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How is King Size Bed Different From Double Bed?

How is King Size Bed Different From Double Bed?

The perfect bed can transform your sleeping experience. The real game-changer is the ideal bed that firmly supports your spine and body. Therefore, people always search for a bed that is comfortably large yet compact so that it fits in small apartments. This often leads to questions and comparisons between the king-size beds and double beds. 

Double beds are mostly the standard bed size in the UK and perfectly accommodate two people. However, king-size beds are far more spacious. The size of the bed is largely determined by the size of the mattress it holds. Yet the actual measurements of the bed vary depending on the shape and style of the frame. 

Check out modern king size beds and double beds online @home by Nilkamal to get a visual idea of the bed that best matches your taste and preference.

Measurements of a Double Bed and a King Size Bed

A double bed and mattress usually measure up to a width of 135 cm (4.6 feet) and a length of 190cm (6.3 inches). These beds are quite popular worldwide as they can easily accommodate two adults. These beds are also ideal for average-sized rooms. However, this size varies according to the different unique framework of every bed. Yet, your mattress will fit these size specifications.

A king-size bed measures 76”x80”, which is a width of 150 cm (5 feet) and a length of 200 cm (6.6 feet). For placement, your bedroom has to be at least 12x12. The king size bed is excellent for taller adults and couples with children or pets due to their added space. In this bed, each sleeper of a couple gets a 38” sleeping space. However, these beds only fit specific areas, which are quite spacious considering the bed area and area to move around. Therefore, unless your room fits the criteria, you should never settle for a king-size bed. Go for king-size beds for master bedrooms, and large guest bedrooms for a luxurious sleeping experience.

Other than this you can opt for a single bed, double king size bed, queen-size bed, a California King size bed, or a California Queen size bed depending on your space availability, placement or the purpose of the bed.

there are other customised bed and mattress sizes to cater to your specific requirements. 

  • Super King Size Bed: A super

Measurement of Other Standard Bed and Mattress

Apart from basic bed and mattress sizes,  king-sized bed has a width of 180cm (6 feet) and a length of 200cm (6.6 feet). Super king-sized beds are the largest mattresses and beds available in the UK and are best suited for adults. This takes up a lot of space, so purchase accordingly.

  • Small Double Bed: A small double bed comes in a width of 120 cm (4 feet) and a length of 190 cm (6.3 feet). These beds and mattresses are comparatively smaller than standard double beds. If you are tight on space, this double bed is an ideal pick. 

How To Measure A Mattress?

Before buying your perfect bed, measure your mattress since it is only sensible to buy from @home. The bedding which is fitting to your mattress. Determine the length and width of the mattress by measuring the farthest point of each side in case of curved edge mattresses. You should also determine the depth by measuring the top to bottom to get a bed where your mattress and bedsheets perfectly fit. Explore a wide range of mattresses such as coir mattresses, foam mattresses, spring mattresses, orthopaedic mattresses, and doctor dream mattresses on @home by Nilkamal.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A King Size Bed And A Double Bed 

Before you set your mind to buying a particular bed, you should consider other aspects which can affect your sleeping experience.

  1. Who will sleep in the bed?

If you want the bed only for your comfort, you would not want it to be too spacious or too small to fit yourself in. If you are sharing your bed with a restless sleeper or sleeper who frequently changes positions or if you want your child to sleep with his/her parents and also if you have a dog to share your bed with, king size bed will be your ideal option. King size bed can accommodate any couple with their baby comfortably regardless of their sleeping style. However, for couples who live in small rooms, the double bed is ideal. 

  • Room Size
  • When shopping for a bed, it is always necessary to consider the room capacity while keeping in mind that there should be enough space left to move around the bed and that the windows, doors and vents are not being blocked. You also need to put some other necessary furniture, therefore considering the bed size will not be enough. If you have space constraints, you should go for a double bed. Otherwise, you should opt for a double king size bed for a luxurious sleeping experience.

    1. Body Size

    If you are taller than 6 feet, there are not many choices than a king size bed. It is ideally made to cater to your comfortable sleep. King-size beds can also easily accommodate wider body structures, and you can settle for a double bed if you are slender. 

  • Budget and Mobility
  • If you are planning for short-term investments as in a rented apartment, buying a double bed will be suitable for mobility and will save you money. However, moving king-size beds frequently is quite difficult and strenuous, and they are the only best fit for a permanent address. Prepare yourself to make long-term investments when you are buying a king-size bed.


    Choose your new bed according to the factors as mentioned above and your bedroom decor preference. Hopefully, you have now fully decided on what kind of bed you would love to sleep in. Explore a variety of sturdy, sleek, modern beds online only at @home by Nilkamal

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