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Explore All About The Sofa Cum Bed

Explore All About The Sofa Cum Bed


Wondering if you should add a sofa cum bed in your furniture collection? A sofa cum bed is one of the most functional and useful pieces of furniture. It works as a sofa and a bed. It can be placed in the living room or the bedroom. It is easy to operate and is suitable for all age groups. With so many advantages, sofa cum bed is a must-have in every home. Let’s look at all you need to know about a sofa cum bed.

What is a sofa cum bed?

A sofa cum bed is a furniture piece. It is a foldable piece that can be converted into a sofa or a bed as and when needed. It is built with a mechanism that is easy to operate. Sofa cum bed helps save space in the house, at the same time, provides extra space for sleeping. It can be placed in the living room, bedroom, or study room.

Types of sofa cum beds

Folding/ futon

One of the most common types of sofa cum bed, the futon is a foldable type. It is available in single seater and two seater sizes. Futons are made with the combination of wood and metal. They have a foldable mattress on top that takes the shape of the sofa when it is folded. The same mattress opens up when the futon is in the bed shape.

Pull-out sofa cum bed

A common mechanism used for sofa cum beds is the pull out technique. Here, the seat of the sofa is pulled out and stretched to form a bed. Or, another layer of seat is pulled out from the bottom. Pull-out mechanism is easy to operate and looks compact when closed. You can find both types of sofa cum bed online.

Advantages of having a sofa cum bed

Convenience and comfort

Sofa cum bed is convenient to have and provides comfort. When not using it as a bed, it can fold into a compact sofa and sit smartly in the spot it is placed on. The sofa cum bed is built with a mechanism that makes it easy to convert it into a bed when required or a sofa.


A sofa cum bed is a multi-purpose piece of furniture. It can be used as a sofa where people can sit around, and turn into a bed at night. When guests arrive, it plays an important role. It’s the quickest arrangement for a bed and bedding. Moreover, it can also be used for afternoon napping, so that one does not need to go to the bedroom for naps.

Good for small houses

Small houses usually struggle with space. The sofa cum bed furniture is an excellent solution for space-crunched houses. You can buy the right size - single or double - depending on the space available in your home. It’s an excellent way to make extra space to accommodate guests or family members.

Durable and long-lasting

Sofa cum bed is made with a combination of wood and metal and is designed for longevity. Good quality wooden sofa cum bed may be expensive but lasts longer. You can easily buy the sofa cum bed based on price when you search for it online.

Available in a wide price range

The sofa cum bed is available in a wide price range. If you’re looking for a sofa cum bed on a budget, you can search for a sofa cum bed as per price. You can easily find them online.

How to select a sofa cum bed for your home

Choose the right size

Sofa cum beds are available in different sizes online – single or double. You can choose the size based on your requirements and the space available for it in your house.

Choose the design carefully

The design of the sofa cum bed also depends on the mechanism with which it functions. You can choose a design that matches the other furniture in your house such as the sofa, wardrobes, dresser, etc. Most sofa cum beds are made of wood.

Look at the corners and fixtures

Since the sofa cum bed is furniture that you’d be moving and shifting a bit, you need to make sure it is strong and sturdy. One way to do so is to check the corners and fixtures of the sofa cum bed carefully.

Choose the right kind of cushion

When you buy a sofa cum bed online, it is important to read the details about the cushions of the sofa cum bed. Some sofa cum beds can be operated by moving the cushion and hence it is important to look at the details of the cushion.

Why should you have a sofa cum bed in your house?

  • The sofa cum bed serves two purposes – it functions as a sofa and a bed. Those who do not want to buy extra furniture can buy one sofa cum bed and enjoy the advantage of having both.
  • Sofa cum bed can be placed in any room. Whether it is in the bedroom or the living room or the study room, the sofa cum bed serves its purpose well in every room.
  • It is a durable piece of furniture. This means you can use it for years to come. It is a good investment for any family. It is extremely useful when there are guests in the house.


Now that you know all the factors to consider when buying a sofa cum bed, you can begin your search on At-Home online furniture store.

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