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How to Elevate Your Bedroom Look With 3 Door Wardrobe Design

How to Elevate Your Bedroom Look With 3 Door Wardrobe Design

In all bedrooms, the most useful yet remarkable feature remains the wardrobes. You can barely imagine a bedroom without wardrobes. Wardrobes, be it 2 door wardrobes or a 3 door wardrobe, have come a long way from being used for purely functional purposes to being a resourceful feature with enhanced aesthetics. However, one type of wardrobe design cannot fit all bedroom settings. Modern wardrobes are classy, sleek, and highly functional entities that remain one of the essential features of a bedroom. If you want ready-made wardrobes, you need to visit @home, the only place with all your home furnishing needs at the best price.

Easy way to make your bedroom look more luxurious

Depending on your bedroom size and available space, you can choose a two- or 3-door wardrobe. One of the wardrobe designs most commonly used in most Indian homes is a 2-door wardrobe. 2 door wardrobes, as the name says, have two doors. These wardrobes provide an exquisite touch to any bedroom. Including an effective 2-door wardrobe in your bedroom is a great idea to increase the efficiency of your bedroom space. If you do not have the space for a lavish design, then a 2-door wardrobe should do just fine to store bedding, clothes, and other essentials. And what these wardrobes lack in space can be made for in style.

A 3-door wardrobe, again as the name says, is a wardrobe with three doors. For a bedroom that is close to 10x10 feet, we recommend that you purchase a 3-door wardrobe that has the space to store all your personal belongings, from accessories to linen and clothes. Also, if you have a larger bedroom, you can think about built-in wardrobes while incorporating a chest of drawers to add to storage and enhance the aesthetics. 

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Bedroom wardrobe ideas 

A wardrobe need not necessarily have to be a walk-in closet for you to alter a room into a master bedroom, but it definitely adds a special USP that makes a room feel like your own. Irrespective of whether it is a kid's room, master bedroom, or even a guest room, a wardrobe is an essential addition. Let us discuss a few amazing wardrobe design ideas to help redecorate your ordinary rooms into something that is extraordinary.

When you design the bedrooms in your home, you require that the various components meld into your design theme. If your room has beautiful décor and ornate bedposts, your wardrobe design needs to be as stunning as the interior design ideas. Thus, if you have adequate wardrobe space, then why not make the most of your bedroom interiors with beautiful wardrobe ideas? You can choose to have a master closet in a master bedroom along with a dressing table and chair or also go in for minimalist themes and modular sliding door wardrobes.

Following are a few ideas to begin on wardrobe design ideas:

  • Check and understand the space available to choose an appropriate closet size.
  • Just like any piece of fixture or furniture in your beautiful abode, we recommend that you begin by assessing the amount of space you have available to fit a closet. This will help you decide if you can opt for a 3 door wardrobe if you have enough space.
  • If your closet space is restricted yet you have space for a decent-sized closet, then you can opt for a 2-door wardrobe with space for hangers and shelving. You can also select a swinging door if it does not hinder the space available in your bedroom or choose to install sliding doors for convenience.

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Assess your requirement for storage space

When selecting a closet design or idea, you should also consider your requirement for storage. What kind of storage ideas work best for your own accessories and outfits? Check and understand if you require hanging space, or can you just fold and store the clothes? Do you require a separate space where you can store all your winter wear? Do you require drawers in your wardrobe, or do you prefer a cabinet for your socks, delicates, and other requirements? Would you prefer to store all your accessories in your wardrobe, or do you want to designate a separate space in your dressing area for those accessories? The answers to all these questions will help you understand the kind of wardrobe you need and how much storage space you may require.

@home is your one-stop shop for all wardrobe requirements. They have a huge range of wardrobes with excellent designs and storage capacities that can fit individual needs with custom options available.

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Material for wardrobes

Now that you are aware of the size, style and design of your chosen closet, let us discuss the options for materials. You will obviously require a sturdy and sustainable material for your shelves. You could use steel or iron shelves, but you will have to install shelf paper to prevent the shelves from chaffing and to rust your clothes. The best solution to this problem is wooden shelving. There are quite a few options available on wooden shelves. You can select one with laminate on MDF, most commonly termed Medium Density Fiberboard. The material has a smooth surface and is sturdy enough to maintain the load of clothes. You can also choose expensive wood for the overall make of your wardrobes. Teak, pine, cedar, ply, and so on are all good choices. Take some time to check the quality of the wood with your custom closet designers.


Choose from modern traditional wood or metal designs. At @home, you will find the best collection of wardrobes for your abode, one that complements the furnishing and the décor in your room. Shop for exclusive wardrobes with top-notch material and at competitive pricing at @home. Choose from the best right away. 

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