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Find The Best Cookware From Athome For Gifting Newly Weds

Find The Best Cookware From Athome For Gifting Newly Weds

Gifting is a privilege, and the opportunity to gift a newlywed is not-so-common. So get to know about the different gift ideas in  kitchen accessories. You may select from bakeware items, pots and pans, cutlery essentials,  stainless steel cookware sets,  nonstick pan varieties, etc. 

Varieties of Kitchenware Accessories Available Athome

Kitchen accessories include items used in the kitchen for cooking, serving, baking, and storing foods of different types. One can choose the various categories of such cookware items before selecting a suitable gift. It is also essential to keep the budget in mind. Some of the different varieties have been simplified below.

Stainless steel cookware

In this category, varieties of  pots and pans are used for cooking daily. The price depends upon the quality of steel, capacity, and weight of the finished item. Also, check the compatibility of the  cookware set and whether you can use it on the induction cooker or direct gas flame. Some types of things are listed below.

  • Milk pans with handles with and without induction base.
  • Topes of varying capacities, such as 1400 ml with an induction base, 2700 ml with an induction base, 2200 ml with an induction base, 800 ml (plain), 1400 ml (plain), 2200 ml (plain), etc.
  • Kadai with lid
  • Induction  non-stick pan
  • Fry pan of 20 cm, 46 cm, etc.
  • Induction tawa
  • Saucepan with hammered brass handle
  • Tadka pan
  • Idli pot
  • Non-stick cookware set consisting of 4 pieces of two fry pans, one wok, and one dosa tawa. 
  • Granite  cookware set consisting of one kadhai, dosa tawa, and frying pan.

Bakeware sets

Bakeware sets used for baking are made of various materials such as glass, aluminium, and plastic. The items' price depends on the final product's capacity and weight. Depending upon the material, the items may be used in an oven toaster griller or microwave oven for baking various items. You may choose the material of the vessel if you know the type of oven the newlyweds are planning to buy. The different types of  bakeware items are listed below.

  • Baking pan for brownies and cakes (Aluminium)
  • Baking tray (shallow) for cookies (Aluminium).
  • 6-cup muffin tray (Aluminium).
  • Rectangular baking tray (glass).
  • Pie pan (Aluminium).
  • Cake server set of 2 (Plastic).
  • Bakeware cake mould circular, large and small (Aluminium).
  • Cookie cutter set of 6.
  • Oval baking tray (glass).
  • Springform cake pan (Aluminium).
  • Pizza pan (Aluminium).
  • Loaf tin (Aluminium).
  • Cupcake stencil set of 4.
  • Chocolate mould set (plastic).
  • Square cake pan (Aluminium).
  • Piping bag with nozzle (Plastic).
  • Muffin baking paper set of 100 pieces.

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Dinner plate sets

Dinner plates are available in varying sizes, colours, prints and materials. The price of the dinner plates depends on the material used, the number of plates provided in  dinner plate sets  and the sizes they come in. One can choose the dishes depending on the material preferred. Glass, stainless steel, bone china, ceramic, opal ware, melamine, etc., are some materials used to make dinner plates. Some brands to choose from in dinner plates are Quadra, Horeca, Ivory, Servewell, Happiness, Laopala, Roxx, Ripple, etc. One can also select a desired shape for the dinner plates, whether square, circular, oval, etc. Some of the items to choose from are listed below.

  • Laopala dinner plates are available in full and quarter plate sizes. There are beautiful designs in different colour combinations and plain white ones too, and the plates have a plain white background with a coloured design on the side. The plate sets are primarily available in sets of three dishes in one pack. 
  • Stainless steel dinner plates are available in standard sizes and thali sizes. Rice platers and parts are also additional choices to select from.
  • Melamine plates are available in full plate sizes and quarter plate sizes. One can buy them in sets of 6 numbers together.
  • Ceramic plates are available in different shapes like circular dinner plates in white colour, onion dishes, fish sauce dishes, Tawa plates, fish platters, bamboo platters, chip and dip platters,  serving platters,  quarter plates, etc. 

The varied stock may buy plates based on design, size, purpose and colour. Dinner plates usually are used for main dining, quarter plates for snacks, dessert plates for various puddings and desserts, etc. Different shapes in plates are made for other purposes, like serving specialised sauces, salads, pasta, etc. 

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Additional kitchenware

  • Stands are available at-home for displaying and drying saucers, plates, cups, and other kitchen cutlery items. Check out the different designs of such frames, such as  cup & saucer stand, individual cup stand, glass stand, dish holder stand, fruit basket, etc. These are durable and made from stainless steel. 
  • Cruet stand with five pieces of salt and pepper set, oil dispenser, vinegar dispenser and one  tray.
  • Storage containers of various types, like glass jars, vinegar dispensers, oil dispense, water bottles, casseroles, mugs, wine racks, jars with spoons, carafes, sugar containers, storage boxes, thermos flasks, measuring pots, etc., are also available in the stock.
  • Cooking cutlery items like cutlery holders, box graters, cutlery spoons, knives and fork sets in varying numbers, turner ladles, wooden spoons, baking brushes, apple dividers, etc. 


There are scores of kitchenware items to choose from in the online stock available  at-home, and one will be spoiled for choice whilst scrolling through the varied inventory available. Due to the different types and sizes available, selecting gifts for newlyweds is now easy. So keeping the budget in mind, scroll through the dinner plates sets, non-stick pan varieties, cookware set pieces, storage sets, etc.

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