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Guide to Transform Your Kid’s Bedroom Using New Beds, Desks & More

Guide to Transform Your Kid’s Bedroom Using New Beds, Desks & More

If you have a passionate seven-year-old soccer lover or a pre-teen infatuated with things glam, redecorating their room can always be a unique problem. The challenge is to inject the decor with youthful vitality while keeping in mind the important functional details. To get  bedroom furniture sets  for redesigning your child's room,  check  out the  @home by Nilkamal  website.

Experiment With the Decor of Your Kid’s Bedroom

You may put plush toys in your kid’s rooms:  Toys and children share a unique bond, and keeping superhero figurines in the kids' bedrooms can be a good idea. Your children will love playing inside the bedroom, and it would have a fashionable appeal.

Mix and match colours:  Colour schemes for children's rooms should be original. Children adore brilliant colours like yellow, red, purple, and blue because they keep them up and engaged throughout the day. Your children will enjoy playing more, and it can enhance their concentration in studies if the space is decorated in vibrant colours.

Choose a stylish wallpaper:  It would help if you chose wallpaper with designs of forests, planets and moon, creatures, as well as other elements for your children's rooms. Your youngsters will be fascinated by this wallpaper.

Improve the Ambience by Adding Some Furnishings

Pick Lamps with a stylish design:  The  lighting  in the children's bedroom should also be adequate, and for that, you need the right type of light. Browse through the different types of  wall lights,  table lights,  and  floor lights  available on the  @home by Nilkamal  website. 

Use specialised furnishings that motivate youngsters to study:  It would be best if you chose fashionable  furnishings  for the room where your children will be sleeping. Avoid basic  tables  and chairs since your children can find them dull. It would be best if you chose vibrant desks and  chairs  that are comfortable and fashionable.

Purchase quirky blankets and bed linens:  Children adore bright or printed  bedding.  A small-sized  mattress  is the best option for a child's room since it looks nice and gives you extra space for other  furniture.  Make sure the bedding includes a print your child would love, or choose linen based on your child's favourite colour.

Place rugs carefully:  Rugs  are an excellent way to add extra colour and cosiness to your child's room. If you put a rug near the bed, your youngster will have room to spread out and play with toys or study. Because carpets are simpler to dismantle and wash than wall-to-wall carpeting, they are a better option. You can secure your rug with double-sided adhesive if you have a toddler. Choose a rug that complements other features in the space; it can even include amusing details and cartoon figures. Make sure you pick a rug made of easy washable and maintainable material.

Establish Working and Playing Areas

Separating work and play areas in your child's room can aid in keeping them disciplined. Create a space with a specific workspace and  table  for schoolwork and other activities. Place a tabletop close to the windows to provide an abundance of ambient sunlight and clean air. Doing this will make studying more enjoyable. To maintain the appearance of clean and organised surfaces, ensure you possess ample  storage  for textbooks and supplies. Choose neutral decor in this space to encourage your youngster to concentrate more. Create a cheerful space for fun with toys, games, and more.

Choose the Right Type of Furniture

  1. Create a variety of workspaces:  Experts claim that making different spaces to study can increase efficiency. The fact that there are few disturbances in the concerned rooms is crucial. An L-shaped  desk  is the best option if you have two kids and adequate room for them to finish their assignments. You can mix and match different bedroom furniture sets to create study spaces.
  2. The chair fundamentals:  Choosing a  chair  that matches the overall design of the kid's bedroom is a crucial first step. Your child will spend a lot of time there, so they need to be comfortable and at the appropriate height from the table. Select a chair with adjustable height, soft material, an ergonomic back, and enough space for your head to relax comfortably. 
  3. Floating shelves:  These are a clever  storage  option for your child's room. They assist you in displaying various items of decoration in the space, even while keeping items out of the way of smaller kids. Additionally, they are raised above the ground and occupy very little room. To add uniqueness to the room, stack the  racks  in uneven configurations and be imaginative with the positioning of the bookshelves.
  4. Beds and mattresses:  You need to be mindful about the type of bed you add to your child’s bedroom, as the wrong type could affect their sleep cycle. After an eventful day of playing and studying, the bed is the only place to rest and energise for the next day. You can check out exclusive single or bunk beds for kids and choose as per your child’s preferences. Apart from the size of the bed, you need the perfect  mattress  and  pillow  as well. Find out what your child likes to help them get a good night’s sleep.


The necessity to update regularly while designing a child's room is one of the toughest problems since, as your child gets older, demands and tastes change drastically. Make sure there is adequate space to switch the decorations to a time of life theme.

Consider your child's interests while decorating their room. Every child is different, so it's always excellent to choose a  decor  that shows off lots of individuality. Encourage your youngster to participate in the process since it will be enjoyable and a great opportunity for you to connect. You can  browse  through the different types of furniture and pick the best furniture for your little one's bedroom from the  @home by Nilkamal  website.

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