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Innovative Bunk Bed Design Ideas For Your Home

Innovative Bunk Bed Design Ideas For Your Home

With space constraints becoming an architect’s or interior designer’s creative block, bunk beds are a design that makes a value for money investment.  Bunk beds continue to be a suitable marriage of functionality and elegance for those looking to make the most of the space in their bedrooms. Bunk beds' design has transformed ideas into single metamorphosis bedrooms into multi-utility quarters for kids, guests and even extended family. 


Inspired by hostels and dormitories,  bunk beds can be a saviour. With two bed frames in one single framework, the bund bed unit is now an important element in modern and contemporary homes. Give your kid’s bedroom or guest bedrooms a complete makeover with these amazing bunk bed designs, and Explore more from  @home by Nilkamal. Bunk beds are an investment that continuously delivers functionality and convenience.


A few benefits of  bunk beds that could spruce up your home:


  • Space saver freeing up space for essential furniture and décor items to fit in a small space.
  • Different bunk bed designs have incorporated storage space, workstation space or even play areas to eliminate furniture that would have needed additional room.
  • It offers more sleep space as it lets more than one person sleep without any discomfort.
  • It saves money as you don’t have to modify the home to fit in extra space for another bedroom.
  • Flexible as you can dismantle the bunk bed into two individual beds when it is not needed.
  • Bunk beds in a kid’s bedroom let them have fun, unleash their creativity and makes sleepovers a lot of fun!


Give your kid’s bedroom or guest bedroom a complete makeover with these innovative bunk bed designs. Choose the one that seems right for the internal structure of your house to make the most of your space. Without wasting any time, let us dive into some cool and amazing bunk bed designs that are sure to catch your attention. Explore these options if you are seeking the best way to save space in your dream home.

 Classic/Standard Bunk Bed

 This is the best choice when you are looking for something traditional and simple. You can choose one in wood or wrought iron where the bed frames are arranged vertically. One of the beds will be below, and the top bed can be accessed with a short ladder that is attached to the bed frame.

Trundle Bunk Bed 

This one is inspired by the “hidden design” trend. The bunk bed will have a third bed below the lower bunk of the standard bunk bed that can be hidden when not in use. It can be used when you have a guest and do not have a spare bedroom to accommodate them.

 Loft bunk bed

 A different design, this has just the top space reserved for the bed, and the bottom space can be used for storage, sitting area, or a workstation. If you are a nuclear family or a couple with a tiny spare bedroom, the  loft bunk bed could be your solution to convert that additional room into something useful. Check out different styles of bed only from  @home by Nilkamal.

 Futon Bunk Bed 

This design is more like a convertible. The top bunk is the standard sleeping bed, while the bottom area is a comfortable futon that can combine as a seating area and a sleeping bed. A versatile design gives a lot of room for creativity.

 Triple Bunk bed

This idea is perfect if you have a high roof. It is an ideal design for those who have an independent home and do not have a lot of rooms. There is one bed at the bottom with two beds over it. The  triple bunk bed is also suited for those who have large families.

Floor to Ceiling Bunk Bed

 This model epitomises “less is more”. It comprises a wider and taller bed frame. With sufficient headspace for both the bunks, it gives more room for children to sit on their beds and read. 

 L-shaped Bunk Bed

 This L-shaped bunk bed is a space-efficient design and is different from the other bunk bed designs. The bottom bunk is an individual bed by itself, with the top bunk shaped like the letter “L”. The bottom bed is placed at a right angle to the top bunk so that it appears as an L shape from a different view. The arrangement gives you more floor space to build a small alcove that can fit a storage unit, side table or a bookshelf.



A timeless interior design challenge- managing space with style.  Bunk beds have long been the accepted solution for saving space and merging styles in bedrooms. The task becomes challenging when you need to accommodate not just a bed but other essentials like storage and  shelves too. So which design do you go for? It is not a tough choice. With so many different styles and designs available, you will have no trouble trying to figure out which style will go well with your décor. Consider investing in a bunk bed, as it can save you a lot of money and time when it comes to decorating a small room. Most designs are a great addition to any bedroom. A bunk bed lends a quirky, trendy and contemporary look to the bedroom. It gives ample leverage for the occupier to mix and match the entire décor of the room. Buy a bunk bed today from  @home by Nilkamal


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