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Effortless Ways to Keep Your Linens Odour-free, Crisp, and Fresh

Effortless Ways to Keep Your Linens Odour-free, Crisp, and Fresh

Who doesn’t want to soak in the nice feeling while wrapping themselves in clean sheets or towels! Everyone loves the pleasing sensation that gives us such a feeling of delightful freshness. Thinking about how you can keep that clean, pristine smell a part of the  linens  all the time? We have curated some super-easy ways that will help you keep your linens smelling fresh and feeling crisp. Cherish the gorgeous feel whether you are using your linens out of the laundry or pulling them out after a long store in the  wardrobe.  You can  check out  the  @home collections  online store if you need new linen for your bed.

The Different Ways

Let us explore the ways you can keep every bit of your linens odour-free and cherish the feel. 

Using a Fresh One Religiously

When using  bedsheets,  pillow covers,  and  towels,  it is important to wash them from time to time with care. Enjoy the great feeling of sliding into a  bed  made with freshly washed linens. Bedsheets usually do well when you wash them once every week. However, some may also require more frequent laundry. According to The Cleaning Institute, you should wash bath towels after three uses. Keep your table napkins clean and fresh, tossing them into the washing machine daily. Regular laundry is vital to remove any germs and odours.

Laundry With Super Functional Dryer Balls

A modern way of cutting down on the drying time in washing machines is by using dryer balls. These balls aren’t traditional, yet they have been tested to reduce the drying time. Besides helping with drying, it also helps you to save energy on every load. These bulky balls can be natural, crafted with wool, or made of rubber, and their role is to keep the clothes and  linens  untwined in the load. As a result, they dry at a fast pace and keep your clothes smelling fresh.

DIY Nice Smelling Laundry Sheets

If you face issues with drying your laundry or lack the space to hang your clothes, then you can easily use your own creativity to make handy dryer  sheets.  These sheets are eco-friendly, chemical-free, and reusable. All you require is a piece of cotton cloth, a little water, and a few drops of your favourite essential oils. You can even cut a piece from an old t-shirt to function as a sheet. To make this simple DIY, wet the cloth and squeeze it. Now add five or six drops of your favourite essential oil, like a sweet floral or a fresh citrusy note, all over the piece of cloth. Simply toss this cloth in the dryer during the final 10 minutes of the drying cycle, and enjoy the best results.

Increasing Drying Time

Storing even the slightest damp clothes will give rise to an annoying musty smell in your clothes and ultimately in the  wardrobe.  When you hang your clothes on the line for drying, it's always a good idea to let them dry for some extra time, even after they're dry. Doing this ensures that your  linens  are dry and do not have even the slightest moisture. 

Ironing Out Any Lingering Dampness

Opting for dry cleaning instead of machine washing is a good idea for  linens  and clothes. But that’s an almost impossible alternative as most large households have a lot of laundries. To ensure that your clothes, pillow covers, bedsheets, and other bed linens are crisp and dry after machine washing, you can always iron them lightly so that every tiny bit of moisture evaporates completely.


Taking Care of the Storage Cabinet

When it comes to storage, your chief concern should be to ensure that the  closet  is dry.  Browse through  the  variety of wardrobes  available in  @home collections  that can keep your clothes away from moisture. It's always a good idea to position the closet away from damp places, like bathrooms, windows, etc. Once you have taken care of that, you can get some silica gel packets. These packets can keep the closet dry and germ-free. So get hold of a couple of packets of the plain version of silica gel sachets or the fragranced variety. Place them randomly between the folds of your clothes and cherish the gratifying feeling every time you pull out the  linens  to use. If you're facing difficulty in finding silica gel, replace silica gel packets with plain pieces of chalk in the corners of your cabinet. They do the job of sucking in dampness without adding any kind of fragrance to your linens. 

A Look at Some of The Most Comforting and Pleasing Linens

We have provided a fairly good idea about the various ways in which you can keep your  linens  smelling fresh. Let us give you a peek into some of the amazing collections that you can get at  @home by Nilkamal.  Amp up your  bedroom  with wonderful  bedsheets  in charming  floral designs  or attractive  geometric patterns.  You can choose the size according to your requirement. While pillow covers are available with most of the bed linen, you can also choose to buy sets of cases separately from a huge range of  pillow covers  available on the website. Wake up feeling dewy fresh after sleeping tight all night on these crisp and clean linens. Cherish using highly absorbent  bath towels  in solid shades and attractive printed patterns. They are available in single pieces and also in sets. Soak in the gratifying experience of using a fresh and clean towel right after stepping out of the bath, ready to face a brand new day. 



We hope the above blog will help you with all the different ways you can keep your linens clean and fresh. You can  explore  the wide range of bed linen and pillow covers at  @home.  Buy them and get a hassle-free delivery to your doorstep. You will surely enjoy taking care of the gorgeous linens following the tips mentioned.

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