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Handy Guide To Purchase The Perfect Sofa For Your Home This Summer

Handy Guide To Purchase The Perfect Sofa For Your Home This Summer

Summers signify relaxed months. Months of holidays and get-togethers. Summer is the time when your home receives the most guests. Your home will be filled with people, whether it's your relatives or your kids' friends. For that, you need your living room to be inviting and comfortable. And your  sofa  is the only piece of furniture to make your living room cosy and warm. As your child's annual holidays fall in the summer, he will also spend time on the  sofa  watching his favourite cartoons or reading books. Therefore, summer is the perfect time to  buy sofa online  to revamp your living space. With so many stylish and elegant sofa options, choosing one  sofa online  might be tedious. Well, we have here a handy  sofa buying guide.  With the help of this  sofa buying guide,  you will know what to consider when purchasing a  sofa online  that will be best suited for your requirements and home.


Sofa Buying Guide

Here are the key points to consider when purchasing a sofa for your home this summer:


Space Dimensions

Most people overlook their  living room  space when they buy any furniture piece. It might be risky when you are buying a  sofa.  Any furniture bought without measuring the area of the room may not fit or leave enough movement space. Therefore, before purchasing your sofa, decide where you will place it and measure the dimensions. Also, leave room for movement when measuring the place. Then, as per the dimensions of the space, decide on the sofa size.


Seating Capacity

After deciding on the space to keep your sofa, next comes deciding on the size and seating capacity of the sofa you will need. Depending on the available space, you have to decide the size. You can't get a sofa that is larger than the available space in your living room. Also, it shouldn’t be smaller so there is seating for fewer people. Depending on how many people will sit on it at one time, you need to decide its size. Suppose you entertain a lot or have many people visit you at one time. Then you will need a sofa that can accommodate a large group, or go for a sofa set. If only your family will use the sofa, you can choose the size accordingly. Sofas in a variety of sizes are available, ranging from  1 seater sofa  and  2 seater sofa,  it also  3 seater sofas,  and lounger chaises. Depending on your preference, requirements, and usage, you can choose the sofa size you want. Suppose you will use the sofa mostly for entertaining, go for a sofa size depending on your average group size. Do you like to lie down on the sofa and watch TV? Then opt for a design with ample space and plush cushioning to lie down comfortably. You won't be able to do so on a  1 seater sofa  or a  2 seater sofa


Sofa Design

Now you know the size and capacity of the sofa that suits your needs. The next thing is the style or design of the sofa you want. Sofas come in a variety of designs, ranging from modern, sleek designs to traditional designs. Depending on your preference, living room aesthetics, and other furniture pieces, choose the design. It should be cohesive with the décor and other furniture. Your sofa will reflect your taste and is crucial to your living room décor.


Sofa Material

Along with the design, the material is also a crucial aspect of your purchase decision. Sofas are available in a variety of materials, such as fabric, leather, and polyester. Different materials have different appearances and durability. If you live with young kids, choosing a sturdy material that is easy to clean and maintain is wise. The maintenance and life of a sofa depend largely on the material you choose. 


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Sofa Colour

Like the designs and materials, sofas are available in a variety of colours. The colour you choose should complement your living room décor. Also, choose the colour as per your family and lifestyle. A light colour shows dust and dirt marks easily. Whereas a dark colour doesn’t show marks easily. Neutral colours blend easily with any décor and colour scheme. You can go for a bold colour if your other furniture pieces and decor are in a neutral shade. This will make your sofa an accent piece, enhancing your living room décor. So, choose the colour as per your décor and preferences.



You will be buying your sofa for several years of use. So, it has to be made from superior-quality material with solid construction. Quality construction and materials ensure your sofa will be sturdy, durable, and last for regular usage for several years. Therefore, it's vital to purchase from a reputed brand that uses quality materials in construction and provides a warranty.


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Sofa Price

You want a stylish and good-quality sofa that will last for several years. But still, purchasing a sofa within your budget is essential. So, decide on a purchase budget beforehand and finalise your selection. Decide what design, material, and features you want in your sofa. Then look for that particular type within your budget. Sofa designs come in various price ranges, so it's easy to find a quality sofa within your budget and with the features you want.



Purchasing a sofa for your home needn't be a tiresome task. It is easy to buy a stylish and durable  sofa online  that fulfils your requirements by following the above buying tips. Athome is the perfect brand to  buy sofa online  in India.Explore  Athome  to bring home a trendy sofa this summer!

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