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Enjoy Independence Day With @home

Enjoy Independence Day With @home

Every year on August 15, India celebrates Independence day. On this day, the people of India gained their independence. Since then, we have controlled our nation and people as if they were our own. We felt considerably safer not just outside but also within our home. A house is a location where we may chat, walk, exchange ideas, make improvements, and rest. With rest comes furniture, a component of your home that clears the way for your personal comfort. So the wait is over;  check out  @home  presents the best  freedom sale  of the year.

Freedom: The Key to a Happy Future

Escape from Cluttered Space

We are all inclined to keep our spaces neat and tidy. "A freedom from cluttering space" indicates that your place must be free of any clutter in order to appear flawless and make you feel good.  Check out  sofa cum beds  and many other options.

Elimination of Useless Decor

Freedom from old decor is very significant since the decor is the major emphasis of your area. To maintain it clean, we need to purge that old useless decor and begin searching for better worthy decor to impress guests. You can  browse  for  tables and chairs  and much more.

Freedom From Quality Compromise

Buying your own house has always been a once-in-a-lifetime goal, and in order to preserve it the way we want, it is very necessary to be free from sacrificing the quality of your furnishings. Live a good life now and forever. You can also browse a variety of  beds  and much more.

Freedom from Expensive Costs

Money is gained via many hardships and hours of effort; therefore, you must be free from any high price tags to experience luxury at the lowest possible cost if you want to live a life of luxury. You may save money by participating in the  @home   Independence day sale.  Get your freedom from high prices right now!

Let Us Celebrate Indian Craftsmanship

India has long been known because of its art and culture worldwide. The attention to detail has long been the buzz of the town. For decades, people have been delighted by the magnificent workmanship done on clothing, paper, and furniture. Our artists and weavers had a significant impact even before the country gained its freedom. All craftsmen and weavers have significantly contributed to preserving India's traditions and culture. Their efforts have also contributed significantly to India's industrial growth. Therefore, the greatest way for us to fulfil our part in this is by giving them our unwavering support. We are here to supply items to clients at the lowest possible price with no deductions, therefore benefiting Indian workers and craftsmen by avoiding intermediaries and doing what is best for them for societal upliftment.

Get the Best Deals From @home!

Take advantage of the  @home  ultimate  freedom sale,  which runs from August 1 through August 15, 2021, to purchase furniture for your ideal house from various categories at the lowest prices.


  • Get discounts of up to 60% on almost all the goods.
  • Take advantage of EMI for up to 24 months.
  • All goods come with free delivery and installation.
  • Returns are simple, and all goods are guaranteed to be of high quality.
  • Most goods come with a one-year guarantee.

Give Your Home A Makeover by Buying Furniture Online From @home

We spend most of our time at home. And it is the contents of our homes that make them into homes. One of those essential items is furniture. Furniture of all kinds, including living room, bedroom, dining room, utility, and other types, provides a house character and warmth.

Online Buying of High-Quality Furniture

There are many furniture options at the  @home  online furniture store. You'll find some of the greatest furnishings on the at-home website. Whether you choose wooden or metal furniture, your living room furniture will determine the style of your complete home's interior design. Look no further if you're asking, 'How can I buy excellent quality furniture?' Choose from an extensive home choice of furniture styles ranging from contemporary to modern. The greatest furniture may be found online, whether searching for solid wood or teak wood furniture. Once you have a list of all the furniture you wish to purchase online, focus on the design of your living space. Consider if the furniture is made of steel, metal, or wood. It is advisable to invest in high-quality furniture because you may not replace it for several years.

Factors to Consider When Buying Furniture


The proper size for your furniture depends entirely on your specific demands and the space available in your home for those furniture items.


The design/style of your furniture is the next important consideration. You will get hundreds of results if you search the terms "furniture" on the internet. It is that simple to purchase furniture online. But how do you choose a design and style? That is determined by your preferences and the subject of your house décor. For example, if your home is furnished in a contemporary manner, seek contemporary furniture.


The cost of the furniture you purchase from @home online is based on several variables, including the design, manufacture, material, brand, etc. It might range from tens of thousands to lakhs of rupees. Those searching for long-lasting furniture constructed of solid wood would have to pay a higher price. Choosing a less expensive alternative is best if you're looking for the newest  furnishings  you can replace in the next few years. 


Furniture is made of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, PVC, and plastic. Your personal preferences and the design of your home will determine the quality of your furniture. @home sells the greatest furniture made of various materials online.


Get rid of your outdated furniture this Independence day and replace it with brand-new items from the  @home by Nilkamal  ultimate  Independence day sale  to live your greatest life! Hurry now and grab the deals!

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