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Choose the Right Kind of Dressing Table – Some Ideas

Choose the Right Kind of Dressing Table – Some Ideas

While some may call it a luxury, for most people, a bedroom dressing table is a necessity. Also called a dresser or a vanity table, a typical dressing table has a mirror, a table, a few drawers, and a chair. It’s an important part of the everyday routine of getting dressed. And so, it has to be well-thought and perfect. Let’s look at the key factors to consider when choosing a dresser.

The perfect size dressing table

A quick look on online furniture stores and you’ll end up finding dressers of all sizes, shapes and styles. A dresser with a full-length mirror, one with open storage, closed cabinets, a console table and a mirror, a matching chair — the choice is wide. To pick the perfect size for your bedroom, keep these points in mind:

  • The place where you want to keep it and how much space is available.
  • Do you want a dresser you can keep on the floor or one with a wall-mounted mirror?
  • Will a mirror and console table suffice?
  • Do you need a dressing table with a matching chair or just the dresser?
  • The storage space that you require in your dressing table.
  • Horizontal mirror or vertical mirror?

Dresser with enough storage space

For some people, storage is a key requirement in their bedrooms. And the dressing table, too, cannot be spared. Determine the storage space requirements based on your personal needs for storage. If you have too many things to store, you will require a large dresser with more cabinets and drawers. Some dressers also have hidden cabinets behind the mirror.

  • Look for dressers that have open and closed cabinets.
  • Hidden storage space behind the mirror.
  • A simple console table for those who need less storage space.

Get the right kind of lights for your dressing table

If you’re going to place your dressing table in the bedroom, you should pay special attention to the lighting around your dresser. Why? Because most bedrooms have dim yellow lights, which might not be sufficient for the purpose of dressing up. The lighting of your dressing table could make your dressing up experience much easier and enjoyable.

  • Get a mix of yellow and white lights.
  • Have spot lights especially for the dressing table.

A chair to go with your dresser

For those who like to use their dressing table for applying makeup, doing up their hair, etc, a chair is a must-have with the dressing table. You could look for a dressing table set that comes with a chair or you could mix and match and pair up the dresser with a chair of your choice.

  • Look for a compact and small chair that can easily fit in the space.
  • You could use an ottoman or a pouf instead of a proper chair.
  • Use a box chair that can provide storage space if that works better for you.

Material and design of the bedroom dressing table

Many people move homes often. Some like to keep changing the placement and arrangement of their bedroom furniture. If this is the case with you, you should pay special attention to the material and design of the dressing table you are about to buy.

  • Is the dresser made of lightweight yet durable material?
  • Is the dressing table design easy to move and fit into any space?
  • Choose a dresser that is easy to move, dismantle and put together when needed.
  • The design of the dressing table should be such that it blends in with all kinds of bedroom furniture.

Wrap up

There! We’ve made sure the dressing table you pick for your bedroom is pretty damn good. You can now begin your search by visiting At-Home online furniture store. The good part is you can narrow down your search based on your budget, the material, color and more.

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