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Brighten Up Your Bedroom With Wonderful Decor Ideas This Monsoon

Brighten Up Your Bedroom With Wonderful Decor Ideas This Monsoon

 Monsoon breaks the monotony, saves you from the oppressive heat, and creates a lush green environment. But monsoon is a dampener, giving gloomy skies and musky smells. Due to excess moisture build-up, your  bedroom furniture  is susceptible to dampness, fungal growth and foul odour. But you can do a few upgrades to your bedroom to get a refreshing feeling. You can transform your bedroom by adding decor elements without burning a hole in your pocket. 

While many complain about the lack of freshness and sunlight in their homes, this blog discusses ways to revamp your home set-up and prepare to enjoy a vibrant monsoon.  Buy bedroom furniture online   to amp up your decor during the monsoon and enjoy a refreshing vibe.

Decor Ideas to Spruce up Your Bedroom

Refresh Your Upholstery

Change your old upholstery and buy some colourful  bedsheets,  duvets, and  quilts  to keep the monsoon dullness at bay. Beat the gloominess of monsoon by bringing in ultra-fresh, new decor elements. Bring in monsoon vibes by opting for white and green shades in your bedroom.

Add Aromatic Flowers

Plants and flowers are cheerleaders to your interiors, adding fresh vibes during the monsoon. Pluck those lilies, jasmines, roses and hibiscus to spread charm and elegance. Buy and install house plants in  vases  for a pleasing appearance. Keep a few potted plants on your bedroom balcony and enjoy the monsoon shower with your favourite snacks.

Swap Curtains

To enhance breathability, swap your  curtains  with sheer or lace fabric designs to let the sunlight in during the monsoon. Avoid heavy draperies like cotton or velvet to get the trapped musty smell out of your bedroom and create a luxuriant look for floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Take Care of Wooden Furniture

The onset of the monsoon creates excess moisture damping your  bedroom furniture  like  king size bed,  wardrobe,  and  queen size bed.  Seal your furniture with enamel or paint to avoid fungal or mould growth on wooden surfaces. Move your upholstered  bedroom furniture  away from walls preventing moisture absorption and eliminating fungi and bacteria growth. Coat and seal the edges of your  bedroom furniture  using sealants or protective coating like lacquer. 

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Infuse an Air of Freshness with Scented Candles

Aesthetically pleasing  candles  can add a touch of warmth to your home and avoid a musty smell. Humid air and fungal infestations can leave a smelly bedroom. Invest in scented candles for a refreshing vibe, or combine homemade solutions like lemon, rosemary, and vanilla extract in a mason jar.


Add Some Lighting

Add some sparkles with white, yellow or colourful lights to create a subtle yet glamorous feel during monsoon. You can play along with the colour of your bedroom pieces of furniture. Install lampshades or lanterns for a regal look. Place floor lamps for peripheral illumination to glam up the room. 

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Pop Different Colours

Add colourful souvenirs,  cushion covers,  bed sheets, and pillowcases to brighten your interiors. Vibrant curtains in your bedroom can ease the glum environment during monsoon. Additionally, install colourful paintings, table lamps or wall art according to your preferences.

Try Different Bed Designs

Replace old beds with modern  bed design  to elevate the bedroom decor. Choose a warm, earthy-toned  king size bed  for warmth, depth and a modern edge. Go for a plain white  queen size bed  with super luxe upgrades like remote lighting or automated shades. Play with a dark-toned  king size bed,  modular  or  queen size bed  to add a little drama to your bedroom interiors. Try wooden rhapsody for a more rustic interior and classic  bed design Buy bedroom furniture online  for many  king size bed modular,  queen size bed  and other lucrative collections.  Bedroom bed  and  wardrobe  are show stoppers of your bedroom. Make sure you use chic, contemporary or classic styles that elevate the  bedroom furniture  during the monsoon.

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Go Minimalistic

Go for simple  bed design  and cupboard designs in your bedroom to add elegance during the monsoon. If you find leaky tiles, replace them with sleek, elite-looking ones and stay minimalistic. Complementing the monsoon yet staying light and minimalistic can enhance the ambience and mood.

Eliminate Dirt

Keep your muddy flip-flops and raincoats away from your  bedroom bed  using high-absorbant door mats to keep moisture at bay. Buy high-absorbent mats to trap clumps of mud, sludge and dirt in your bedroom. Clean your bedroom thoroughly and mop them with a detergent solution to keep pests, fungus and moisture at bay. Make sure your  wardrobe  does not become moist, and try adding naphthalene balls or camphor before the onset of monsoon to trap them.

De-clutter Your Bedroom

A cluttered bedroom can absorb moisture and can be detrimental in monsoon. Keep your space clutter-free before the onset of monsoon, and occasionally check for water accumulation in the  bedroom bed

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Tips to Make Your Bedroom Monsoon Ready

Essential tips to take care of your  bedroom furniture  and make your home monsoon-ready are as follows:

  • Cover your bedroom balconies with tarpaulin sheets to avoid rainwater seepage.
  • Varnish your wooden bedroom doors to prevent moisture build-up.
  • Put camphor, naphthalene balls or neem leaves in  wardrobe  and  bed design  with storage to absorb dampness during monsoon.
  • Pull your  wardrobe  and other  bedroom furniture  away from the walls to protect them from fungal infestation.

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To infuse refreshing and peaceful vibes during monsoon, revamp them with the essential decor tips of this blog. Look at monsoon as a chance to revisit and dump those old curtains, bedsheets, and damaged  furniture  and replace them with decor-enhancing ones from Athome.  Buy bedroom furniture online  from  Athome  for discounts, easy EMI options, and free doorstep delivery without the hassle. Shop varied products like curtains, scented candles, and wooden furniture pieces for your bedroom from Athome, making your home monsoon-ready.

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