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Dining Bench Design Ideas for a Small Apartment with Limited Space

Dining Bench Design Ideas for a Small Apartment with Limited Space

As we move to bigger cities, we choose to live in comparatively smaller apartments than our larger-than-life houses in our hometown. Apartments are made with complete optimization to perfectly accommodate every home space - be it a bedroom, kitchen, living room, washroom or Pooja room. Every space is well optimized, which makes it difficult to choose a piece of furniture that fits easily. The dining area is one such space where the entire family spends time having a meal. The space needs to be efficient enough to accommodate every family member. Also, the  dining bench  and table should complement your taste and style. It should go well with other elements of your house - be it curtains, the colour of the wall and the rest of the furniture. Every element present in the space should complement each other. But the main factor that remains is the space. Check out more fabulous dining tables, seats and benches from  @home by Nilkamal 

Here are some dining bench design ideas that will be perfect for your little but cute space. 

1.   Go for round dining

A round dining table is a perfect addition to your space if you are looking for something compact and cute. These can also be easily moved around the house and look very minimalistic and chic. You can accentuate its look by adding beautiful centrepieces. Another advantage of a round table is that it does not have any sharp edges or corners, which makes it ideal if you have kids in your home. You can choose a table according to the size of the room and your sense of style.

2.   Seating by the window

If you have a balcony or window in your kitchen, you can use that space as your dining area. You can add a  wooden dining bench  to it with a table to utilize the space to its best. Cushions and cushion bottoms on the bench can add a sense of comfort to the corner. While it can save a lot of space, it can also add something unique to your home. You will find yourself sipping your cup of tea every day here in this comfortable corner of your house.

3.   High bench for kitchen counter-cum-dining table

You often see this kind of setup in movies or bars. Why not implement it in your home where we have space constraints? Instead of going for a large dining table and chairs, you can invest in a dining bench or stool that goes well with your kitchen countertop. It is perfect for nuclear families who live in small apartments, and you can also move them around your house. 

4.   Elongated bench with dining table

This type of bench is often seen in restaurants and cafes to accommodate more seating in limited space. You can accommodate an extra person with this cosy and comfortable seating. A  dining bench with back  can provide a lot of comfort and support to your spine while you have your meal.

5.   Go metal

Metal Benches  and chairs are undoubtedly the most reliable pieces of furniture. They are more durable than chairs made in any other material like wood, plastic, etc. They save up a lot of space and can be easily moved around the house. Some chairs are easily foldable too. They always look good and never go out of style. You can have them painted according to the taste and aesthetics of your dining area. Explore more options from  @home by Nilkamal

6.   Cane is back

We did not see the cane furniture for a long time, but it is back now and how! The lightweight cane bench can be a perfect addition to your dining area. It is airy and looks very natural. It can give your space an ancient vibe and make the space very comfortable. This woven furniture is perfect for small apartments because it does not take much space. 

7.   Wooden trunk as a bench

This is one of the best ways to have storage and seating together. A wooden trunk can be used as a storage cabinet, and by adding cushion bottoms to it, it can act as a pretty bench. It is an all-rounder piece of furniture that can be used as a bench to sit on, a table to keep things on, a storage cabinet to store stuff, and a stool to reach heights. You can have a modern or traditional look to it depending on your choice. 

You can use any of the above ideas to make a perfect dining area in your small apartment. Dining benches are one of the most fuss-free and easy pieces of furniture that can add a lot of uniqueness to your dining area. Here are some tips to elevate the comfort and look of benches and the dining area.  

  • Always add cushion bottoms for ultra-comfort if the furniture does not have one.
  • Add colourful cushions to accentuate the look of your dining area.
  • A rug is not an unnecessary indulgence, but it can help build up the vibe of the space.
  • Beautiful lighting in the form of lamps or chandeliers can be used in the area near benches to make it well-lit.
  • You can add a table runner to the table and different centrepieces like  salt and pepper shakers,  a vase  with fresh flowers or pampas, a basket of fruits and many more. This will bring the look together.  


Always invest in a good dining bench regardless of the size of your apartment. Even if you have enough space in your apartment to accommodate a large  dining table with chairs,  a  dining bench  will always look unique. This will prove to be a game-changer for your personal style of furnishing your home. A dining bench is multipurpose in many terms. It will add a lot of elegance and modernity to your dining area. This bench will be a show stealer whenever you invite friends and family over dinner. Buy your favourite pick from  @home by Nilkamal today!


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