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Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Dining Table for Small Space

Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Dining Table for Small Space

The family was an art… and the dinner table was the place it found expression."

A dining table truly holds an essential space in our hearts er… rooms. This is that special place where we meet with our family at the end of the day and spend quality time over lip-smacking dishes. Perfect dining table designs, with their comfy, inviting features, slender looks, and appealing aesthetics, uplift the overall experience. People often hesitate to buy this essential furniture due to the small space. Even if you have a space crunch in your apartment, you can always choose the right fit dining table design to light up your dining space.

If you have a tiny space for dining in, you should consider having moderate space around the dining table for easy movement of chairs and guests. A cluttered appearance can hinder your guests' dining experience. Otherwise, you can opt for wall mounted table with  foldable chairs  for a smart approach to saving space. However, in this article, we will talk about common  dining tables  with solid tables complemented by  chairs  and  benches.  Explore a range of beautiful home furniture from  @home by Nilkamal. 

Follow along with this step-by-step buying guide so that you're determined on the dining set that suits your taste and space at the end of this article. 

1. According to Seating Capacity:

Choose a dining table according to its seating capacity and the number of members in your family.

Small Family

If you have a nuclear family, you can go for a four-seater arrangement. This set generally comes with four chairs and a table. However, if you want to accommodate more people in this sitting arrangement, you can choose the expandable two chairs with a bench and table set. This  dining table space saving  is a smart choice for its extensibility. You can easily place the bench underneath the table to save space. 

Large Family

In case you are up for a perfect dining table set for a six-member family, you can opt for flexible dining set with four chairs, one bench, and a dining table design. The bench can easily accommodate more than two people. Move the bench under the table when you need a less cluttered look in your room. Grab this  Portsmouth 1 4 Bench Solid Wood Dining Set (Cappuccino)  to perfect your dining experience. 

2. Considering Space Availability:

Before buying a dining table, you must consider enough space around your dining table set for free movement even after the chairs are pulled out. In any case, we suggest keeping at least 130 cm distance from the wall. You can also move your dining table chairs towards the wall and keep the bench at the open end. This way, you'll get the liberty to move the bench underneath your table to save space. 

3. According to the Shape:

The shape of the tables and chairs can save great space while giving you a cozy dining experience. 

Square shaped dining table sets

If you're really tight in sitting accommodation spaces, you should definitely go for these square-shaped dining table sets. These come in a square table and four sturdy chairs, which you can easily slide under the table to give your room a clean, smart look. However, the shorter the backrest, the more spacy illusion can be created. Moreover, this set can fit in any corner of your room, giving you ample opportunity to decorate your space. 

Round dining table sets

Among all other dining table sets, this one is a versatile fit. The comforting and cozy round tables can fit in almost any corner or middle of the room, creating enough space to move around. It fits in any style and set, giving a sophisticated high-fashioned look. Moreover, you will have the flexibility to add extra chairs as per the number of guests. Round dining table sets are ideal for large families with minimum space to avail a dining table.

4. Material:

To your surprise, the material can play a significant role in making your room appear bigger or smaller, or even cluttered. It is easy to be confused due to the wide range of materials available in the market.  Wooden dining table  set, honey finish Sheesham wood, walnut finish Sheesham wood, a marble tabletop, and a glass tabletop are some of the popular choices. However, even though  wooden dining tables  are royal, sturdy, and stand generations of wear and tear, the thick solid wooden legs can make your room look small. On the other hand, the glass top appearance can create an illusion of a spacious room. These tables are an ideal combination of modern and contemporary looks. Check out this glass top  Janet Four Sitting Dining Set (Clear)  that can serve your purpose from  @home by Nilkamal.

5. Dining chairs:

Even though square-shaped sturdy wooden dining chairs give your room a royal, rich, glamorous, and sophisticated vibe and last longer, soft, heavily cushioned chairs with smaller curved backrests and sleek and slender legs can create a minimal look for your dining room. These chairs resemble sofas and create a rather informal and inviting vibe for your space. Your guests will feel at ease in these chairs as they are involved in chitchats while having lip-smacking dishes. 

6. Room aesthetics:

It becomes hard to choose a dining set among all home furniture trends, particularly considering its style and aesthetics. Carefully select the dining table set that serves your aesthetics, your sense of style, and the vibe of your room. People often choose sets that are glamorous yet do not serve the style of the room. For example, do not try to blend in a royal vintage table set with your modern room. Even though it might be space-saving, it will ruin the value of your dining area. 


Keeping in mind the functionality, space, measurement, and style now that you know what to choose for your small space, what are you waiting for? Buy from this wide range of  dining sets  to come across exactly what you have pictured for your home and dine in style from  @home by Nilkamal.

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