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How to choose the perfect vanity table for your home

How to choose the perfect vanity table for your home

One of the most important pieces of home furniture is the  vanity table  or the dressing table. It’s something we use on a daily basis. Even though it's such an important piece of furniture, for most people, it’s an afterthought.

It shouldn’t be. You should plan your vanity table along with the other furniture in your room. That way you can keep the room decor consistent. 

Factors to consider when buying a vanity table

Dressing table design

Dressing tables are available in different kinds of designs. Minimalistic designs with clean lines to decorative designs with elaborate patterns — the options are many. 

However, you should keep some factors in mind before zeroing in on the design factor. One of the first things that you should consider is the decor theme of your room. The design of the dressing table should gel with the other furniture and overall decor theme. 

For example, if you’re going to keep the dresser in the bedroom, its design and color should match or complement the  wardrobe  and  bed

Factors such as color, the size of the vanity table, the space it would require, etc. are other important aspects you should consider. 

Dressing table with mirror

A vanity table is incomplete without a mirror. And when selecting a dressing table, you should pay special attention to the mirror. The shape, size, and placement of the mirror has a lot of effect on the overall look and feel of the dresser.

Some vanity tables have mirrors attached to the table. While some have a separate wall mirror and table. You’ll have to choose the style depending on your personal taste and the space available.

For example, to have a mirror on the wall and the table under it, you’ll need a wall that’s large enough to accommodate the mirror. 

The shape of the mirror completely depends on your personal choice. Vanity tables can have mirrors that are round, square, rectangle, oval, abstract shape, etc. You should pick the shape you like. But first, try to picture it in your room. If you think it would look good, you should go for it.

Factor in what’s around the vanity table

Depending on which room you keep your dresser — the bedroom or the walking closet or any other room — you should consider the other pieces of furniture that the dressing table would be surrounded by. 

This consideration is not only for the purpose of how the room looks, but also how comfortable it is to move around the dresser. If other furniture such as a wardrobe, bed, or a table is too close to the vanity table, it might restrict movement. Moreover, there are chances of getting hurt too.

Hence, when you choose your dressing table, think ahead — where you would be placing the vanity table and what are the other things around it. 

Vanity table with storage 

The dresser also helps us stay organized and keep things neatly. And so, one of the first things you should factor in is the number of things you have to store. 

If you have a lot of cosmetics, accessories and things to keep in your vanity table, you should look for a dresser that has many drawers, and storage racks.

Another thing you should decide is whether you want open racks or closed drawers so that things remain hidden and protected from dust and sunlight. 

Ways to deck up your vanity table

If you thought there isn’t any potential to decorate vanity tables, you’re wrong. There are a lot of ways in which you can deck up the vanity table. Here are a few:

Light it up

One of the most important aspects around the vanity table is the lights. Since the dressing table is going to be used to dress up, it’s essential to have proper lighting around it. 

Flower power

Flowers can brighten up any space. Whether you want fresh flowers or dry flowers, is completely up to your choice. Place a bunch of flowers in a flower vase on the dressing table. You could even place a large vase on the floor and have flowers with long stalks. 

Keep it green

Plants and greenery can instantly enliven any space. Potted plants are a great way to deck up the dresser. Keep one or two plants next to the dresser. Place the plant in such a way that it reflects the plants — a simple way to have extra greenery to your room.

Add some photographs

The vanity table is a personal spot and is mostly placed in the bedroom. One way to decorate the vanity table is to have a set of photographs around it or next to it. If your vanity table mirror is a wall mirror, you could pin up some family photos on the wall. 

Place a rug on the floor

For dressing tables that can be placed on the floor, you could try a rug under it or in front of it. Rugs are a good way to add a dash of color in the room. 

Over to you

By now you would have decided the type of vanity table you want to make a part of your bedroom. Whether you want a vanity table with storage and mirror, or a dressing table with a chair, one of the best places to look for your dresser is  At-Home online store

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