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Enhance The Comfort Of Your Elders This Summer With A Comfy Recliner

Enhance The Comfort Of Your Elders This Summer With A Comfy Recliner

Enhance The Comfort Of Your Elders This Summer With A Comfy Recliner

Ageing is an undisputed and natural life process. As one ages, they need extra comfort and safety. The same goes for every family’s elders. With age, their bodies are not as strong as in their younger years. They require chairs that are more comfortable, sturdy, and secure. This is to ensure the seniors sit comfortably with adequate support, so they don’t feel any aches after sitting or accidentally topple, hurting themselves. Therefore, the best chairs for seniors are recliners. Recliners are the best in comfort, support, and sturdiness. Their plush cushioning on all sides—seat, back, and armrest offers ultimate sitting comfort. The sturdy and ergonomic back of the  recliner  ensures the elderly gets proper spine and neck support to minimise back aches and other joint aches. Additional features such as seat adjustment, backrest tilt, and extension of the footrest provide the best seating angles per individual comfort. 


Therefore, it’s no wonder that in recent years,  recliners for seniors  have become a necessity, not a luxury. With their ultimate comfort and posture-balancing benefits,  recliners for seniors  are a great investment. Recliners are an invaluable option for seniors. Not only can seniors sit comfortably on them, but they can also stand comfortably, maintaining good posture and mobility. Whether it’s for watching TV or resting, elders enjoy supreme comfort when sitting on a  recliner.  Recliners improve the quality of life for seniors. Therefore, it’s no surprise, this summer you want to gift your elder a recliner. Explore the wide collection of  recliners online  for the  best recliners for seniors.  However, with so many options for  recliners online,  it’s difficult to choose the  best recliners for seniors.  To  buy recliner online  for your beloved elder can seem like a mammoth task. Here is a recliner-buying guide to help you  buy recliner online  for your parents or grandparents.

Things to Consider When Buying Recliners for the Elderly

Recliners  have become more popular than traditional armchairs or sofas. It is due to the sitting comfort, body support, and flexible seating positions a recliner offers. To choose the best recliner for your senior, consider these things:


Size of the Recliner

Recliners are available in various sizes. For ultimate comfort and safety, the size of the recliners should be appropriate. Therefore, choose the recliner size according to the height and size of the primary user. When the size is right, the width and depth of the seat will be accommodating and comfortable for the person.



As you are purchasing the recliner for the elderly in your family, choose the material as per their comfort. Depending on their preference and weather conditions, choose the material. Vinyl or leather are easy-to-maintain materials as compared to fabrics. But fabric upholstery is more breathable. For hot summers, a  leather recliner  may be uncomfortable. However, it may not be an issue as most homes are air-conditioned.


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Easy to Use

Recliners come in both manual and power modes. As per the comfort level and age of the senior you are purchasing them for, choose the operating system. Most seniors prefer simple, easy-to-use controls so that they can easily adjust them as per their comfort.


Safety Features

Though most recliners are safe and stable. Still, as an additional feature, look for recliners that have a locking mechanism to avoid accidental reclining. Also, features such as a swivel base and lift function will be great for seniors. These ensure seniors can easily get on and off the recliners.

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The quality of the recliner is paramount for the safety of seniors. A quality recliner will be durable and offer the best comfort. A recliner from a reputed brand is made from quality materials with solid construction. It makes the recliner durable and sturdy enough to easily support the weight of the person sitting in it. Also, quality construction guarantees good lumbar support. So, whether sitting upright or reclined, seniors will get the best support to avoid any aches or stiffness.


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Popular Recliners Styles for Seniors

When it comes to seniors, the functionality, comfort, and support a recliner offers are unmatched. Seniors can change their seating position or tilt the backrest as per their comfort without another person’s support on a recliner. The traditional recliners with soft cushioning, a tilting backrest, and other easy-to-use controls are perfect for seniors. However, there are other types of recliners with specific features that can be more suited to elders. Here are the other popular recliner designs best suited for seniors:


  • Power Lift Recliners - These styles of recliners come with a mechanical lift mechanism. It helps the seniors easily get on and off the recliners. This type of recliner can be especially helpful when the elderly have limited mobility due to age or any other health issue.
  • Wall hugger Recliners - These recliners occupy a smaller space than other recliners. They are usually placed closest to the wall compared to the traditional style of recliners. Hence, the name wall hugger. They are perfect for smaller homes or apartments with compact spaces.
  • Rocker Recliners - These are recliners with rocking mechanisms. The rocking feature is soothing and relaxing for seniors. Rocker recliners also have sturdy lumbar support and plush cushioning, making them comfortable for extended sitting. 
  • Zero Gravity Recliners - These recliners are designed to reduce pressure on the joints and spine. The body experiences minimum force on the joints and spine, when sitting on them. Hence, the name Zero Gravity. These are good for seniors with back or spine pain or other joint issue. 
  • Massage Recliners - These recliners come with a built-in massage mechanism. It helps elderly with arthritis or joint pains relieve them. Most massage recliners come with multiple settings for heat therapy and massage.

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Different recliners come with various features and mechanisms. It’s essential to select a design per their needs, while buying a recliner for your elderly parent. Choose a style that best suits your requirements to optimise functionality. Explore the various types of recliners from  Athome  to get the best one for your home!

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