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Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Luxurious Hotel Suite

Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like A Luxurious Hotel Suite

There’s only one thing everyone wants after a long day at work? To lock themselves in their bedroom and relax. Isn’t it? If you long to do the same, you’ll need to spruce up your bedroom to give it a luxurious vibe. So, let’s look at some tips and ways in which you can make sure your bedroom is nothing less than a five star hotel suite.

Get the essential bedroom furniture in place

A bedroom is incomplete without the key  bedroom furniture  such as a bed, a comfortable mattress, good pillows, beautiful bed linen, etc. So, let’s begin. 


First, choose the size of  bed  suitable to you – king size bed or queen size bed. Next, choose the style and design. Beds are available in a wide range of styles such as modern, contemporary, minimalistic, etc. 

Go for a bed that matches your personal style and the decor theme of the room. Since the theme is more towards luxury, make sure there’s some element of luxury in the bed you choose. For example, a headboard with leather cushioning can instantly add a luxurious vibe.


Another key element of the bedroom furniture is the  wardrobe.  While most people tend to get a simple wardrobe, for luxurious rooms, you’ll have to choose a wardrobe design that complements the decor theme.

A four door wardrobe or a three door wardrobe would look grande and go with the luxury feel. Hence, if you have the space, consider a large wardrobe. Not only will it make the room look good, it will also ensure all your essentials can be neatly organized in the wardrobe.

When you buy bedroom furniture, it’s a must to keep in mind the overall theme and buy different furniture pieces that complement each other. 


Dressing tables are a necessity in the bedroom. Afterall, the bedroom is where the wardrobe is and people tend to get dressed in the bedroom. Hence, consider a dresser when you’re looking to buy bedroom furniture

Accessorize your bedroom

Apart from bedroom furniture, you’ll require accessories and smaller elements to add the luxury feel you’re seeking. You can get that with the help of accessories such as lamp shades, rugs, decor pieces, etc.

Table lamp

When it comes to the bedroom, one thing that plays a key role in creating the right kind of peaceful ambience is the lights. Think dim wall lamps, and  table lamps  on the bedside table. Table lamps not only provide good lighting to the bedroom, but it also adds comfort. For example, you can easily switch off the table lamp while you’re in bed. You don’t have to get up from the bed to do so.


Another element that can add to the coziness of the bedroom is a pretty  rug.  Not only will it enhance the look of the room, it would also keep the floor warm and comfortable. While hotel rooms also have wall to wall carpets that may not be feasible for you, you can easily get a large rug or a couple of smaller rugs and create the same luxurious effect. 

You can think of different ways to place the rug. For example, place it under the bed, or place it in front of the dresser. A rug in front of the wardrobe would also elevate the look of the wardrobe. Moreover, if you have a large mirror in your bedroom, it would reflect the rug and enhance the look.


Next comes the  mirror.  Remember how everything in the hotel suite looks shiny and bright? You can have the same kind of shiny, luxurious feel in your bedroom with the help of a mirror. 

One of the best ways to add a mirror in your bedroom is by having a dressing table. However, you could skip the dresser if you don’t really want it in your room, or if you don’t have the space. In that case, use a wall to hang a mirror. Or else, go for a large floor mirror. Mirrors tend to reflect the light of the bedroom, which elevates the warmth. 


Just like the bed, another important factor of bedrooms are the curtains. A bedroom is a private space and so, you’d want to have curtains on the windows. Apart from privacy, curtains also help in dimming the light in the bedroom. The darkness created by curtains helps you sleep better. It also keeps sound from the outside from entering the room.


One of the easiest ways to give a luxurious update to your bedroom is through the  bedsheets.  A satin, silk, or velvet bedsheet can instantly make your bedroom look and feel luxurious. Add to the bed, a bunch of pillows and cushions and your bedroom would look nothing less than a hotel room.

Over to you

Ready to spruce up your bedroom? Whether you’re giving a makeover or setting up a bedroom from scratch, we’re sure the above tips will come in handy when you’re looking for your bedroom furniture on  At-Home online store.

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