To Dine In Style

The dining furniture is an essential part of our home. The place where the family sits together for meals and spends a memorable time. A well-designed dining table happens to enhance your experience. Buying a perfect dining table and chairs for your dining space becomes easy when you know your requirement. There are various types of materials for dining table designs, different designs of dining sets, and different designs of dining table bases to choose from. Explore @home to have a perfect dining table.

Best Table Designs 

Your dining table should blend with your home décor and attract the dining room's attention. After all, it is the hero of your dining space. Here are some of the best table designs to make your space lively.

  • Modern Dining Table Design

Modern dining table designs usually feature stone and glass tabletops. They are chic and stylish and add a bit of classy flavour to your home. They go perfectly with modern kitchen designs. You can choose the colour that complements the whole vibe of your dining room. Their tabletop comes in different shapes.

  • Traditional Dining Table Design

If you are into owning traditional furniture with feature pedestal legs. The furniture made from these designs is usually made from dark wood. Traditional dining sets 4 seater is best for a small family, and these designs maintain the room's aesthetics.

  • Farm-style Dining Table Design

Buy a farm-style dining table to add a rugged look to your dining room. They are thick, sturdy legs with a rectangular tabletop, and the table adds roughness to your room. You can also paint the legs of the table and leave the tabletop in its original finish.

  • Industrial-style Dining Table Design

Industrial-style dining table usually comes with metal legs and wooden tabletops, and they add character to your dining space. You can also get a dining table entirely made of recycled metal.

  • Scandinavian Dining Table Design

If you are a minimalist, Scandinavian dining table design is your best bet. Simple minimal style and beige colour add calmness to your dining space. You can also find neutral colours available in this table design. Check out @home for black, dark brown, and white according to your room décor. With abundant use of woods, Scandinavian design is famous for its functionality and its simplicity.

  • Shaker-style Dining Table Design

Shaker-style dining tables are more comprehensive at the top, perfect for a simple aesthetic look. Made from maple, pine, and cherry wood, Shaker-style is a timeless design, and you can add this design for a simple and classic look.

  • Japanese-style Dining Table Design

Indian middle-class families usually prefer sitting on the floor while eating food. If that's the case with your family, you can add low-level dining tables that are inspired by Japanese style. Chairs are replaced with mats and cushions, and they are made from wood, with their height usually ranging from 15 to 30 cm.

New Trends In Dining Table Designs

Wall-mounted Dining Table 

If space is an issue for you, then the market is flooding with new ideas. Wall-mounted dining tables are an updated version of folding dining units, and they are more stylish and offer unmatched comfort. You can ditch a four seater dining table and choose these trendy designs to add elegance.

Workstation-cum Dining Table

Due to the pandemic, many of us had to switch our home settings to fit WFH. Workstation-cum dining table is perfect if you are looking for a multi-functional dining table. The table also has additional storage for your workstation accessories. After you are done with your work, you can change it into a regular dining table.

Other designs include 6-seater cushioned dining sets, 6-seater dining sets with bench, etc. Dining sets with a bench are an excellent option for space-saver.

You can also choose from different materials used to make a dining table. There are various options available to choose from. The most common ones include:

Wooden Dining Table Design

You can add wooden dining tables made from solid wood. They are sturdy and durable, and it looks classy and stands the test of time. The wooden dining table design adds classiness to your dining room. To go full traditional, you can get a wooden four seater dining table.

Glass-top Dining Table Design

Glass-top dining table designs are your best option to make your home decor stand out. They are perfect for adding a pinch of modernness to your dining space, and it makes it look spacious. However, a dining table with a glass-top design should be handled with utmost care. It is easy to clean, which is an added benefit. Frosted and stained glass adds a style appeal to the overall look.

Stone-top Dining Table Design

There is a variety of stones available for you to choose from. With high maintenance and regular cleaning, they can last long. They are heavy tabletops, so they can not be moved easily, and this design lends sophistication to your dining space.

Metal Dining Table Design

Metal dining tables are long-lasting and go best with contemporary home decors. Muted golden, brass, and silver are best to add a luxurious touch to your dining table. If your house hosts industrial-style decors, then this is your best option.

Laminate Top Dining Table Design

Different layers of material such as PVC and melamine are used to make Laminate top dining tables. You can add a table with a wood-grain finish to add elegance to your existing home décor. It is sturdy and durable, and they are budget-friendly but last less than a wooden dining table design.


 You can get a dining table and then add different styled chairs to add exclusivity to your dining room. You can also add a bench on one side of the table. Dining sets 4 seater, and six-seater can include a bench to make the room spacious. They are a great space saver and look good. Buy comfortable dining sets from @home that do not spoil your dining room's vibe

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