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Essential Guide To Match Your Dining Table With Your Chair

Essential Guide To Match Your Dining Table With Your Chair

The dining room is the one place in your house with yummy food and space to chill with your friends and family. And what’s better than a dining room with a stylish backdrop. But how to make sure that your happy place is in a tip-top shape. This article will answer the most common dining room problem: how to match your dining table and chairs?

If you are thinking of buying a new dining table and chairs, then explore @home. This article will take you through all the tips and tricks to correctly match dining tables and chairs.

Tips For Buying Dining Tables

  • Measure Your Room

First, measure your dining room to get a better idea. Mindlessly shopping will not work while buying dining furniture, and you can not walk into the store and buy the most expensive, heavy table, which will probably end up swallowing your whole space.

Consider the room space that will help you get the perfect-sized dining set. It is best to leave three feet around the dining set. Your dining table and chairs are the main focus of the dining room and look for a table that allows you to walk around the space easily.

You can also consider the visual space of the dining table and chairs. Just tape the area where you plan to place your table. To create a sense of height, you can place stools and tables. This pseudo-replica of your dining set will help you understand how much space your furniture will cover. This way, you can better carefully select the right table and chairs for your dining room.

  • Packaged Deals Are Deal Breakers

Buying dining sets are outdated, making your dining room look uninterested and boring. Instead, you can buy dining tables and chairs that best compliment each other, and you can take inspiration from different aesthetics, theme, and vibe.

It is best if you buy a dining table first. You can look for chairs that perfectly go with your dining table. But again, do not go for a too matchy-matchy look. Look for chairs that make your whole room refreshed.

If you are on a budget, dining sets are your best bet. But look for sets that have different materials for tables and chairs.

  • Look For Different Materials

As stated earlier, avoiding a packaged deal is better. Similarly, having furniture of different materials makes the room look livelier and more modern.

Deciding on the suitable material for your table and your chairs can be a bit daunting, and you can not compromise ease and comfort. Wood, glass, metal, and stone are some of the options you can look for while buying the dining table.

Solid woods are best when you are looking for sturdiness. The table would stand the time test. However, woods are a bit expensive. You can also look for tables with wood legs if you want them to be long last. Glass tabletops are best for light-starved rooms. Stone tabletops are sturdy and durable. They add classiness to your dining room. Adding pendant lights will give an instagrammable look. Stones like marbles can be high-priced. Metals are your best option when looking for budget-friendly, durable furniture.

Matching your chairs with the materials of the dining table makes the overall scene too heavy. Avoid matching materials, so your dining room does not look texturally overwhelming. You want your dining rooms to have factors that stimulate you and one that calms you.

However, you can buy a dining table with chairs of different materials when the chairs have coloured fabrics from @home.

  • Choose Different Colours

Avoid buying a table and chair of the same colours to make your room look more layered. Avoid being bold with vibrant colours, which can make your dining room look loud. Going all matchy-matchy with your dining table and chairs is also b, and it kills the whole vibe of your dining room.

Pro tip: If you have ample space and an unused wall, you can redecorate that wall and make it a one-sided booth. This way, you will maximise the space and save a few bucks.

  • Match Your Aesthetics

You don’t want to put down your money on something that will make you change other existing things in your room. It is best to consider which table and chairs style will go best with your dining room. You can decide from the range of styles that maintain the aesthetics of your room.

Avoid owning a dining table and chairs of similar colour that match your flooring. Too many of the same colours can make your room look suffocated. If you find yourself in a similar situation, try adding a rug of a different colour. You can also introduce chairs of different colours having soft textures. Remember, the variant is the key to a scenic backdrop for your dining room.

  • Table Size vs Chair Size

The packaged deal is a safe bet. However, they are a bit 1999. You do not have to check for the size of the chairs concerning the table. But you ought to buy a table and chairs separately when going for a refreshed look.

The whole process of checking before buying involves some maths. You will have to check the width of your chairs for your table. Similarly, you’ll have to measure the height of the table to get chairs of the perfect size.

Make sure you check the height of the dining table and then buy chairs. Your dining chairs should be a minimum of 10 cm higher than your table. Also, measure the length of the table and then divide it by the width of the chair. This way, you’ll get the number of chairs placed on one side of the table.

Conclusion (H4)

The dining table is where you have your meal, and the area has got to have some vibe. When it comes to dining tables and chairs, you cannot randomly buy them. Hopefully, these checkpoints have helped you. Check out @home for exclusive deals.

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