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How To Choose A Sofa - Factors You Didn’t Know You Should Consider

How To Choose A Sofa - Factors You Didn’t Know You Should Consider

When choosing a sofa, a lot of people consider a few factors such as the design, the color, and the price. Then, as soon as they get the sofa home, they realize they missed some key factors. We don’t want you to make those mistakes. And that’s why, we’ve put together factors that you didn’t know you should consider.

The best tips to buy a sofa online

The sofa has to be fit for the room decor

Are you looking to buy a new sofa because you’re changing homes, or your home decor, or because you recently redecorated your home and won’t be changing it for a while? Once you have the answer to the above question, you can begin the process to buy a sofa online.

Why is it important to consider this factor? Because the answer to this question will help you determine a few factors of your future sofa. These are:

Color: If you’ve already redecorated your home, you’ll need to choose a sofa color that matches the decor theme. If you’re going to redecorate or move houses after purchasing this sofa, you should better buy a sofa that will match with all kinds of spaces that it has to fit in in the future. Keep in mind the color even before you look at the sofa price.

Style: Another aspect the above factor will influence is the style or design of the sofa. Depending on whether you’ve already redecorated the house, you’ll have to get a sofa that matches the decor. Conversely, if you’re buying the sofa first and then redoing the decor, you’ll have to keep in mind the sofa before you do anything to your house.

The sofa has to serve its purpose to the fullest

What is the purpose of the sofa? Is it meant to be for the living room for your family and guests, or is it going to be used sparingly in your library room or in your home office?

The answer to this question will help you ascertain a few factors such as:

The size of the sofa: If you’re planning to accommodate many guests and a full-fledged family on the sofa, you must consider a 3 seater sofa set. While if you’re looking to get a sofa for me-time, a single seater sofa would be sufficient.

Number of sofas: Now, no one ever said you can’t have two sofas in one room. So, if you’re expecting a lot of guests, buy two sofas instead of one. If you want a me-time single seater sofa, you can pair it with a two seater sofa and create your own 3 seater sofa set in this way.

The strength and longevity of the sofa

How long are you planning to keep the sofa? Are you planning to move cities or countries in the near future? Do you have kids and pets who will use the sofa? Are you expecting rough and tough use of the sofa?

The answer to the above questions will help you narrow down your search when you buy a sofa online based on these factors:

The material of the sofa: Whether the sofa is made of wood, metal, MDF, engineered wood, or a mix of many materials, will determine how strong it is. It will also help you know how many years you can expect to use it before you buy a new sofa.

Sofa price: The better quality of the sofa, the better its lifespan and the more sturdy it will be. And a good quality sofa, we all know will come with a bigger price tag. So, you can figure out your budget for the sofa based on how strong you need your sofa to be.

Ease of cleaning: This is one factor that many people miss, especially when they buy a sofa online. How well you are able to maintain the sofa will also impact its strength and longevity. It is important to choose a sofa that is easy to repair, easy to clean, and has upholstery that’s easy to remove and wash. A single seater is obviously more easy to maintain than a 3 seater sofa set.

The right kind of sofa for the floor

This factor is one that no one ever considers. Or atleast, it rarely comes to mind when choosing a sofa. Is your sofa going to be placed on a wooden floor, marble floor, tiles? Are you planning to place a rug under the sofa?

Answer the above questions and you’ll know how you should go about selecting a sofa.

The legs of the sofa: If you’re living in a rented house with wooden flooring, you’d want to avoid having a sofa with metal legs that could cause damage to the floor. Again, you don’t want a sofa that will not go with the rug you already have in your collection.

The weight of the sofa: If you’re going to move the sofa often, it’s best to choose a sofa that is not heavy. A 3 seater sofa set would be large and hence heavier than a single seater.

Over to you

We know you want to thank us for these awesome tips that had never crossed your mind when buying a sofa. We’re here to help you and there’s one more way we’ve made it easy for you to buy a sofa – here’s where you can find a sofa that matches all the above factors – At-Home online furniture store.

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