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Ganapati Festival : Welcome Your Guests with Stylish Dining Table Designs

Ganapati Festival : Welcome Your Guests with Stylish Dining Table Designs

Ganapati festival, or Ganesh Chaturthi, marks the birthday of lord Ganesha and is celebrated with enthusiasm in India. States like Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu celebrate this occasion by bringing home a figurine of Ganesh and performing puja to bless them with wisdom, fortune, and prosperity. On this day, people invite their friends and relatives to their homes and have fun while enjoying a delicious meal together. If you have plans to invite your best friends, neighbours, and family on this special occasion, then it's time to give a makeover to your dining space by choosing a  dining table  in the latest design. It is the centrepiece of your dining area, where you enjoy meals together and catch up with your friends' lives.

It is a large piece of furniture with a pivotal role in deciding the feel and look of your home. So, choosing the right  dining table  is a significant decision, as it should serve the multipurpose part of serving as a go-to place for your kid's homework, family chit chats, and eating meals. There are various styles, shapes and designs when you buy  dining table online,  which gives you a lot of options to choose from. Read on to learn about some of the popular styles of  wooden dining table set  to find the perfect one that meets your requirements and impresses guests when they lay eyes on it. 


Top Trending Dining Table Styles for Ganapati Festival 


Modern Style Designer Dining Table

This  dining table  with a sleek modern style can be quickly identified with its 90-degree stylish cuts and straight lines. Choosing a modern  designer dining table  with a rectangular or square shape with sturdy legs set on par with its table top edges, is a great find. The  wooden dining table set  can blend well with your modern home's remaining contemporary furniture pieces. This minimalist  4 seater dining table  is also a contrasting addition to elaborate home décor elements, thanks to its versatile and timeless structure. 

This  Fortica Dining Table  with a modern design has comfortable seating to allow guests to sit without bumping the legs below the centre base. The  dining table  flaunts a chic and versatile look to match all types of décor and interior settings. Exhibiting simple and clean lines, the  Joseph Dining Table  is easy to match with other furniture pieces and can elevate your contemporary or modern ambience at home. 

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Farmhouse Style Dining Table

Fulfil your wish of creating a welcoming and warm feel in your dining space by investing in a  dining table  in farmhouse style. This vintage-style  wooden dining table set  flaunts a rustic look and cosy touch to complement your traditional home set-up or farmhouse-like décor. It is a great choice to enjoy a lovely dinner outdoors with your guests during the Ganapati festival while enjoying nature. As this style of  6 seater dining table  is created using natural or solid wood, they are sturdy and are a perfect choice if your family loves to use the  dining table  frequently. 

Go for a farmhouse-style  dining table  like  Blaine Dining table  crafted using wood featuring large supportive legs and a rustic wooden tabletop. Select  Navin Dining Table,  which can withstand the test of time and will blend well with your interiors naturally, year after year. 

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Traditional Style Dining Table

No words can describe the fantastic beauty a traditional  dining table  can deliver to your dining room. The timeless elegance it exudes when compared to a  designer dining table  cannot be measured, making it a compelling choice for your home. You can choose from a square or rectangular-shaped  6 seater dining table  to create a traditional vibe when having guests at home for a special occasion like the Ganapati festival. You can also experiment with trendy or quirky modern chairs with  4 seater dining table  to create a unique dining area setting. 

Built using sturdy wood, wooden finish and carved legs, the  Sutlej dining table  has impressive design aesthetics despite having a simple style. Traditional  dining table  are elegant pieces of furniture with impressive decorating detailing in wood. The  antique oak dining table set  is an apt choice for conventional and urban hones, as they balance old and new perfectly. Each guest will feel comfortable and home in the cosy  dining chairs  near this spacious  solid wood dining table

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Dining Table with A Curve

The  dining table  designed with rounded or curvy edges always stays in style; this year is no exception. On this Ganapati festival, bring home a curvy  6 seater dining table  to stay on par with this trend. Compared with their square or rectangle  4 seater dining table  counterparts, this curved beauty has many advantages. The first point is that this  designer dining table  is ideal for small-spaced dining rooms, as they occupy very little space. 

A round or oval-shaped  wooden dining table set  helps everyone sit close to each other and look at everyone's faces quickly. The  Crossway dining table  also gives a sense of equality, as there isn't a formal seating pattern with the head occupying the centre part of the table. So, this  dining table  is an excellent choice to create an inviting, friendly, and casual dining atmosphere to make your guests feel at home. The  Avante dining table  with a curved tabletop is supported by a sturdy leg arrangement and is crafted meticulously to complement modern  home decor.    

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Summing Up

Transform your dining room with the trending table styles discussed above to create a good impression on guests visiting you during the Ganapati festival. When buying a  dining table online,  choose a piece of stylish and sophisticated furniture to grab attention and offer your guests a comfortable dining experience. Don't forget to visit the website of  Athome  to choose from hundreds of dining tables made of solid wood and engineered wood in various styles. Always consider your preferences, your family's dining needs, and the space in your dining room to choose a perfect  dining table.  If you have a spacious room, go for a rectangle-shaped table, and if you live in a modern apartment with compact space, a curvy  dining table  will fit in perfectly.

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