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Hanging Pot Plants- The natural and effective decor solution

Hanging Pot Plants- The natural and effective decor solution

The freshness that flowers and plants give us is best experienced than expressed. There is a new trend for hanging plant pots. They are great for decorating houseplants in every room. They occupy the vertical space and therefore save the floor space.


Indoor planters provide a house with the vibrancy and beauty of outdoor plants, without taking up too much space. The most effective way of adding plants to small or modern designed homes is by using hanging plant pots. The plants help purify the air and give some freshness to the area. These indoor planters also add to the aesthetics of a room.


What are hanging plant pots?


Planters or baskets that are vertically suspended from ropes, chains or other materials and are essentially hanged. These hanging plant pots are usually used as decorative plants and break the starkness of an interior by adding vibrancy. In spaces with limited garden or floor space, they are used to grow living plants and flowers.


Home decor can also be with indoor planters, which are similar to hanging plant pots, but without the ropes or suspension. These indoor planters are designed like vases, lamps etc. The baskets for these planters are constructed with diverse materials from DIY home waste to wires, plastic, and concrete amongst others.


What are the advantages of having indoor planters?

  • They instantly perk up the room. They add greenery to the decor. They are the freshness that is most commonly missing in rooms these days.
  • They help clean the air. Chosen right, some potted plants give a lot of oxygen and attribute to the health and well being.
  • They add positive energy to a room and clean the room of negative vibes.
  • Ornamental plants are extremely beautiful and make the decor look high-end. Hanging plant pots ensures that these ornamental plants are not damaged.
  • Very little maintenance is required for these indoor planters. Occasional watering of the plants and little to no sunlight or pruning is needed for these plants.


Where can the indoor planters be placed?

  • Bathrooms- They can be placed well near the bathtubs, the basins or the counter.
  • On a window where there is no extra place to keep things.
  • Indoor planters like the one from at-home can be used on dining tables and dining areas.
  • Under the stairs or in nooks and corners that are waste can be brightened up with it.
  • On your work desks. A small potted plant brightens up a desk.
  • Hanging pots like these at at-home can be used over showcases, bookcases, and walls of art.
  • Corners of your living rooms. In those areas where there is nothing of height, you can add hanging pot plants.

  • In a nursery or kids’ room add fresh air and keep it away from the reach of children.

The possibility of adding to the list is open to your creative decor ideas.

Types of Hanging Pot Plants-

Hanging pot planters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials with which they are constructed. The type of hanger or indoor planters you choose should match your decor.

The planters can be plastic, or rope and macrame based. These planters are lightweight and can be hung from a simple hook.

People also go for DIY indoor planters that they make from waste and other reusable products.



Types of flowers or plants that are good for hanging pot plants-


Ferns, perennials, flowers that need little sun or pruning are typically the ones that grow best as indoor planters. According to some of the renowned horticulturists, the best plants for pot plants are-

  • Ferns- They require very little sunshine they grow better in the shade and cooler weather. Most commonly hanging plants are always under areas where there is zero or very little sunlight. Therefore, ferns are a very good option. They even look bountiful.
  • Petunias- They are colourful blooms that pour-over from the sides of the pots and look like such a good bouquet. They are so beautiful and also require very little pruning. They also require very little watering.
  • Succulents- traditionally a dessert plant, they require very little watering or care. They look aesthetically pleasing when kept in containers like these.


Some of the other flowers that do well in shade and require little watering are Fuschia, verbena, Pansy, and Lantana amongst others.


How do water these indoor planters?

A thing to note is that since these planters are hanging or almost placed near an air source like a fan or a cooler or an air conditioner, the soil tends to dry out quite faster. The golden rule of watering plants is the touch test. When the soil feels dry to the touch, it needs watering.

Whenever you water indoor planters, make sure you have drip trays kept underneath them, it helps to catch any drop of water that trickles down these hanging pot planters.

Whenever you are redecorating or if you encounter a space in your home that needs to be beautified, given a natural look, then go ahead and select the indoor planters or hanging plant pots from At-home. They have one of the best collections that can match any of your decor needs.


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