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Different ways to give your home stunning look this festive season

Different ways to give your home stunning look this festive season

Our houses need a fresh touch with the rush of joy and the smell of delectable sweets throughout the festival season. Cleaning your cabinet or dusting your home gets it festival-ready; to give it a new look, you need to add or remove a few items. Simply moving the furniture about or bringing a little brightness to your home may quickly and affordably give it a new look. Here are a few simple procedures for a hassle-free home makeover since purchasing contemporary decor for every festival isn't always viable. Read along to know how you can get your festive ready! 

The holiday season is the perfect time to give your living areas that much-needed facelift, and this year shouldn't be any different. It's time to organise your home and add those finishing touches to make it genuinely a reflection of your style.  Check out  @home to find the latest home decor.

Ideas for the best house upgrades.

  • Rearrange the furniture in the living room

  • The living room is essential during any festival, where you welcome guests and have conversations. Therefore, the sitting room, which contains the couches and teapot, is significantly renovated. To talk comfortably with loved ones, arrange the  sofas  in a loose huddle, and you may add a  furniture dining table.

  • Select vibrant colours 

  • Use  vibrant colours  while decorating your home for special occasions. As Indians, we always have preferred eastern colour schemes with a severe side over western colour schemes with slightly darker sides. Therefore, you might redo the interior or add a few antiques that stand out. Set up ethnic drapes or carpets to add a festive feel to your home.

  • Pay close attention to the lighting

  • When choosing the lighting for gatherings at festivals, you should use the same level of attention as a stage production manager. Shadows contribute significantly to the ambience. Allow the early sun to filter via your windows and offer a relaxed, breezy atmosphere for conversation. Some  yellow lighting  creates a warm and harmonious atmosphere at night.

  • Build a photo wall.

  • Flowers are hanging from your walls. All the photos of relatives and friends you took during gatherings might be hung on your walls. This gives your home a joyful atmosphere.  Explore  @home for a variety of wall paintings.

  • Be original in your decisions
  • When it comes time to renovate your house, you will find many options available. Should I paint this wall or whitewash it? Should I relocate the TV unit there, or should I wait there? You will run into numerous problems; the most effective way to address them is to use creativity. Follow your gut and allow your home to reflect the excitement you feel inside. The outcome is consistently genuine and lovely.

  • One item of furniture only

  • If you intend to buy furniture, start by investing in one kind. Don't purchase a bed, sofa, and cabinet all at once. Place the couch first, keeping in mind the layout of the room. After installing the sofa set, there's a chance you'll need to make a few adjustments. You don't want to spend irresponsibly without giving it some thought. In the following festival season, focus on the bedroom after finishing the living room.

  • Addition of glasses

  • Glass adds elegance and style to your home, from windows to crockery cabinets. Add various-sized  mirrors  and rearrange the picture frames to give the blank wall by the stairway some personality. During this festival season, you can also spend money on high-quality glassware. A classic glass  dining sets  could add to the elegance of your house and décor, and you can even go for a glass  furniture dining table

  • Indoor plants

  • More than ever, indoor plants are in style right now. You can never run out of class if you include a few natural components in your home. Various indoor plants in  attractive, colourful pots  are available to suit your needs. For freshness, you can hang or position the plants throughout your house.

  • Festive photo corners

  • Consider using festive photo corners to add a unique touch to your decor. Choose your set first. Do you want to stick with a floral theme? Or do you prefer to stick with a more neutral colour scheme? A long piece of fabric can be used to create a backdrop, or you can make it stand out by picking your favorite moments from the year and hanging them in eye-catching frames!

  • Add pretty flowers

  • Adding fresh flowers and decorative  vases  and  platters  to your living room or the entire house is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to make it look more holiday ready. Choose a table or corner in the room, set up a vase or 2 with a metallic plate, and fill them with real or fake flowers. The living space will instantly transform into a pleasant room if you add a few plants to the foyer, next to a statement wall, or on  dining sets,  an expansion of this theme.

    Nobody's work of art can enhance  house décor  more warmly or stylishly. This is a fantastic and environmentally friendly approach to recycling old and used personal goods and transforming discarded décor into something adorable and brand-new.


    We currently have a holiday season offer time where you can discover household & office furniture at the most excellent prices, so if you've decided to remodel your home, now is the right opportunity to do it. These home décor suggestions can make your room the talk of the neighbourhood regardless of whether you're decorating a rental home or throwing a party for the holiday season. Buy fantastic home decor from  @home.

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