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How to make your table more attractive?

How to make your table more attractive?

Having guests over to your place may seem daunting as you wonder how they like your home. Your decor and furnishing make an impact on their impression. Thus, when you invite them over for lunch, dinner, brunch, or some tea and snacks, your guests will take a quick look at your home decor. You can effectively elevate  table  decorations with the help of a few tips to make your guests gasp in awe and ask you for tips to decorate their space. A casual table set follows different rules as opposed to the process of decorating your table. There are centrepiece ideas, DIY ideas for decorations, linen work, and tips to elevate the look of your home. Here are the following tips to give your room its theme and decor

  • Table Decorations 
  • Matching the hues can give your table a huge makeover. You can use neutral shades with earthy tones to give your table warmth. Add fruits in jute baskets to give your table a pop-up look. You can add these colours based on the seasons as well. An easy way to add warmth and elegance to your dining space is to add colours with flowers, plants, and crockery. Once the fall season arrives, you can add warm colours with plants and flowers. If you have a  wooden dining table,  this helps you to get the perfect look. You can play with other elements if your table is made from different  materials like glass or fibre.  You can add table runners and napkins that match the theme and aesthetic of your table. These are considered decorations as they are added elements and require the slightest effort to instantly switch up the look of your furniture. You could do the same with the centre table.

  • Centrepieces
  • Table decorations are incomplete without the  correct type of centrepiece,  and it sets up the theme and aura of your room and is an ideal way to decorate it. These are ideal for different seasons and celebrations and can be used as a traditional decoration to keep your rooms lively and aesthetically pleasing. 

    How to Use Centrepieces to Decorate Table

    • Play with a grouping of elements. Once you figure out the elements you like or want in your living room, you can arrange them in groups of three, creating a balance. Achieve an outstanding balance with centrepieces by placing them in odd numbers. 
    • Experiment with shapes and sizes of elements. You can add these centrepieces to your living area furniture. You can also experiment with the elements on your dining furniture to add a zing. These include cylindrical candles,  sculpted vases,  runners,  table mats,  linen work, glassware, crockery, etc. 
    • You can play with the heights of all your elements. These can include tall vases that have a bunch of flowers and ferns to decorate your room. You can arrange it with a coaster case or another decorative showpiece to add layers and dynamics. Play with heights by placing the tallest item in the centre and going with shorter elements around it in descending order. It creates an aesthetically pleasing look.
    • Do not crowd the table with all elements. Single item centrepieces need to be visible and not lost in the crowd. It is essential to have all these elements well-balanced. Similarly, having a single centrepiece stand out among the group may look odd to the onlookers. Bring a balance to give your dinner furniture or living area furniture a cleaner and more comprehensive look. Each item should be visible and blend with the overall look of your home decor. It means that when your guests sit down, they should be able to see all the elements correctly. None of the pieces should look out of place or out of sync. You can let the candle stand peep through the foliage well enough to be visible, and vice versa.
    • Keep things simple and minimalistic. It holds for all styles of decoration. You can add scented candles and neutral shades in napkins, linen work, table mats, glassware, crockery, etc. The table should look appealing and neat to the onlookers, and you can group them in the rule of threes on your centre table. Whereas, for dining furniture, simply add layers of different colours, textures, and sizes of elements to give your area a dynamic look. 
    • Focus on the functionality of your centrepiece. Do not keep unnecessary items in the wrong room.  Dinner tables  can have a big bowl of fruits, but not your  centre table

    Thus, these tips should be informative and practical to implement. Get started with these tips today and switch up your room's theme for any time and occasion. You can change them based on seasons too. If you want to look for various table furniture designs, check out the  @home  range from Nilkamal. 

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