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Diwali Renovation Guide to Making Your Home Festival Ready

Diwali Renovation Guide to Making Your Home Festival Ready

We Indians know how to celebrate every occasion like a pro. With so many festivals, the need to redecorate your house becomes essential. Diwali is just around the corner. Without brand-new clothing, diyas, firecrackers, and sweets, no Diwali celebration is complete. If you are looking for  bedroom makeover ideas,  this article is for you.

One of the most significant rooms in your house is your bedroom; thus, it should reflect that importance. Your bedroom serves as your haven, and you would want supreme comfort with a touch of classiness. However,  bedroom makeover ideas  can range from basic ones, like employing new drapes and  blankets,  to adding fashionable wall tiles. You should begin your Diwali home remodelling with a thorough plan and studies. Consider options available for materials and experts who can assist you in finishing the project. 

What to do when you are on a budget?

Rearranging  furniture  is one easy approach to changing the appearance of your bedroom. It can be easily switched out from a  nightstand  for a  dressing table  or shifted the bed to a different wall. You could get some best bedroom furniture, if you have the money and the time. The appearance of your bedroom can be significantly improved with a new headboard or bed frame.

If you are planning to ditch your current bed, you can check different styles of  bed  ruling the market in 2022. Invest in  beds  that come with storage to make the best use of the space. Things that are unused and unnecessarily occupy space in your bedroom can be easily stored in these  beds.

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New Furniture to Amp Your Space

Buying new furniture is always the best way to revamp your bedroom space. You can introduce brand-new  bedroom furniture,  such as  bedroom chair  dressing table,  and  bedroom wardrobe.  You have to keep in mind to buy things in the same colour, or your space will look cluttered. However, if you are confident enough, you can mix and match the furniture with the room's overall décor.

Here are some pointers when purchasing new furniture:

  1. Shop at thrift stores for affordable furniture. Before bringing it home, make sure there aren't any pest infestations.
  2. Consider painting existing furniture to give it a brand-new appearance that matches your colour scheme.
  3. To lighten and modernise your area, purchase a small sofa and side table in addition to a bed. A white  side table  will bring together the overall look of your space.

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This Diwali, Play with Colours

A new coat of paint is the simplest place to start with Diwali home improvement ideas. It's remarkable how painting the walls with a different colour can give your house a completely new appearance. New paint will make the room appear brighter even if you leave the colour scheme alone.  Painting  can be done independently, but it's best to hire specialists if you're painting the entire house.

Introduce New Bedsheets to Your Space

Your bed should be the priority when remodelling your bedroom. And changing the  bedsheet  is the easiest thing to do to accomplish that. The colour scheme ought to make the  décor  look better. Pick the most attractive colours for the sheet. You can make it contrast with the room's paint or match it. You might choose bold hues like yellow, orange, pink, or green for your child's room. Put some  rugs  and  cushions  on the bed to make it appear beautiful. In addition, choose a comfortable  mattress  for your bed for sound sleep.

Winter is also coming, and you don't want your bedroom's aesthetic appeal diminished by a dingy comforter or quilt. Purchase the ideal quilted bedcover to match your bedclothes. Or, for an even more impressive appearance, choose the  comforter  and bedsheet combination in royal hues.

Channel Your Inner Influencer 

To make your home festival-ready, you don't need to purchase new furnishings. To update your current  bedroom furniture:

  1. Could you upgrade it?
  2. Consider having your couch and  bedroom chair  reupholstered.
  3. Select a textured fabric or a fabric with a self-pattern that looks classy.

The added benefit of these fabrics is that they are easy to clean. 

Add Lights to Brighten the Space

Lamps  are more valuable than just providing light. They can also serve as focal points. You can add a chic chandelier if your living room or stairway has high ceilings or a double-height ceiling. Install fascinating pendant lights or wall scones if your ceilings are too low for a chandelier. You can get a striking floor lamp. Add  wall hangings  and  ferry lights  to make your bedroom cosy and bright. To give the space a luxurious appearance, you can hang some lovely  frames  and original art pieces. Purchase some LED  diyas  to increase the zing. The focus of Diwali is lighting. What's better to brighten your bedroom than with a  scented candle?  Yes, it will serve as the cherry on top. A beautifully lighted space with a calming aroma is a match made in heaven.


Your home needs an upgrade, much like when you buy new clothes for Diwali. And the above guide will undoubtedly be useful for this. The main goal is to give your house a new look and atmosphere that you will like living in. For the best results, start by decluttering and then move on to the renovation advice. We've gathered some ideas to help your bedroom feel more like a tranquil refuge and less like a jumbled mess. Design a room that's ideal for unwinding after a long day or getting some much-needed sleep with only a few little adjustments. So why are you still waiting? Start today by updating your bedroom! You can check out the  best bedroom furniture  at  at-home.

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