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Design Ideas for 3 Door Wooden Wardrobe

Design Ideas for 3 Door Wooden Wardrobe

They are the extra storage one always looks for. 3 door wardrobes are essentially a full wardrobe along with a half wardrobe. The generation today requires more space and is high on the organisation. This is making the shift towards extra storage wardrobes.


Three-door wardrobe is a trend that is here to stay. The reason is-

  • The three door wardrobes are highly customisable as compared to a 2 door wardrobe. They double up as mirrors, work desks, dressing tables or even come with drawers.
  • These wardrobes are available in a variety of materials, colours, and styles. They can match the personalities and preferences of homeowners.
  • Some multiple shelves and drawers make organisation easy. Hence, this is one of the most sought after wardrobe styles by millennials.
  • It is sleek, it gives the room an elegant appearance without being bulky or taking up too much visual space.

The things to note when buying a 3 door wardrobe

  • The material of construction is an important deciding factor. One needs to select steel and wooden laminate amongst others.
  • The wardrobe size has to be proportionate to the size of the room. A 3-door wardrobe design should not look out of place.
  • A readymade 3 door wardrobe should have a longer warranty.
  • The maximum weight that the three door wardrobe can take.
  • The style of the room and how the wardrobe will match the style.


The latest 3 wardrobe designs in India are-


  • Walnut wood finished doors are in vogue. A 3 door wardrobe that is walnut finished looks like This is one of the finest designs that are traditional yet blends well with any decor. This looks brilliant when paired with a room with subtle and cooler colours. It is a compact wardrobe that can fit in most rooms.
  • The sliding three door wardrobe design is a good balance between design and storage. Not only is it space-saving because of the sliding doors, but the three doors also provide more than ample storage. The sliding doors can also double up as mirrors if need be. One can use a mirror finish to amplify the space.
  • Multifunctional 3 door wardrobes are much in vogue as compared to a traditional 2 door wardrobe. There are many that will double up as a work table or study table. The racks above help with storage and one can have a table underneath it for work.
  • Translucent three wardrobe designs. The doors of the wardrobe here hint at what is inside without really showing what is inside. The glasses are reflective and sturdy, yet it alludes to the beauty of the decor. They are a perfect complement to any room and interior.
  • There is always a need for a Traditional 3 Door Wooden Wardrobe. These designs are eternal, timeless and traditional. They blend well with every interior. The only drawback for these is their size. These tend to be in the larger size.

There are quite a few options that are available in the 3 door wardrobe designs. Make sure to follow your room design sensibility. Check out a curated collection of three door wardrobes here at-home.

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