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Fantastic Wardrobe Designs for This Wedding Season

Fantastic Wardrobe Designs for This Wedding Season

The best way to organise the clothing one wears is to arrange it neatly in a wardrobe. A wardrobe can be a space for storing personal items and other household items like books, files, etc. Today there are wide varieties of wardrobes available that can be customised according to one's furniture concept in the bedroom. Whether it is a sliding door  mirrored wardrobe  or a complete wooden variety, the design may be selected according to the size of the room. The  wardrobe size  ultimately depends on the size of the bedroom, and the other features may be chosen based on the material one prefers. 

A  bedroom wardrobe  is an integral part of the bedroom; it influences the room's design and enhances the décor. It is convenient for storing different personal items such as clothing, coats, hats, etc. Whether it is a wall-attached  wardrobe,  mirrored wardrobe  or an independent variety, having mirrors or not, there are multiple designs and  wardrobe size  options to choose from. Some practical designs in wardrobes with the number of doors to be made are described in detail below.  

Various Designs in Bedroom Wardrobes

Some popular  bedroom wardrobe  have been listed below, which may be chosen as per the size of the bedroom. 

Raised Wardrobes (H3)

These are made with a raised platform that may be used to store more items. With additional storage spaces, these wardrobes are increasing in value as the same area may be used to create more racks and compartments. Another  cupboard  space is easily made above the normal  wardrobe  area to accommodate those items that are not in constant use. Old clothing sets, unused coats, shoes, accessories, books, etc., that are not being used for daily purposes can be stored here. Sometimes, a raised wardrobe is also made above the bed to create more storage space. Having an additional member in the house calls for more space to accommodate the person's items. These may be stored in a  raised wardrobe.  

Sliding Door Wardrobes

These are excellent choices for smaller bedrooms that cannot accommodate large-sized wardrobes. Especially those bedrooms situated at the foot of the bed cannot be opened with the conventional wardrobe doors that can be made with sliding doors. They have a stylish aesthetic appeal and are highly practical. Additional compartments may be created to accommodate hangers with clothes, coats, blazers, and sweaters since more space is created. The sliding door design suits bedrooms with modern designs with contemporary patterns. Also,  sliding wardrobes  are ideal for  2 door wardrobe  varieties,  3 door wardrobe  varieties and  4 door wardrobe  varieties. Organising items in these sliding wardrobes is much easier and more convenient. 

Long Cupboard Wardrobes

These are wardrobes with contemporary designs that are made in a 6-door large-sized design. Therefore they are suitable for large-sized bedrooms. They can be manufactured in a budget-friendly manner that can store several items. Household items and personal items like books, clothing items, bedding materials, clothing accessories,  crockery,  etc., can all be easily stored within. Specialised shelves and compartments can be created for better organising purposes. These wardrobes are also known as 'Designer Almirahs' due to their contemporary designs. 

Multiple Panel Sliding Wardrobes

Such  multipanel wardrobes  have sliding doors that save space otherwise used by conventional door patterns. The sliding doors work on tracks that are convenient and easy to maintain. Silver frames are generally panel-fitting exteriors, and the panels are made in various colour combinations. The colours may be selected according to the colour of the walls and other furniture within the bedroom. These may be  2 door wardrobe,  3 door wardrobe  or even  4 door wardrobe  varieties in terms of wardrobe size. 

Synthetic Door Wardrobes

Vinyl door wardrobes are specially constructed with vinyl material on the doors for extending longevity. The vinyl material enhances the bedroom's look, especially when made with Aluminium frames. These wardrobes best suit modern bedrooms with contemporary designs. Apartments situated in urban locations usually have these types of closets. 

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Veneer Door Wardrobes

These wardrobes are customised with doors that can be laminated with any design and colour combination. Whether you like a plywood design or a floral concept in your bedroom, now you can make it possible with the laminated door varieties. 

Traditional Vintage Design Wardrobes

These wardrobes with intricate patterns lend a traditional look to the room. If the bedroom has furniture with a traditional concept, like a carved  bed,  these vintage-style wardrobes will go perfectly with it. They are mostly made of wooden material, and the type of wood can be selected as desired. Since wood is available in varying shades of brown, the exact colour that matches the colour of the wooden bed and other  furniture  within can be appropriately chosen. The wardrobes have specialised spaces and rails to hang long-flowing cocktail dresses or coats for a classy look. The drawers and handles of the cupboards have brass designs that accentuate the vintage look. There are specialised hooks made for hanging jewellery and other clothing accessories. These  wooden wardrobes  are made with a solid wooden variety that usually lasts for generations. 

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Independent Wardrobes

These wardrobes are usually made with metallic and wooden materials. Since they are of the freestanding variety, the closets can be easily shifted to any location within the bedroom whenever desired. These wardrobes are compact and are best suited for those who change their locations frequently owing to job transfers or business opportunities. They are mostly  1 door wardrobe  varieties due to their compact sizes. 


Regardless of the type of clothing, whether formal, casual or semi-formal, one can choose the desired variety of a storage wardrobe from the many designs available. We all have different tastes in the type of material preferred in the cupboard we need, like wood, metal, laminated boards, vinyl, metallic frames, etc. Additional personal items, clothing necessities, books, files, scarves, belts, jewellery items, etc., can be neatly organised on the shelves and compartments provided in the wardrobes. Check out the different wardrobe designs available  at-home  and choose from the latest.

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