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Buy The Latest In Dinnerware As A Gifting Option This Diwali

Buy The Latest In Dinnerware As A Gifting Option This Diwali

Dinnerware or dinner sets can establish the mood for any event, from informal solo meals to elegant festive dinners. Dinnerware is also an extension of your style. Knowing how difficult it may be to sort through many kitchenware, we have created a definitive list for you to explore the range of sets and their quality. If you are looking for ideal dinner sets as Diwali gifts for your loved ones, check out kitchen sets at an incredible price and quality. 

Nothing is more appealing than setting the table for your family or friends with every plate genuinely matching. What better way to elevate your Diwali dinner party than with Bone China dinner plate sets, white porcelain side plates, pasta bowls, or a mix-and-match printed four-piece kitchen crockery?

However, choosing one may take some time, given that dinnerware sets are available in various sizes, materials, and patterns. These sets should be assessed for their dependability, design, adaptability, finish quality, and total worth. Here are the top dinnerware sets that our specialists have evaluated. So, to help you select quickly, we have reviewed the best dinnerware sets for gifting purposes this Diwali.

Various Dinnerware options For you to Select

There are many different designs and styles to pick from when shopping for dinner sets, whether for formal or informal occasions. These include chine, stoneware, melamine, and earthenware. Each material has its advantages, disadvantages, and cost, and it's beneficial to become familiar with the material before selecting dinnerware and making the best choice. 


Earthenware is basically pottery that has been fired and glazed and is frequently less expensive than other forms of dinnerware. Although it has a thick, hefty, and rustic feel, it is less sturdy and chip-resistant. Most handmade and painted dishes are made of earthenware, and these are porous. And thus, the risk of it staining or absorbing fluids is high. Most earthenware is dishwasher and microwave safe. However, it is a good idea to verify with the maker first.


Another form of fired ceramic dinnerware is stoneware. They are robust and slightly more durable than earthenware. The body of stoneware is thicker and more opaque. It can also be finished with a glaze, including glossy, satin, or matte. This is more for casual settings. 

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Porcelain or china dinnerware sets are constructed of fine-particle clay and are burnt at a higher temperature. This tableware is solid and nonporous. The porcelain sets have thinner composition and are more delicate, almost translucent in appearance. Porcelain frequently appears and lends itself to more formal and festive events, but it may also be utilised for everyday meals.

Bone China

This kitchenware has an extremely lightweight, delicate fee. Porcelain clay is blended with bone ash and is translucent. Despite its frail appearance, Bone China is the toughest and most resilient ceramic dinnerware. Unless it contains metallic banding, most Bone China can be put in the dishwasher and oven. Like porcelain, Bone China can be used every day or saved for more formal dining occasions. 


Melamine is the material you choose if you want durable plates. Although this crockery is thin, it feels stiff and robust and has a glossy appearance. It is practically unbreakable, making it perfect for children and outdoors usage. Melamine is a reliable brand of tableware.

Vitrified Glass

Vitrified glassware is made of glass burned at an exceptionally high temperature to make it nonporous and very efficient. It is often opaque when used for kitchen sets. Corelle, a patented laminate that is practically durable and won't break or crack even when dropped onto a hard floor, is the most well-known brand of vitrified glass dinnerware. Both the dishwasher and microwave are safe to use with vitrified glass.

Points to consider when buying dinner sets

The dinner set's style and design should correspond to the preferences of the user, and it should be something one can enjoy eating in and makes you happy. Dinner settings come in various styles, including formal and ornate, playful and informal, and plain and straightforward.

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Dinner set place settings : How many people can dine in the dinner set is what decides its place setting. A single person's needs are considered while buying dinner sets in place settings. Five pieces per head are used in the most typical place settings: a dinner plate, a side plate, a soup bowl, a teacup, and a saucer. There would be a total of 20 pieces in a five-place arrangement for four persons. A 12-piece dinner set or a 16-piece dinner set is bought when the side plate and soup dish are not included. Typically, 30-piece dinner sets with place settings for six people are used for daily dining. A dinner set with 36 pieces has six pieces for six people, and a dinner set with 48 pieces has six pieces for eight people.

Patterns and designs : You can purchase a plain dinner set or one with patterns and motifs. Some of the most popular patterns are floral, animal, abstract, and geometric designs. The preference of an individual will determine the way and design. 

Shape : Mostly, we buy the most common shape when it comes to dinner plate sets or bowls, which is a round shape. But there are other shapes to consider, like squares, octagons, triangles, and even irregular ones. Plates and bowls are available in various shapes, and you might choose an uneven shape if you enjoy distinctive and fashionable tableware. Oval, square, and triangle shapes add a unique aesthetic even though round shapes are the most typical. 

Theme : Many people follow themes in all their shopping; this applies to kitchen sets shopping also. Many themes are popular and can be chosen, regardless of the colour, pattern, or design. For instance, if someone enjoys nature and animals, one can select dinnerware with patterns inspired by these two things. Consider patterns like checks or stripes if you prefer abstract and geometric designs.

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Even if there are many different dinnerware sets on the market, before selecting one, make sure its durability is assured. We considered this to prevent wasting your money and only included high-quality items in our list that guarantee long-term use. We would be delighted to help you choose wisely when buying affordable kitchenware at @home.

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