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How to gift new wardrobe to your love one's

How to gift new wardrobe to your love one's

There are several multifunctional almirah designs on the market. These  wardrobes  feature built-in baskets, folding shelves, pull-out ironing boards, and even shoe hooks. It's a good idea to invest in them for a loved one. You can gift your precious ones an almirah or a wardrobe design from a vast selection of designs. Below are the latest designs that you can choose from.

1. Minimalist Style

A straightforward  sliding almirah  can suit the taste if someone prefers a simple yet attractive design. This type of almirah has two softwood sliding panels and a reflective material-covered doorway. If the house has marble flooring, this design combining reflective glass and wood completes the look.

2. An Almirah as a Border

Using an almirah as a wall to divide a bathroom and bedroom is a very clever and creative concept. The  glossy almirah of milk colour palettes  serves as the bathroom's border and complements the wood flooring. You can use the same with other flooring ideas as well.

3. Gray Alcove on a Wall

Gray is such a refined colour for a bedroom and elevates everything. This pattern incorporates a wall-length, gray,  three-panel almirah  with a beautiful texture. One of the panels can be for smaller storage, and the rest can be more comprehensive for spacious storage. Gift this to someone with a simple but contemporary taste.

4. Floor-to-ceiling Standalone Metal Chest of Drawers

A single almirah is an excellent choice if you don't want a full-fledged wardrobe. The almirah appears to be a tall, broad piece of furniture that reaches the floor and the ceiling in this particular position, ideal for a standalone gift solution.

5. Equipped Armoire

Fitted and built-in almirahs are your best option if you are gifting to someone in the process of building or renovating their space. This  bedroom almirah design  makes the most of the available vertical space. One of the design ideas is a fitted, dark almirah with long, rod-like handles against a white wall. 

6. MDF Two-door Cabinet

Medium density fiberboard, or MDF, performs excellently for almirahs. This panelled almirah can be customised for individual needs, and steel handles and a base complement the timber structure. Again, an ideal solution for a standalone gift.

9. Pop of Colour on a White Background

Utilising vibrant colours is currently very hot, and it's like the cherry on top when it's on a white background. The orange, yellow, and red open closet is arranged here, with the white cabinet on the side, along with the bedroom sofa.

10. Almirah Made of Plywood with a Steel Border 

It is one of the most basic  sliding door wardrobe designs.  Here, sliding plywood doors feature borders made of silver steel. The internal compartments are made with steel rods to match the overall style of this simple wall almirah for an Indian bedroom.

11. Individual Wooden Armoire

A two-door, wooden standalone almirah is made to maximise space while providing generous storage. It has a good number of shelves and a hanging rod. These kinds of almirahs can be an ideal relocation gift.

12. Glossy Colour Sliding Armoire

The  sliding door wardrobe  has a sleek, modern appearance, making it the ideal solution for the bedroom. Along with the sliding design, the bright colour's glossiness on the white wall draws attention.

13. Open Wardrobe

A room with a white wall serves as the backdrop for a black wardrobe to create a striking visual. This design is elegant because it is open and allows quick access to your belongings.

14. Mirror-doored Almirah

Another  great design  is to make the doors out of mirrors, which reflect light and give your room a cheerful and spacious appearance. The almirah can have luxurious handles and a mirrored doorway; overall.

15. Transparent Almirah

It is an almirah with a hardwood base and translucent doors, which are currently fashionable. 

16. Almirah from Ceiling to Floor

The newest bedroom almirah designs are often longer and utilise every square inch of available space to offer plenty of storage. 

17. Corner Alcove

The ideal spot to put an almirah is in a corner. Two mirrors are fastened to the door of the L-shaped almirah situated in this corner. It's tranquil and complementary because of the colour white.

18. Pastel-colored Wardrobe

This design has a lovely pastel colour with a matte texture and is ideal if you enjoy pastel hues. The almirah's wooden inside makes a beautiful addition to your loved ones' room.

19. Full-on White

White is a pure hue and is also approved with Vastu. Any interior may use the colour white and look excellent. A sliding white almirah with white interiors with a printed wall works well.

Few Considerations Before Buying a Wardrobe 

Size of the room:  There is no use in purchasing or gifting an extensive wardrobe that takes up the entire room. Always measure not only the room but also the area that is free for your clothes. So, be size-specific when looking for a wardrobe online.

Colour of the wardrobe:  Be sure of the colour if you are planning to gift a wardrobe or facelift a room. Pick a cabinet that complements the hue of the surrounding space. Alternatively, you can select an almirah with a contrasting colour. 

Storage:  You must pick a  wardrobe with enough space  for storing all the items. Not only that, but the cabinet should also offer distinct storage spaces for various products, including clothing, jewellery, accessories, and costly items like diamonds, cash, and more.

Design:  After you've decided on the above points, now determine how the room looks and feels overall. One of the bigger pieces of furniture in a room is a wardrobe; therefore, when choosing one, you should pay close attention to the design. You don't want to obtain one that you find unpleasant to look at.


You can choose these few attractive styles for your bedroom almirah at  @home.  Choose the most outstanding design and décor for your home and make your loved ones' space even more comfortable and livable. You can purchase  wardrobes  based on your preferences, including wardrobe style, pricing, and contemporary bedroom wardrobe ideas from the convenience of your home.

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