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How to arrange beautiful potted flowers and flower baskets for your home garden

How to arrange beautiful potted flowers and flower baskets for your home garden

There are no rules and do's and don't sets when it comes to arranging  potted flowers and flower baskets. The most beautiful spaces - indoors as well as outdoors are created using creativity, imagination, and a lot of thought processes. What matters is what aspects catch an onlooker's attention and interest when moving his eyes from one corner of the space to the other. 

No matter where you work or live, flower baskets,  succulents planters and potted flowers bring in the sense of beauty and serenity to the surrounding environments. Along with that, they also help improve air quality by filtering out pollutants. These baskets and pots are best known to boost your health through aroma therapies vis a vis also helping to relieve stress by just having spaces to chill in. flower baskets and potted flowers announce and scream that beauty is important along with positive vibes that need to surround us in our day to day lives. Check out  gardening essentials only from  @home by Nilkamal.

Here is a quick, easy and simple guide to creating some of the most beautiful potted flowers and flower basket arrangements. Let's have a look!

  1. Choose an " inspiration " flower or  potted flower: Whatever it is, find those flowers that you just MUST have and place in your baskets. Those are the ones that speak to you. This is the most important starting or jumping-off point to help arrange your beautiful basket. Find the flowers that compliment the inspiration flowers you've chosen already. So, now that we already have an inspiration flower, find flowers that go together. 
  2. Placement options: Keep an eye on where you'd want to place your baskets. Every area of space, indoors or outdoors, would have its specifics and temperaments. Hence, we need to keep the placement options carefully in mind. Ask yourself how the flowers you have chosen would tie up and combine beautifully with your present landscape. Therefore, always connect your flowers and plants with the respective landscapes you want to lace them in. 
  3. Use contrast in colour to make an interesting arrangement: Pick your colours. These 2 aspects will highly decide and affect the colour of your baskets and  decorative flower pots. For example, if you have red doors, then a pot or basket with deep purples and whites will be a perfect complement to the area. It will indeed stand out against the reds and bring the eye of every onlooker with sharp and keen interest. You can also play with colours inside the arrangements themselves. Mixing up light and dark shades of some pots will create chic and sophisticated looks. 
  4. Choose flowers of different heights and shapes: Varying flower heights, as well as shapes, are super important. They create rhythm and movement in the eyes instead of giving an even and monotonous look that is boring to curious eyes. It is all in breaking the bland looks and going all out in good sense and creativity. 
  5. Review your choices to see if you have missed anything or overdone any area: With a lot of excitement in our minds about making a space look beautiful and attractive, we might not think twice and overdo it a few times. So it is very important to constantly keep in mind not to overdo any area or any pot as this will only create a feeling of congestion, suffocation, and stress to anyone who plans on using that space even for short periods of time. Reviewing your final product and result, not just by yourself but taking the help of a fellow member, would bring in a lot of new ideas and dimensions in case of overtly making the arrangements. 
  6. Play with the textures and Prioritise diversity: Mixing up colours is a good idea, but along with colours, it would be a better idea to also mix up the textures and try to use a variety of foliages as well. Putting together varieties with smooth and rough leaves, thin and thick petals, etc., will give a more voluminous and exciting variation to your arrangements. Short, tall, fat, thin - make diversity your priority. If your entire setup is of the same size and height, you are creating looks that no one notices. If there is diversity, more details will be noticeable. 
  7. Look at the surviving conditions of these flowering plants: It is also important to know and see which flowers and plants survive in what best areas. You should not mix plants and flowers that need direct sunlight with flowers that need maximum shade, and this will put you in a fix regarding the placement of the basket or  decorative flower pots. Keeping the flower pots and baskets healthy and alive for a long period should be your number one agenda. You can also look for annual plants as they will survive for a whole season instead of just a few weeks. 
  8. Think of your potted flower arrangements as sculptures: Thinking of them as a piece of art and effort will help you choose the best set of  potted flowers and the best type of arrangements helping you decide if your collection will work or not. This will also motivate you to provide the best of the best results as you will be more curious and more involved in the entire process from scratch to the final result. 


Now that you know where to get started, get ready to embark on a journey to spruce up the look of your home garden. Get your hands on the latest designs of flower pots and other gardening accessories only from  @home by Nilkamal.

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