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How to Choose Paintings to Make Every Room Look Bigger?

How to Choose Paintings to Make Every Room Look Bigger?

As a homeowner, it is natural for you to wish that every room could be spacious and airy. But, sometimes, one or two chambers will have compact dimensions, or the entire apartment will be small for your liking. In such situations, the only way to create an illusion of a bigger room is by choosing a  painting  that portrays some fantastic artwork. Even minimalist  wall decor paintings  can trick your guests’ eyes and create a spacious look for the room.

A well-decked and welcoming home will always have a stunning  painting  collection in each room. But, it is essential to know how to select a perfect  wall painting  and the right places to display it to get the desired effect. If you look closely, you will be able to understand that there is ample space in your home to accommodate  wall art painting,  from huge abstract paintings to mid-sized landscapes, to keep the onlookers engaged. No matter the size, each painting  for living room  can transform your living space into a dreamy and lavish abode. Read on to learn how a simple  painting  can change the entire look of every room and the ways to achieve a spacious look. 


How to Maximise Your Bedroom Space?

Your bedroom is considered your favourite sanctuary, so you select a  painting  with a personal connection. When you have a meaningful  wall art painting,  it will reflect your taste while reminding you of a special memory. Follow the steps below to revamp your bedroom space. 

Pick the Perfect Art

It is natural for you to have a personal connection with the master bedroom in your home, as it will have memorable and romantic moments that you share with your loved one. Including a piece of  painting  will create a soulful feel to your bedroom walls. One-of-a-kind  wall painting  or a collection of  wall decor paintings  can help you make a lovely statement doused in love. 

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Relaxing Art Pieces Are the Best

Being a space at home to unwind, relax, and rest, the piece of  wall decor paintings  that you choose for your bedroom must not have a lot of colours or overwhelming artwork. To create a nurturing and calm bedroom space,  buy paintings online  in natural shades like  Budhha Leaf Painting (Sea Green)  or a  painting  with blue tones to keep you feeling relaxed as you hit the bed. You can also choose  wall decor paintings  with abstract work or landscapes to enhance the décor of your bedroom. Avoid artwork with bright colours like red or orange, as these vibrant shades are loaded with energy and prevent your spirits from remaining calm. 

  • Opening Up Your Living Room Space  
  • Setting up a gallery wall in your living room is essential to create a better first impression about your taste and preferences as soon as they step in. 

  • Great Conversation Starters 
  • If you are hosting several guests at home for a party, some of them visiting your home for the first time, then choose 3D art pieces when you  buy paintings online.  These magical and elaborate paintings make an excellent choice to start a conversation with art. You can also opt for sculptural pieces with traditional frames to keep your guests on them while enjoying the tasty dinner you serve them.

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    What to Add to Your Gallery Wall?

    The subject of the art pieces you choose might be a  painting  with fluid  Fluid Art With Human Figuries Painting (Black & Gold)  portraying their life, stunning landscapes,  Birds Chatter Canvas Wall Painting Mustard,  Butterfly Painting (Seagreen & Gold)  and a  Panelled art   painting for living room  featuring 5 to 7 panels to create the desired movement. Mix and match various  wall decor paintings  without letting a single art piece steal the show. 

    Consider The Texture

    The space above your  sofa  is a perfect place to hand a big-sized  painting for living room.  Get creative when selecting the painting by opting for one with vibrant colours or a neutral shade but with an intense texture. Glass paintings, acrylic art, and canvas are excellent choices for both the living room and dining room. You can also invest in  wall lights  to focus the light bounce on the paintings to create a better moment. 

    Select Fun-filled and Playful Art Pieces

    A  painting  need not always be limited to a formal category alone. The kitchen is where you spend much time chatting with your loved ones when cooking their favourite meal. Choose unique pieces that would elevate your mood and make your day better. When you  buy paintings online,  choose simple paintings that look good when hung across the island to look at when sipping a cup of coffee or having breakfast. 

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    Play with Paintings to Style Kitchen Spaces

    Go for  painting  with small frames and abstract work to complement your kitchen’s colour palette. A watercolour or oil  wall painting  can perfectly juxtapose hard surfaces made of tiles or stainless steel to balance the visual tension. 

  • Creating A Spacious Look in the Kitchen 
  • Placing a  painting  with fruits or a beautiful landscape can make your kitchen spaces look beautiful. However, when selecting a  wall art painting  for your kitchen, paying attention to practical considerations is essential. As the kitchen has a cooking area, avoid glass or acrylic options when buying  paintings online.

  • Enhancing Dining Room Space 
  • The dining area where you enjoy delicious meals with your family and friends should always have a positive aura while creating an impression of being spacious at the same time. Opting for  painting  with  Mirage Hexagonal Painting Set of 3 (Gold)  with bold colours on display will go well with the wooden furnishing and other décor prices. Choose an oversized  wall painting  featuring an aura of striking shades and loud graphics to have a cheerful dining area.

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    Summing Up

    When selecting a  painting  to maximise the space in your home, being creative is the key. Think outside the box and get quirky when selecting art pieces to keep your guests snooping over it all day. Choose unique  painting  pieces from  Athome,  which are reflections of your outlook on life and personal style to balance your taste on walls.

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