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How to Give your Father’s Study a Makeover?

How to Give your Father’s Study a Makeover?

Are you planning to spruce up your daddy’s favourite space in the house – the study? It can be a wonderful gift and surprise for Father’s Day. A caring gesture, your dad, will be delighted with the study makeover, and your efforts will get etched in his memory. It will give you a chance to know your dad even more as you get started with the process of designing a room that solely belongs to your father.

The process of designing and refurbishing will be memorable and exciting for you, but it can be tricky too. The choice of furniture, colour, style and feel can confuse you? Besides, choosing between the contemporary, classic or combination theme can further add to the confusion. Without making you perplexed any further, let us share some furniture ideas and elements that can help you in sprucing up your father’s study.

Get the right study table: The study table is focal to the study room. Choose one according to the room size. Anything too big or too small will look out of place. Along with the room size, ensure that the table is such that it can accommodate a laptop and some books and stationery. Alternatively, you can choose a small desk and complement it with bookshelves.

How about such a study table with an open bookshelf from @home to give a contemporary appeal?


 Pro Tip: Keep the study table in the corner to give a spacious feel. As for the bookshelf, place it adjacent to the table and it can double-up as an organizer.

Task lighting is a must:
Now for the desk, explore some study lamps. It is a must if your father likes to read at night or ends up working late at night. A study lamp will offer better visual clarity and enhance the aesthetics of the workstation.


Isn’t this side table lamp perfect to serve you as task lighting and décor? It is available on @home!

Pro Tip: Place the lamp in the corner of the table to keep the desk clear for work.

Make it Comfortable: A study room is your dad’s personal space too. You should try to make it comfy and relaxing. How about adding a compact sofa? When your father wants to take a break in between work, he can look forward to that cushiony seating arrangement. You can also add a rug and few cushions where he can sit, read or enjoy a cup of coffee. Relaxing, isn’t it!

Get a 2-seater sofa or futon like the one in the image below and pair it with an area rug for a comfy zone in your dad’s study ro

Pro Tip: Let the futon or sofa rest in a room corner and spread the area rug in front of the futon. 

Personalise the Room: You should add some pleasing décor elements in the room and give it a personal touch. These elements will also go a long way in providing the place with a more welcoming look. You can add a table clock to accentuate the desk and hone the walls with photo frames and paintings. However, keep the décor minimal.

Choose among the different décor options like a photo frame, table clock and wall paintings from here.

A Calming Ambience: In the process of designing the study room, don’t forget the essence of this space. It should have a calming ambience where your father can sit and focus.

How about adding some aromatic diffusers to change the aura of this room?


 Pro Tip: If the desk is big, you can place the diffuser on the desk. Otherwise, please keep it on the bookshelf or in one of the room corner.

Hope these ideas come useful in designing your father’s study perfectly this Father’s Day. Shop online or visit @home store to get furniture and décor pieces mentioned above. Keep the surprises ready and pamper your dear dad, your superhero on this special day.

Happy Father’s Day!





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