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Home Decor Trends 2022- The hits and the misses

Home Decor Trends 2022- The hits and the misses


New year makes us all wish to start afresh. Start with everything new. Home art decor is the way we can add newness to our homes. Trends are different from fashion. A trend signifies a development or changes towards a particular style, it is longer lasting than fashion. Thankfully home art decor doesn’t follow the fast fashion trend of buying, using, and discarding. Wall decor is a trend and that is here to stay. There is a move to decorate the home for a long time and not according to the seasons.

Therefore, if you are willing to do up your house, then wall art is the primary home decor trend of 2022. No one wants a cookie-cutter home. The one home that is similar to all. Everyone wants their homes to reflect their personality.  

Here’s looking into some of the noteworthy trends in-home art decor to make your personality sing-


  • Move towards natural, nature and sustainability- Using fast furniture, trending furniture with low durability is completely out. Nowadays there is a move towards using durable and sustainable products as materials for construction. Raw materials like wood, marble, stoneware, and terracotta are all here to stay. Home decor trends predict that the connection with nature and sustainability feature high on lists.
  • Gone are the monochromatic and sombre colours. The home decor trends are looking for vibrant, pops of colours. Neutral shades have been copy pasted across and now the home decor is looking for a change and upliftment in spirits.

    Earthy and neutral shades are not out, they are just being paired with vibrant shades to give wall decor a unique and creative feel. You can even add pops of colour to your existing furniture by adding unique wall art in colours. Find some here.
  • Handmade object and artisanal products are making a comeback and how. If the home decor trends are to be believed, then the use of handmade linen, artefacts, kitchenware are all in vogue. People now want to buy as investments, they want to buy once and buy well. 100% organic fabric, handmade ceramic vases, hand quilted rugs are all all being preferred to mass produced factory products.

    There is a huge move towards Indian handicrafts like blue pottery, kantha, brassware, macrame amongst others.
  • Wall is no longer preferred blank and bare. Wall art and wall decor is back with a bang. The walls are meant to be the blank canvases for creative display. Using creative wall hangings, bold mirrors, art as wall decor to express your personality has never been more popular. People are getting creative and displaying even maps and their quirky plate collections on the wall. The home decor trend suggests home art decor is here to stay.
  • Prints, wallpapers, patterns are the new stark and modern austerity. Home decor trends as seen in the earlier few points are concentrating on vibes, upliftment and happiness. Therefore, there is a shift towards earthy prints, nature inspired wall papers, fresco style wallpapers. Some are even going for cute motifs.
  • Lighting that creates statement- Fashionable and statement lightings are one of the most happening home decor trends in 2022. Lighting that are statement and artefacts in their own right, are functional and also eye catching are much in demand.
  • Luxurious beds with canopies or higher and padded headboards. The headboards are getting larger, more comfortable and creating a statement. Their is an increasing home art decor trend that is concentrating on creating a statement of the headboard. Colourblocking, quirky or motif fabrics, padded, the headboard and the comfort of it is here to stay.
  • The wall decor has been shown a mirror. Mirrors are no longer for looking your face in. Mirrors are getting their time in glory. Mirrors are being used in creative frames of metals, fabrics, wood and being used as decorative wall art. Not only do mirrors bring in positive vibes, they also make a room appear larger and roomier.
  • A corner for selfies, photographs and creating social media content. Yes, you read that correct. Homes are fast becoming the new selfie zones and if the home decor trends are to be believed then their would be well done up corners and some corners that can be used as green rooms as well.
  • Curved furniture- Gone are the austere and stark straight lines. Linear fashion is no longer cozy and comfortable. There is a massive shift in the trends towards curved furniture, plush couches and sofas, round backed chairs and loungers. The feel is to be snuggled and settled.
  • Home offices- The last 2 years have taught us how important home offices are. It is imperative to create multifunctional desks and areas that can double as work benches when needed.

Some of the DON’TS that you must note-

Please don’t invest in an open plan decor. It is completely done and dusted. Avoid the use of dried flowers, modern art. People are steering clear of fast furniture that doesn’t even last 10 years, let alone a lifetime. All white kitchens, all white furnitures are completely ruled out. They are very difficult to maintain and appear sterile. Signs, message boards, letters, symbols are all out. It is neither reaffirming, nor does it bring positive vibes.



Don’t follow the trends blindly. Think and understand how your current decor is and how best should you shape your decor according to the home decor trends. When you want to shop for some trendy furniture, furnishing and other accessories, do check out the trendy collection at at-home.


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