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How to decorate your coffee table?

How to decorate your coffee table?

Coffee tables are an essential element in every household. It is a space where you spend your leisure time and relax over a cup of coffee or just read a book. However, keeping the decor in sync with your home while keeping the aura relaxed is essential. It may seem tricky, but you will become a natural once you learn the ways. Designing your space is a creative process, and it should exhibit elements that reflect your personality as well. Coffee table decor takes a little bit of knowledge and observational skills. You may put your drinks on it, or your favourite reads for the season to elevate your mood. It is one of the essential elements of your living room space. You may place your television and music system remotes on the table for convenience. However, in the era of social media, you may want your space to look aesthetic and match the theme you want. Here are some tips to get you started. 

Elements to Add to Your Coffee Table

  • Candles- These come in various shapes and sizes, and you can experiment with different carvings and sculpted candles that suit the theme of your living space. It adds a hint of elegance and is exceptionally aesthetic. You can explore various  scented candles  to elevate your mood. It acts as a stress reliever and keeps your room fresh. 
  • Plants- A touch of nature and greenery can zing up your living space. You could add succulent flowers, indoor plants, and several other types of plants that are visually appealing.  Plants  are also a great way to filter the air in your room and keep your mood in its optimum state. 
  • Upholstery- You can add texture and fun with the upholstery. Aesthetic macrame thread works blend perfectly with airy and spacious living areas that get enough sunlight. You can get delicate pieces in crochet or other linen work to furnish the  coffee table  in your choice of colour. You can also place a carpet under the table to block out the room into separate spaces, and it adds flavours and uniqueness to your living area. 
  • Books- This may be one of the essential elements in your living area, and bookworms can place their favourite hardcovers on display to flatter their guests. It is the perfect addition to your home, and you can never go wrong with coffee table books available online and offline. 
  • Lights- This point is a little tricky but plays a vital role in sprucing up the look of your living area. Add  warm light  that can brighten up your space and give it an appealing look. You could place candles or sleek lamps for a dynamic look.

How to Decorate Your Dining Table

  • Blend Various Shapes-
  • Assortment of shapes in the form of show pieces and other elements can add a dynamic look to your centre table. It is a technique that can cause people to take an interest in your work of creativity. Blend shapes like a cylindrical candle or vase with rectangular books and a hexagon  tablecloth.  Add a decorative box that can store other items like cutlery for tea or coffee, coasters, or some snacks. You can go wild with these ideas and create your space based on your choices. 

  • Elongate the space vertically to make it the centrepiece-
  • You can add elements like long flower vases with varying heights to appeal to the onlookers. Transparent or tinted glass vase. Your eyes can move from one element to another to create a playful yet pleasant-looking decor. It looks ravishing and visually stunning, as the lights will also reflect and refract to create a fantastic glimmering effect. 

  • Group together various elements to suit your aesthetic-
  • Grouping together various elements on your  centre table  requires a little sense of art and observation. You can look up magazines where the coffee tables are set up with multiple components like flowers, ferns, decorative boxes, a macrame table mat, vases, stones, books, etc. Play by grouping various elements while keeping the size of your coffee table in mind. Keep three objects or five objects together to create harmony. Each object can have a different shape, size, colour, texture, or height. However, it must be in sync with the theme you want to establish. 

  • Check if your Coffee table is a single-tier or two-tiered-
  • This opens up a vast horizon of opportunities for people who want to decorate their table in several ways. You can play with elements on the top for the ones with a single-tier coffee table. If your table has more than one tier, you can place other decorative items that can be seen through the  glass top of the table.  You can also use it as a storage space for your bulky coffee table books filled with images and attract your guests. 

  • Rule of Three-
  • This may seem like a new rule, but it has been the golden rule for most interior decorators. They like to bring together elements with this design principle to keep objects in the foreground, centre, and background. Similarly, you can define some aspects of your living area by placing them based on the size, shape, layout, and theme of the objects. It is done to find a balance. Objects in odd numbers will always find a central object that is eye-catching. Thus, this object becomes the focal point of your visual imagery. For example, If you put together a vase with a coaster case and showpiece, the vase with greenery may seem to be the focal point of your table as it will dominate. Thus, in contrast, you must stick to neutral colours that highlight the vase and greenery. This brings a lot of charisma and elegance to your living area and keeps your coffee table neat and aesthetic. 

    Wrapping Up

    Thus, these tips are essential for adding elegance and style to your living area. The coffee table is a decorative zone where you can freely experiment with objects and group several elements. You can check out the different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials of coffee tables at  @home by Nilkamal Furniture  today. 

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