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Dining Table Ideas That Will Save More Space

Dining Table Ideas That Will Save More Space

Your dining area should be peaceful and serene; it is a place where you will enjoy your meals with your loved ones. With time, dining spaces have reduced, and some homes have joint dining and living rooms. This complicates the choice of furniture. In such scenarios, we need dining room furniture that takes less space, looks aesthetic, and provides comfort. With these  dining table  ideas, you will not only save space but will be able to save bucks.  Check out  different types of furniture, decor, and many more home furnishing items at  @Home


Different types of Dining Table for compact homes

Multipurpose Table 

These kinds of tables are used for different purposes on different occasions, they can be used as a study table or as your workstation, and when you have guests, you can use them as a  dining table

Folding Dining Furniture

The best part of folding dining furniture is placing it in any part of the home. Keep it in the garden, have lunch or dinner with nature, or place it in the kitchen. And when not in use, fold it and hide it anywhere. These tables have foldable legs. 

Low Height Table 

The Japanese dining style inspires this dining furniture. They are low in height, so there is no need for a chair. A person can sit on the floor or, for comfort, add a cushion for the seat. It is something unique and a new style. These take little space and can even accompany a room with a low ceiling. Adding a few Japanese aesthetics can give your dining area a new vibe.  

Convertible Dining Room Furniture

You love hosting parties and want six- or eight-seater  dining room furniture  but don't want your home to look crowded or congested. Choose a table that provides a convertible option. These tables are easily converted into small or big tables as per requirement. When not in need, you can use it as a four-seater dining room furniture, and when you have guests attach the remaining part of the table and have your big party table. When not in use, the additional chairs can be used for different purposes, like in balconies or gardens.   

Round Table

Whenever we think of tables, we think of them as a rectangle or squares. People have this notion that rectangle tables take less space. In fact, round tables are space-saving. These tables eliminate the four legs and thus are more convenient; there are fewer chances of bumping into the table leg. Round tables give a unique and luxurious feel. Pick a white round table with a glass top to add elegance to your living dining room. 

Table For Two

A  standard dining table  is for six people. But a table for six will be a waste of space for couples or small families. But the good news is that dining furniture is available for fewer people, and you can get a table for either four or two people sitting capacity.  Check out  these four-seater dining room furniture from  @home by Nilkamal

Triangle Dining Furniture

Get a corner to utilise; go for a triangle table. It is suitable for six people. As per your available space, you can choose the shape of the table. These are highly customised in shape and as per space available. 

Drop Down Dining Furniture With A Shelf

These tables are attached to a shelf. The shelf will be fixed on the wall with a folding table and benches attached. This is best for the kitchen. The shelf can be used to keep kitchen crockery and pull the drop-down table and bench when required. It will be great for a compact kitchen. Many types of tables available in the market are compact and will suit everyone's budget.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Dining Table

If you follow these simple tips, you can find the best table for your living space. 


Before starting your table hunt, measure the area of the home where you are planning to keep the dining furniture. While taking measurements, don't forget to add a few more inches or centimetres for the space for chairs. While looking at different types of tables, compare them with the available areas and think if they will fit the space or not. 


Another important aspect is capacity. It will depend on the space available and the size of the family. A big  dining piece of furniture  will not fulfil the purpose of a couple. Similarly, two-seater dining chairs and tables will be of no use for a big family. 

Shape/ Style

Shape and style could be a game changer. A circular table takes up less space and gives a touch of elegance. But the circular table will be a bad choice for a corner; in such a case, a rectangular or square table will be more appropriate.    


The dining furniture should also be synchronic if your living space, kitchen, or dining area follows a theme or pattern. Choosing a piece that does not go with the rest of the furniture will ruin the home's appearance and might look chaotic.   


The material used for making the table is also important, and one can use materials per one's budget and choice. It is a personal choice to buy a complete wooden dining room table with a glass top.


No matter how big your dining area is, furniture that saves space will be convenient to manage. Moreover, compact furniture also provides a clutter-free environment. With our fast-paced city life, we require multipurpose and space-saving furniture. Get your  dining table  from  @Home Check out  a wide variety of furniture and home furnishing items. You can also  buy  mattresses  and  kitchenware  from  @home by Nilkamal

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